Chapter 44 The Fake Organization

“Olympian Guild Second Elder “Tyrant” arrived at White Lunar hotel forty minutes ago, and I believe he came here at your invitation to bid for the instance dungeon,” Aster said like

‘I think I understand the whole misunderstanding.’

“Did I ever tell you that the instance dungeon will be sold through the private auction?” Alex asked the question that made both ladies look at each other in confusion.

After hearing Alex’s question, Aster wanted to say something, but Lady Rosalba stopped her because she understood the situation and realized it was their mistake to make assumptions.

“Sir Eldrid, We had a miscommunication that led to some unfortunate events, and I sincerely apologize for everything that happened.” Lady Rosalba said.

“Sir Eldrid, you can request one time from us, and our guild will do its absolute best to fulfill the request.” Lady Rosalba offered a single request to show her sincerity.

“Tanks for your generosity.” Alex accepted the apology because he didn’t want to stretch this matter after finding that it was his fault for things to turn out the way they did.

It was partially Alex’s fault that he didn’t tell Aster he would sell all the dungeon tokens to her and only sent the message with a few words to act mysterious.

“Now that the misunderstanding is clear, we can discuss the price point of instance dungeon,” Alex said to clear the tension in the room.

“My organization is willing to sell all fifty dungeon entry tokens to the frozen flower guild at the price of fifteen thousand “White Flame Coins.”

“We are comfortable with fifteen thousand White Flame Coins, and please state your other demands.” Lady Rosalba said.

“There are no other demands,” Alex replied.



“Sir Eldrid, I thought you forgave us for Aster’s previous actions.” Lady Rosalba said in a serious tone like she didn’t appreciate what Alex had just said.

“I am not pulling a prank on you,” Alex replied, understanding why she asked such a question. π—―πžππ—»π¨π―πžπ₯.πœπ—Όπ¦

“The instance dungeon price is real as the organization sets it.” Alex’s reply made both of the ladies confused because the price Alex said was way too low for even the lowest-grade instance dungeon.

The Instance Dungeon Alex was selling them was one of the best low-Ranking dungeons at the current time in the game because of the dungeon monsters’ level cap.

An Instance Dungeon like “Barbarian Domain” has a base price of a minimum of thirty thousand White Flame Coins, and it will sell for close to fifty thousand coins if all the entry tokens are sold individually.

Alex was selling them all the entry tokens, which would usually make the dungeon more expensive, pushing its price close to sixty thousand White Flame Coins.

Lady Rosalba was not wrong for thinking that Alex was lying, offering them an instance dungeon at a quarter of its original price.

“There is a demand my organization had from guild master Aster, but now that you have given me a one-time request, I will use that,” Alex said, placing the remaining forty-nine dungeon entry tokens on the table.

After seeing all fifty entry tokens, both ladies were surprised because they knew Alex was not lying about selling the dungeon for fifteen thousand white flame coins.

“We can accept your organization’s demand as they are selling the dungeon to us at a massive discount, so you don’t need to waste your one-time request,” Aster said.

“it was my fault for not giving the lady aster proper message, so having a request for that doesn’t sit well with me.”

Alex just wanted to pay the favor back, and to give their guild a discount of forty-five thousand white flame coins was more than enough to pay his favor.

“It’s your decision, so I can’t change it but know that you can always ask our guild for any request, and we will do our absolute best to complete it,” Aster said.

“If I am in need of help, I will contact your guild,” Alex replied to finish this extra talk.

“let’s complete the deal.”

“We need to know your demand before we can agree to anything.” Lady Rosalba asked,

Lady Rosalba understood that the demand would not be easy to complete if an organization was willing to sacrifice such a large sum of money for the request.

“You don’t need to be suspicious. You just need to invite the guild master of your allied guild here for a meeting.” Alex planned to use this meeting to fulfill one of the conditions of the deal he had with Badger.

“Which Guild?” Aster asked with curiosity.

“Guild Master Aster, can you please invite the Guild leader of Ravenglades, and we can complete the dungeon deal in the meantime,” Alex replied.

“What businesses does your organization have with Ravenglades?”

“It’s an offer from the organization, and we can talk about it when the

Ravenglades guild leader arrives.” Alex replied, not sharing any details of the offer.

“Sir Eldrid, Ravenglades guild leader, “Hecate,” She will not take orders from me and come running here urgently without a very good reason even if I request very sincerely, but I can set a meeting between the two of you in one week,” Aster said.

“You just need to tell her that if she wants information on [ Ladon Vyndrassi ], she needs to be here in 20 minutes,” Alex replied, knowing Hecate would be coming here without question after hearing his message.

Ladon Vyndrassi was a name in an ancient language written on a broken key, and that key belonged to a Hidden Tomb with a [SSS] Rank legacy.

Ravenglades guild leader Hecate had three pieces of the key she got as a reward after completing a very challenging quest.

She looked desperately for the last piece of the key that would complete it, and then she could acquire the legacy, but it took her three years in Alex’s previous life to find the final piece.

The effort and time spent searching were worth the reward as she got one of the rarest legacies in the world, the legacy of an Ancient Dragon.

Alex knew about this incident because Hecate created a big show at the battle between Frozen Flower Guild and Hundred Coffins by showing up through the sky as a sixty-meter Pitch Black Dragon.

After the battle was won with Hecate contributing massively, she gave an interview explaining the hardship and time it took her to acquire this legacy.

Alex could meet with the Ravenglades guild leader and do the deal privately, but he wanted to do it in front of Aster and Lady Rosalba to make his fake organization a real titan with massive influence.

Alex planned to use his future knowledge more openly and use his fake organization as a shield, and along the way, he will turn the fake organization into a reality.

“I have given Hecate your message and the address. When she replies, I will tell you her answer.” Aster said to Alex with a smile.

“Guild master Aster, you have completed the request. Now you only need to pay me fifteen thousand white flame coins to complete our deal.” Alex said.

“Is this the only demand that your organization wanted from our guild?” Lady Rosalba asked.

“There is still one thing left, but lady Hecate’s choice will determine that, so we will need to wait for her arrival,” Alex replied, not giving a proper answer.

Lady Rosalba was about to ask something, but Aster surprised voice interrupted her.

“Guild Master Hecate said she will be here in five minutes,” Aster said, looking at Alex with a shocked look.

“What does [ Ladon Vyndrassi ] mean to get Hecate to come running here?” Aster asked Alex with a surprised and curious look on her face.

Lady Rosalba also wanted to know the answer, but she was more interested in how an unknown man from an unknown organization had something that a guild master of a high-ranking guild would desperately desire.


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