Chapter 43 Misunderstanding

“Big Sis, Olympian Guild Second Elder “Tyrant” arrived at White Lunar hotel ten minutes ago,” Aster said, not looking pleased after reading the message.

“I was expecting other Elders from higher guilds, but Tyrant coming himself shows that Olympian Guild also wanted to buy the dungeon entry tokens.” Elder Rosalba replied.

Olympian Guild was Ranked second in the Ranking, and Tyrant’s authority in the guild was only lower than the guild master, so having to compete against him for an item would be idiotic.

“I will talk to Tyrant and see if he is willing to make a deal that could benefit both of our guilds,” Aster said.

“Don’t do that because we have no information on whether the Asgardian guild will participate in the auction.” Elder Rosalba replied.

“How much are we willing to sacrifice, and how many entry tokens are our target?” Elder Rosalba asked.

“There is no limit because we need at least twenty entry tokens,” Aster replied with a serious tone.

“Hopefully, We can get lucky and gain them at a lower premium.” Elder Rosalba said as she poured tea for Aster.

If Alex heard their talk, he would be rolling on the floor laughing like a madman because he was prepared to sell them every entry token at a lower price than the market, and as for why Tyrant came to the White Lunar hotel, only he could tell.

The instance dungeons were rare and filled with countless treasures, making them the most desirable thing for any guild, so Aster thinking that Alex wanted to hold a private auction was logical.

There was a set market price for these unique dungeons, but because of the high demand and non-existence supply, any dungeon sold on the market openly or privately got sold for a very high premium.


“Big Sis, The one-hour time is over, and the seller didn’t show up,” Aster said to Rosalba while standing at the entrance of the White Lunar hotel.

“Do you think that Tyrant bought the dungeon by giving the seller a big offer?” Aster speculated for not receiving any new message from Alex.

“You need to learn how to be patient. There is still one minute left.” Elder Rosalba replied.

“Ladies, are you the representative of the frozen flower guild?” A young lady asked Aster.

“Yes, we are,” Aster replied after seeing that the lady was wearing the White Lunar hotel uniform.

“That’s Great.” The staff lady said happily.

“Please follow me. I will take you to your destination.” The staff lady took Aster and Rosalba toward the Magic Elevator to reach the fourth floor.

After navigating through the fourth floor corridor, the three ladies reached the room where Alex was waiting.

“Dear guests, Please don’t complain to respected sir for making you wait outside the hotel.” The staff lady nervously requested from Aster.

“You don’t need to worry. It’s our fault for wearing these Shadow cloaks.” Rosalba replied, not minding the wait but focusing more on the hotel lady’s words.

“Take these gold coins for causing you trouble.” Rosalba gave the lady ten gold coins.

“Thanks for your generosity.” The lady replied happily as a big problem for her got solved easily.

After putting gold coins in her space ring, the lady entered the room, and Aster and Rosalba entered the room right after the hotel lady.

“Sir Eldrid, Your guest has arrived.” The staff lady said to Alex, who was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed.

‘Time to Give my best performance.’ Alex thought, opening his eyes to see the staff lady and two ladies wearing dark cloaks.

“Siofra, Thanks for taking care of my guests,” Alex said to the staff lady.

“Sir Eldrid, I will be taking my leave. If you need anything, just ring the service bell.” Siofra replied and then left the room.

‘I was expecting Guild Leader Aster, but Rosalba’s coming to this meeting is unexpected.’ Alex was surprised to see the legendary “Nature Queen” this close.

Lady Rosalba’ was called the Nature Queen not just because of her [SSS] Legacy, the “Nature Kin,” but because of her legendary accomplishment in Alex’s previous life two years before he regressed.

Lady Rosalba got the Nature Queen’s name when she slathered thousands of high-level monsters affected by the “Devourer Curse” and protected the Elf city alone for Six Days without any reinforcements.

Devourer Curse is a massive event that will happen on the Elf continent “Mother Adobe” that will cause the biggest destruction that Elves have seaned in centuries.

