Chapter 50 Problem Solved

“What is so important that you couldn’t tell me on call.” Anahit entered a hotel room, and she was angry for some reason.

“Anahit, I thought you would be eager to learn what message I received from the Shadow Oblivion Organization,” Badger replied.

“The organization gave you a reply?” Anahit asked with a happy smile, not looking even a little angry.

‘I really don’t understand how this woman thinks.’ Badger thought in his mind looking at Anahit’s reaction changing so naturally.

“The Organization has already found a guild willing to sell their 30% shares at market price,” Badger said with a big smile.

“What about my [SS] Rank Legacy?” Anahit asked like she didn’t even care about the guild shares.

“You are joining the same guild as me, and you don’t even want to know the guild name?” Badger asked.

“You are the one who wants to buy guild shares and prove your worthiness to your family. I have no such ambitions.” Anahit replied.

‘I forgot she is just playing the game for fun and not to achieve some goal like the majority of players.’

“The Organization has selected the legacies that I could buy, and one of the legacies is a healer Class,” Badger said what Anahit wanted to know.

“You have any other plans, or you just call me here urgently to tell me about the Legacy,” Anahit asked.

“I have a meeting with Ravenglades guild master in one hour, and you are coming with me,” Badger said.

“Ravenglades Guild agreed to sell 30% Shares at market price?” Anahit was shocked after hearing the guild’s name.

“I am also surprised, but that only shows how much influence the Shadow Oblivion Organization holds,” Badger replied. π›πžππ§π—Όπ˜ƒπžπ₯οΌŽπ—°π¨π—Ί


After one hour, Badger and Anahit were sitting in front of Guild master Hecate inside a luxury room of the White Lunar hotel.

“Sir Badger, Now that we have introduced ourselves, I want to ask a question, and you don’t need to answer if you don’t feel comfortable,” Hecate said.

“Do you personally know any Higher-ups of Shadow Oblivion Organization?” Hecate asked her question bluntly, not asking any tricky questions.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I am only friends with a member of the organization,” Badger answered honestly, considering Alex as a friend.

Hecate was surprised after hearing Badger’s answer because she knew he had no reason to lie.

“How did you convince the Organization to give you three [SS] Rank legacies?” Hecate asked.

“The organization gave me an offer that I can’t tell you, and after accepting the offer, I was given a chance to buy three legacies,” Badger replied vaguely, as his deal with the organization had nothing to do with Hecate.

‘Elder Rosalba is right either the organization is just a scam run by a very crafty person or a giant that could rival the big three or maybe even surpass them in every comparison.’

“I believe you didn’t yet get your Legacies?” Hecate asked, already knowing the answer.

After seeing a head nod from Badger, she continued the conversation according to the plan she had discussed with Lady Rosalba because if it was a scam, so her guild doesn’t suffer any losses.

“Sir Badger, We need to agree on some terms before we finalize the deal between us,” Hecate said.

“I also think that we should discuss and agree on terms, so we don’t face any unnecessary problems in the future,” Badger said, knowing what Hecate was worried about and the condition she would propose.

‘I know you think the organization may be a scam, but I have complete trust in my judgment and luck as until today they never failed me, and this time it would be no different.’


“The forums are filled with crazy things, but it’s not a surprise as the new players are joining the game by hundreds of thousands with every passing day.” Alex thought after browsing the forums for more than three hours.

The Game forums were not hectic because no newbie players were allowed to post, as only the guild master of a registered guild with a guild house could post once daily.

The game’s official forums have restrictions to stop players from posting nonsense and causing valuable information and amusement to get buried under their useless posts.

There were some free forums, but they were just a big mess, and it was impossible to find the question you posted, let alone find if anyone even gave you the answer.

“The breakfast should be ready by now.” Alex left his room to have breakfast with his family and give them the good news.

After reaching the first floor, Alex saw his father sitting on the couch watching the news on his phone while his mother was preparing breakfast, and his little sister was sitting at the dining table playing a game on his mother’s phone.

After greeting his father and talking about the increasing popularity of the Ancient World, Alex sat at the dining table waiting for his family to have breakfast before giving them the surprise.


“I have some important news that I wanted to talk about,” Alex said after seeing his father and mother finish eating breakfast.

“This is my bank account.” After getting their attention, Alex didn’t waste any time and showed them his bank account.



After seeing the balance of more than Six million dollars in Alex’s bank account, his mother and father reacted differently.

Alex’s father had a worried look, while his mother was confused after seeing such a big amount of money in her son’s bank account.

“Alex, How Did You Get Such a Large Amount of Money?” Alex’s father asked in an anxious tone.

“Father, You don’t need to worry; I didn’t sign any slave contract to get this money,” Alex answered, knowing what his father was worried about.

The Game has become the second world and an essential part of humanity because of the highly advanced technology humans can buy from the galactic shop using the game world money.

Rich People knew that the game was the future and its currency would replace real-world money sooner or later, making their money nothing but numbers in a bank account.

These influential people started using their unimaginable wealth to buy good players binding them with a contract that was nothing less than a slave contract so these players could become the working force for them to live their luxurious lives.

The information about the slave contract was on every news channel these days, warning new players not to sign any contract that binds them for a long period.

These Slave Contracts will ruin many rising stars’ lives and potential players that could have reached the minority of the player base and given humanity many valuable gifts that would help humanity advance as a civilization.

The rich people don’t care for the future of humanity, and with their identity hidden in the game, there is no way to stop them from buying the lives of players with good potential.

The players signing these slave contracts were not na?ve; they knew full well what they were doing, and most were happy to sign a slave contract because, with the fast-changing real world, many people were struggling to feed their families.

If they could get a large amount of money by working a slave job, they would take it in a heartbeat so their family could live a comfortable life, and this was the cruel reality that came with the advancement of human civilization.

Alex also wanted to sign a slave contract for a large sum of money in his previous life, but a hard slap from his father removed that stupid idea.

“How did you get such a large amount of money?” Alex’s father asked, not looking convinced, and now even his mother had a worried look.

“I found a hidden dungeon that I sold to a big guild for a large amount of money, and here are the proofs,” Alex said as he showed them pictures of system notifications of him finding the dungeon and showed them his game profile on the official website.

After many questions, his father and mother’s doubts were cleared, and all their worry was gone, replaced by happiness.

“Alex, you should use this money to get better equipment and become a better player in the game.” Alex’s mother said with a proud smile.

“Mom, I have twice that amount of money in my game account, so you don’t need to worry,” Alex replied.

“Father, I am transferring three million to your bank account. Use them as you see fit.” Alex said, knowing his father would not ask him for money, and he would try his best to solve his problem until the very end.

“Son, you need the money more than me if you want to develop in the game without any money obstacle, so keep it.” Alex’s father replied as he expected.

“Father, I have more than enough money right now, and if I need money, I could just ask from you, so until then, make the three into thirty million so I could spend them,” Alex said.

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