Chapter 49 Getting Rich

Alex stopped at the front desk before leaving the hotel to extend the room rented period to ten hours because he didn’t want the time to end before the three ladies left.

Alex also paid for the damage caused by Aster to the room and gave a big tip to the front desk receptionist and staff lady before leaving the hotel.

After leaving the hotel, Alex sent a detailed message to Badger informing him about his deal with Ravenglades Guild.

Badger was delighted with the deal and asked about some minor details about Ravenglades guild and if he should meet with their guild master before the deal was concluded.

Badger asked for [SS] Rank legacies, and after knowing which class each of the three legacies belonged to, he was satisfied with the organization’s choice.

After talking with Badger and answering some of his questions, Alex left for the Ice Dale hotel to book a luxury room, not because he wanted to be cheap but because he liked the food at ice dale hotel.

While Alex was hurrying to book a room to log out from the game and give his family the good news about him becoming wealthy, the three ladies he left alone were having a discussion about his fake organization.


“Elder Rosalba, Did he lie about anything,” Hecate asked after Alex left the room.

She wanted to believe everything Alex told them, but the offers he gave her were just too unbelievable, and she didn’t want to get her hopes up and celebrate if there was even a little chance that the deal would not be completed.

“He only said one lie throughout the conversation that he doesn’t know if the Shadow Oblivion organization has a leader.” Lady Rosalba replied but didn’t look happy about knowing this secret.

“The Organization is really willing to give my guild the Monarch legacy?” Hecate asked, knowing the answer, but she still wanted to hear from Lady Rosalba.

“Indeed, Eldrid didn’t lie about the offers he made, but I wouldn’t be too happy because Eldrid was following the organization’s order and only told us the information he was given.”

“We don’t know if his mysterious organization has any ulterior motives, and if they don’t have any hidden agenda, then that only makes them even more dangerous.”

Lady Rosalba explained her worry, and it was not baseless if an organization was willing to offer a [SSS] legacy just so casually like it meant nothing to them.

“So what should I do not to get screwed badly If The organization betrays me?” Hecate asked, understanding the risk of trusting the organization with blind trust.

“The deal is too lucrative for even me to say no, so canceling the deal is out of the question, but you could be extra careful and reap enough benefits from this deal that could outweigh your losses.”

Lady Rosalba replied after thinking for some minutes as she understood that the greed to acquire a [SSS] legacy was just too much.

Even if she got the same offer knowing there was a high chance of betrayal, she would still take the offer and try her best to get the legacy.

“How do you suggest that I should handle the deal.” Hecate trusted Lady Rosalba because every time she received any advice from her, it only gave her benefits.

“You should contact Young Master Alden Gedeon and make him agree to Singh a virtual contract that binds him and his two companions to your guild for the next five to seven years.”

“This would guarantee your guild three new players with [SS] Rank legacy, and after that, anything extra you could obtain from the organization would be a bonus.” Lady Rosalba said, giving her simple but excellent advice.

“I would contact Young Master Alden immediately to set up a meeting,” Hecate said happily with a big smile.

“Aster, did you find the live stream with the woman wearing the twin-headed snake bracelet?” Lady Rosalba asked Aster, who was busy searching the raid videos of Hydra Guild.

“Big Sis, There are four Raid Streams that hydra guild did one and a half years ago, and every one of them is close to ten hours long.” Aster was confused by the question, but she replied with what she found.

“I would take some time to find the clip from these live streams?” Lady Rosalba asked.

“I am sending these live stream links to Violet so she can ask trusted guild members to search them thoroughly so we would know the truth in just some hours,” Aster replied like it was the obvious choice.

“You are not sending them to anyone. You will be responsible for watching the four live streams and “thoroughly” searching for the evidence.” Lady Rosalba said, but it was more like an order.

“Big Sis, the joke is not funny,” Aster said, but after seeing Lady Rosalba blankly staring at her, she knew it was not a joke.

“I need to watch more than forty hours of these newbies fighting low-level monsters?” Aster complained, but she stopped after getting a death glare from Lady Rosalba.

“Young Lady, this is the punishment for your behavior during the meeting.” Lady Rosalba replied, and she looked genuinely angry.

“I made a little mistake, and the punishment is too unreasonable,” Aster replied meekly, not making eye contact with Lady Rosalba.

“You nearly killed Eldrid at the start of the meeting, destroying the meeting before it even started, and when he gave us such important information, you again were ready to kill him.”

After being reminded of what she did, Aster didn’t complain, knowing her mistake, and started watching the raid streams with her head down.

‘I am worried that this may be the last time we make a deal with this shadow organization, and if the organization is anywhere near as strong as I think, then this could be the biggest blunder.’




After reaching the hotel, Alex rented a luxury room for a whole month in Ice Dale hotel, and right now, he was celebrating in his room.

“I need to calm down, or I might die from a heart attack.” Alex thought, feeling his heartbeat going crazy as he looked at his bed filled with White Flame coins.

“How many coins should I sell that could give enough money to solve all my problems?” Alex contemplated looking at the three big stacks of coins in front of him.

“Six Million Dollars Should be more than enough to settle every problem of my family and to buy the best VR capsule and still have leftover money to buy a big house.”

Alex decided to sell three thousand White flame coins worth three hundred thousand gold coins or six million dollars at a price of twenty dollars per gold coin. 𝙗𝙚𝙙𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝙡.𝙤𝙧𝒈

After deciding the number of coins, he wanted to sell, Alex opened the game website exchanging his coins for dollars at the current market rate of 20 dollars and forty-two cents.

Alex could sell his coins manually, but it would take time, and he was not patient enough to wait for hours to earn some extra dollars, so just simply sold his coins to AI ZARO.

The gold coin’s fixed price was twenty dollars, but when the demand increased, one gold coin could reach up to twenty-five dollars or more, and AI ZERO would also buy the coins at a high price.

Alex transferred all the money to his bank account without the fear that the bank may leak his game id because even though his bank account was connected to his game profile the bank had no information as AI ZARO protected it.

After seeing the more than six million dollars in his bank account, Alex happily laid down on his luxury bed; he logged out, returning to the real world.


It was four in the morning, and his whole family was sleeping when Alex left his VR capsule.

“Finally, I could change my VR Capsule to an advance version,” Alex said, looking at his VR capsule that he didn’t like from day one.

“I think Badger and Hecate should be meeting in a couple of hours, and I really want to see Hecate’s reaction when she confirms that Badger has bought the three [SS] Rank legacy from my fake organization.”

Alex didn’t tell the ladies that Badger bought the Three Legacies from his organization because he knew that the ladies already suspected that, and after they confirmed the information, it would only increase his organization’s value.

‘I still need to collect the three legacies and buy the final piece of the key, and all I have is just one week.’

‘After I complete this deal, I can peacefully search the forbidden land to get my legacy.’ Alex thought as he got ready to get a cold shower.

After taking a shower to freshen up, he started browsing the game forums to pass the time as he had nothing else to do.

While Alex was browsing the forums, Badger was telling Anahit and Karyan about the message he received from Alex.


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