Chapter 461 Odin’s Revenge

Chapter 461 Odin’s Revenge

The entire sequence, from beginning to end, unfolded flawlessly, resulting in the clean decapitation of the Quetzalcoatl, and witnessing Alex execute it with such finesse left both players and viewers perplexed, leaving them dumbfounded as they search for an explanation.

While Zero explained the setup to the waivers, providing clarity to them, the players were left on their own to make sense of what they had just witnessed.

Alex had used the void walk, very much erasing his presence for the instant he was moving through the folds of space, and while it did leave ripples in the space, it was not something noticeable if one was not focussed on it.

The Quetzalcoatl and players knew Alex had the phantom walk that increased his speed but was something they could keep track of with their senses, and the other ability was instant teleportation that was even easier to keep track of because of the dark throwing knife.

It was the reason the players expected Alex to use the space slash followed by a sword slash to deal as much damage as possible, while the creature only expected the direct attack coming at him, so when Alex disappeared from their senses, all of them were caught off guard.

However, the same trick would not work again on the Quetzalcoatl, at least not as well as it did the first time, but now Alex also did not need to worry about landing another such big hit because the single decapitation earned him 5.2% damage.

After delivering the slash, Alex quickly distanced himself from the Quetzalcoatl just as a massive burst of golden flames and tendrils of lightning erupted from the creature.

The players quickly broke free from their surprise as every other player rushed forth or prepared a ranged attack, taking advantage of the momentary vulnerability of the creature as it recovered.

“Sumoner, that was awesome,” Fulgor said as he appeared next to him.

“Why are you not attacking?” Alex questioned, seeing Fulgor showing no interest in attacking the Quetzalcoatl, which was completely different from a few seconds ago, as he was throwing elemental attacks every chance he got.

“What the fun in attacking an already down opponent,” Fulgor replied as if it was a matter of fact. 𝓵𝙞𝙗𝙧𝙚𝒂𝙙.𝓬𝒐𝒎

Alex was not really surprised by the answer because he had seen Fulgor incapacitate players who came at him but never go on to deliver the finishing blow.

Alex was certain that Fulgor was concealing his true strength, which was evidenced by his lack of sustained damage so far, and with his insane maneuverability, he was dancing around the battlefield, laughing as he slipped past the attacks, and was more or less just having fun against the Quetzalcoatl.

There was also his ability to transmute his body to pure lightning, which he showed in the beginning and has yet to use in the battle.

However, as Fulgor was a summon, he had the freedom to perform as he pleased if he was fulfilling the given task, and whether he gave his full effort or not was entirely up to him, and even as the summoner, Alex had no control over it.

“My team will win, so the lot of you still want to continue being a hindrance to me?” Alex said as he looked toward Odin and the rest.

After the decapitation, Alex’s team contribution had reached 9.6%, being the highest, and with the Quetzalcoatl health down by 41%, it was only a matter of time before it entered the state of frenzied and finally berserk.

While Alex just needed to maintain the lead, and victory would be his to claim, he wanted to end the event with more than just a victory, so whether the players agreed to stop bothering him or not, he would stop holding back.

“I would not be so certain of your victory,” Odin said, pointing his spear toward Alex as he cracked his neck.

“Wrong choice,” Alex said as he vanished, using the void step to appear beside a supporting player and decapitating his hand with a clean swing of the space knife.

Alex knew the more time passed, the harder it would be to control his thoughts, making him more inclined to make mistakes, but now that he had secured the lead, he began paying more attention to the players with the sole goal of taking them out.

After the quick recovery, Quetzalcoatl went mad, entering a state of frenzied before his health even went lower than 50%, and the players who were trying to take advantage of his vulnerability were the first to pay the price of boiling anger.

The player closest to the Quetzalcoatl was caught in his bloodied grip, and instead of crushing his head with brute force, he burned the player alive, painting a grim picture for the rest.

What followed was a show of dominance, as Killian was pushed around like a kid against an adult, as the Quetzalcoatl B lined for Alex.

Alex, already having seen this coming, utilized the Quetzalcoatl and his wild elemental attacks to take care of the player, and in just thirty seconds, five of the seven players supporting Odin died at his hand.

It was complete chaos in the small hundred-meter dome of darkness, and players who were elites among the elites were falling like flying one after another, but because the Quetzalcoatl was proceeding wild, he was leaving many openings to be exploited by the top guys.

Now after a hundred and seventy seconds since Alex joined the battle, the initial number of players dropped from sixty-

four to twenty-eight, while the health of Quetzalcoatl was at 42%, making it seem like the player could win but that was far from reality.

Killian was at his last leg as his health was down by 85%, and fatigue was evident in his slowed-down actions, while the same was true for the rest of the players, and even Alex only had a minute and a half worth of time left, and that was if he would not be forced into a corner before that, or will have his mana run dry.

The creature already had stats surpassing 450K, and once it penetrated the state of berserk, they were proceeding to go by another 40%, and at that point, no one would stand a chance.

‘At least I was able to test my void step in battle,’ Alex thought, a bit disappointed by how things went.

“Hey, Ruler, I have a message for your organization and Aeon,” Odin said, his deep voice cutting through the chaos.

‘What are they up to now?’ Alex thought as he saw the bruised and bloodied Ra, followed by Anubis, Seth, and Osiris, rushing toward the Quetzalcoatl, while Thor and Balder took a defensive stance before Odin.

“My guild suffered humiliation when your organization destroyed my home city, and it happened because I was too weak to defend it, too weak to even stand my ground against that monster,” 𝒍𝓲𝙗𝒓𝒆𝓪𝒅.𝙘𝒐𝓶

“The haunting memory of that humiliating defeat only fueled my determination to grow stronger, and I owe it to Aeon for pushing me beyond the confines of my comfort zone, propelling me out of my small bubble of being one of the strongest,” Odin said, and Alex listened silently.

“Your defeat is my small revenge,” Odin said, as there was a sudden shift in his aura, a blood-curling aura of malice and dread oozing out from his figure.

‘Where have I seen this before?’ Alex questioned, sensing the surging crimson aura brimming with vitality.

Alex felt Odin’s strength diminishing, so he instinctively cast an appraisal on him, witnessing his level rapidly plummet from 400, and seeing it, he realized why the aura seemed familiar as memories of a dreaded and broken skill flooded his mind.

‘Life-Blood Sacrifice,’

The simple name came to his mind, a skill that he recalled very clearly because it belonged to the Blood King, one of the eleven kings crowned among the players.

A sole skill that made an average player at best one of the eleven kings, a title worth more than the leading position in top-ranked guilds.

The ‘Life-Blood Sacrifice’ was a broken skill simply because it allowed the user to permanently sacrifice a certain number of his levels to either empower himself or concentrate all the energy into a single attack.

The only limitation was that no more than 100 levels could be sacrificed at a single time, which translated to an entire Rank, so the higher the user Rank, the stronger the enhancement or attack would be.

The user suffered from heavy debuffs, but they were never permanent, only lasting for a certain period, making the skill broken on many levels and seeing Odin use it, Alex couldn’t help but inhale sharply.

‘A spear that never misses its mark, and a skill that could create an ultimate attack that could give trouble to opponents of multiple ranks higher than the user,’

‘What a F***ing broken Combination,’ Alex thought as he watched the golden spear getting cloaked in a crimson aura that grew denser by the instant.

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