‘This time, I will take my share from the Devourer Curse Event.’

“Please take a seat, Guild Leader Aster and Elder Rosalba,” Alex said, focusing back on the current circumstances.

“I Start by introducing myself,” Alex said after the two ladies sat on the front sofa.

“My name is Eldrid, and I belong to the Shadow Oblivion organization.” Alex began by introducing his fake persona and establishing his fake organization.

“You already know who we are, so I will not waste time on the introductions,” Aster said as the black cloak on her body vanished, leaving a simple-looking blue cloth armor.

“I would like to thank Sir Eldrid and Shadow Oblivion organization for giving our guild the opportunity to participate in the instance dungeon private auction,” Aster said politely.


‘Who is holding a private auction to sell the instance dungeon?’

‘I think I understand what happened.’ After thinking for a second, Alex understood the situation.

“I think we have a misunderstanding,” Alex said.

“What did we misunderstand.” Lady Rosalba said.

“There is no private auction,” Alex said, but before he could utter the following words, he felt his legs freeze, and the room temperature became bone-chilling cold.

The moment Alex uttered the words of holding no private auction, Aster’s face changed from having a smile to blank as she released a tremendous amount of mana that was ten times more than the Golden Scale Titanoboa.

“Mr.Eldrid, do you think pulling such a prank on our guild will have no consequences,” Aster said in a chilling voice.

The Mana was crushing Alex’s bones; he couldn’t move a finger, and the sensation of his body freezing was because of the Aster Ice element mana.

Alex felt the feeling he had countless times in his previous life, feeling powerless, reminding him of his previous life’s worst nightmares he desperately wanted to forget.

Alex used every bit of mana he had to cover his body in thin mana protection, a little trick one could do after reaching Third Rank, but his mind did it unconsciously from his memory.

‘I need to calm down and don’t mess this deal.’ Alex took a deep breath to calm down. 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝑜𝑣𝑒𝘭.𝘯𝑒𝑡

When Alex calmed down, he realized the words were inappropriate for the situation, but he also understood that Aster took the decision too fast and she needed to know the consequences.

“Guild Master Aster, is Your guild ready to face the consequences of your action?” Alex said as he placed a dungeon entry token on the table in front of him.

Alex’s body was freezing in seconds, and he was feeling a lot of pain, but his face was expressionless, staring at Aster, who now was blankly looking at the dungeon entry token.

“Sir Eldrid, I apologize on behalf of my guild master.” Lady Rosalba said, releasing a gentle stream of light green mana that covered Alex’s body.

Alex felt all the Ice mana around him gone as a gentle green mana covered his body, stopping all the pain and healing his frozen skin and muscles.

“It was a mistake made by both sides, so let’s forget about it,” Alex said with a gentle smile that put smiles on the faces of two beauties, but his words erased that smile very quickly.

Alex understood why Aster reacted the way she did, but her reaction was too quick, reminding him that he was just an ant right now and influential people could crush him without any effort.

“Guild Master Aster, Next time, think of the consequences before you act, as your mistake may cause your guild to get erased from this world.”

Alex owed a favor to Aster, and he wanted to build a good relationship with their guild, but for that to happen, there should be mutual respect and trust.

“Sir Eldrid, I sincerely apologize for my behavior,” Aster said, not giving any reaction to Alex’s blatant threat.

“I reacted like that because I thought you broke the rules and sold the instance dungeon to Olympian Guild Second Elder “Tyrant” without holding the private auction,” Aster said, explaining her reasons.

‘What the hell is she talking about?’ After hearing her reason, Alex was less angry and more confused.

“Kindly explain. How did you reach that conclusion?” Alex’s first thought was that Aster was lying, but if she believed that he broke the rule, then her reaction was not that outrageous.

The auctions have an ironclad rule that the item cannot be sold without giving every participant a chance to bid, and the player-held private auctions have the same unspoken rule.

Alex was confused because he didn’t understand how Aster concluded that he sold the instance dungeon to Olympian Guild.


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