Chapter 460 Pulling a Quick One

Chapter 460 Pulling a Quick One

Odin and the rest knew for certain that Alex’s senses became duller the longer he stayed active in his broken state, so their main goal was to keep him away from the Quetzalcoatl and make sure he would farm as few points as possible.

They knew that there was the possibility of Alex just snapping and doing what he did to the Corpse eater when he was at the death door.

However, that was something they had no control over, so they reasoned that if he could unleash such strength freely, their chances of winning were none, but at least they would know that they tried their best.

At least, that was the narrative for the world to believe, but in truth, Odin and Ra were tasked with pushing Alex to his limits, leaving him no option but to resort to the same ability he used against the Corpse Eater. ๐‘™๐‘–๐‘๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐‘Ž๐’น.๐‘๐‘œ๐“‚

Too bad for them, Alex had no plan to let his instinct take over because he still did not know whether it was his instincts taking over or the Dragon Monarch Ynnir possessing his body, and the even bigger reason he did not want to let go of his sanity was the consequences it brought.

The entire exchange against the Corpse Eater did not last more than forty seconds, and it resulted in Alex suffering from a 30% debuff of all his abilities, and even his darkness manipulation was significantly affected.

So, Alex could only imagine what would happen if he stayed in that state for longer, and he was not eager to find out, at least not until he was back in the domain and had his guardians to take care of things if things did go haywire.

Alex was saving all the mana he could not using any unnecessary wild skills, so the battle against the players was not one-sided and was a bit of a struggle.

As the group players were all elites, their coordination was impeccable, and with monsters like Odin and Balder in the lead, being supported by Ra and Horus, two of the best support players backing them, with the group of other elites, they were keeping Alex on edge.

While the other heavy hitters, like Osiris and Thor, were not actively participating, they were quick to intercept any time Alex went in to deliver an attack, and with them knowing all his movement tricks was not helping it.

Alex was managing fine as in just the first sixty seconds, he was able to deliver two more attacks and was only forced to miss one, making him accumulate damage of 4.4% of Quetzalcoatl’s total health, edging him closer to the top of the damage dealer position.

The damage number was so low, even after Alex landed decent hits because even though the Quetzalcoatl was proud enough to take his attacks head-on, he was no longer taking them without proper defense.

The first attack took 3% of his health only because the creature wanted to test the strength of the enemy, who overwhelmed his beastly instincts and made him feel threatened.

At the same time, because the Quetzalcoatl was too focused on Alex, the other teams were able to land solid hits, making their damage lead grow ever so slightly.

The current number first team was Olypion with 7.7% damage, and Carnage Carvers at the second with 5.4%, with Shadow Oblivion being at Sixth Rank, but the rankings could change very quickly if he could land a proper hit that could penetrate the elemental defense of the Quetzalcoatl.

The Quetzalcoatl was not invincible, as every time he defended against an elemental attack, he was left vulnerable for two seconds, where he could create an elemental barrier, but it was too weak to defend against any strong attack.

Zero had left a weakness for the teams to exploit, but they could only hope to do it properly when they worked together, and at the moment, everyone was looking for themselves.

‘It’s about time I surprise these bastards,’ Alex thought, as a smile spread across his face.

Alex was in a bit of a bad situation as he had just taken a direct hit by one of the magic arrows, had his body frozen in place by solar paralysis with all the heat being sapped away, and was being rushed by Odin and Balder.

As his teleportation skill was on cooldown, he was stuck in place, giving the players a prime opportunity to land a few strikes, but it was all just a setup by Alex.

Alex used Mana Amplification, pushing his mana to pump at three times the normal speed, and the instant heat generated from it put back some life into his muscles.

Alex held the destruction knife, activating the Decay Surge skill, followed by hurling the floating knife at Balder, and at the same time, shifted to the side as he parried upward, using the Arcane Parry skill to meet the golden spear.

A thunderous shockwave reverberated through the darkness upon the clash of their weapons, pushing both of them back, and as Odin prepared a rapid spell while taking a step back to regain his footing, a brilliant lance of pulsating white solar energy tore through the enveloping darkness, hurtling towards Alex with deadly precision.

Alex let go of his sword, placing the now free hand down firmly on the ground while executing a nimble evasion, narrowly evading the searing trajectory of the solar lance and using his momentum to deliver a full forced kick to Odin’s face.

At the same time, he used the Impact release of the destruction knife as it made contact with Balder’s sword, forcefully halting his advance and ruining his preparations for the attack.

Alex quickly raised a wall to stop the blinding barrage of light arrows coming for his body, with the entire exchange happening in a span of two seconds.

But Alex was far from done, as this whole exchange was just to create the opportunity he needed to deliver a real and appropriate strike to the Quetzalcoatl.

Alex quickly came to his feet, grasping his space knife and summoning his sword back into his hand before moving away using the phantom walk.

At the same time, he pumped two-tenths of his mana into the knife and a large continuous reserve of darkness concept into his blade.

Alex appeared before the Quetzalcoatl and swung the space knife upside down, which the creature saw coming, and swung his flame and lightning-cloaked claw to meet the knife head-on and quickly regretted doing it as the knife sliced through the fabric of space and his claw before he could put it back to safety.

A large tear in space was sliced open, something everyone besides the Quetzalcoatl saw coming but followed next was not expected by anyone watching.

Alex’s figure vanished, and by vanished, meaning he disappeared from the radar of everyone for an instant, only to appear behind the hulking, lightning-cloaked figure of the Quetzalcoatl with his sword raised and his pitch-dark eyes down like a grim reaper.

Alex swung his blade, which was nothing but an arc of darkness, and the Quetzalcoatl, whose neck was in the path, only felt his senses screaming at him to move as he registered the approaching danger.

But it was already too late, as the blade met the cloak of lightning and quickly emerging essence of water and flames and went through it with ease, erasing it as the two elements met, and the same results followed for thick, sinuous feathered neck, dense flesh, and bones.๐™ก๐™ž๐’ƒ๐“ป๐’†๐“ช๐’….๐“ฌ๐’๐’Ž

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