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Chapter 213 - Chapter 213: Escape and the Bell

Chapter 213: Escape and the Bell

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In the underground waterway.


Bai Ling, Wu Qinglei, and Fan Xiaopeng ran with all their might. In addition, Bai Ling released his full strength to block the falling rocks above and finally jumped out of the collapsed tunnel.

They looked at the collapsed passageway behind them and punched with all their might, shattering the rocks in an attempt to open up a way back.

However, the passageway had collapsed into a section that was dozens of feet long. The soil was tightly pressed down. With their strength, they could not dig through it in a short period of time.

Bai Ling and Wu Qinglei’s expressions were extremely ugly.

“What should we do? What should we do?!” Fan Xiaopeng panicked. “Issuer Liu is locked inside!”

“Don’t panic!”

Bai Ling shouted to calm Fan Xiaopeng down. “If Ah Qing really goes all out, those Corpse Buddha Cockroaches might not be able to do anything to her!”

Wu Qinglei looked worried. “But that underground world is filled with poisonous fog. If she can’t find an exit to return to the surface world, even with Issuer Liu’s strength, I’m afraid she won’t be able to last long.”

Bai Ling’s eyes dimmed. He knew that Wu Qinglei was right. No matter how strong she was, how long could Ah Qing last against the overwhelming Corpse Buddha Cockroaches?

He could not help but feel extremely guilty. When they entered the ruins, they were clearly extremely careful.

However, the large number of Unusual Items they discovered later blinded them. Gradually, greed and arrogance appeared in their hearts, causing their vigilance to greatly decrease. That was why they took the risk!

“For now, let’s go back first. We can only mobilize the other experts in the camp to come in and save them!”

They had made some markings on the way here. At this moment, they immediately set off and followed the markings back the way they came.

He only hoped that those Corpse Buddha Cockroaches did not occupy the passageway!

At this moment, the underground plain was filled with heat waves!

A huge scarlet fire pillar spread in all directions with Liu Lanqing and Lin Yan as the center. It extended for nearly a hundred meters. The scarlet flames rose more than ten meters high, turning the surroundings into a scarlet hell of flames.

The flames didn’t burn Lin Yan, but the scorching temperature couldn’t be isolated. It burned his skin and hairs until they curled up and turned yellow, and his skin was dry and cracked. If he hadn’t used his force to block it, his clothes would probably have burned on the spot.

He was very close to Liu Lanqing. When he turned his head, he could see Liu Lanqing’s fair neck and side profile under the mask. Lin Yan had no time to admire her. Liu Lanqing’s face turned slightly pale, and her forehead was covered in sweat. Clearly, such a large-scale fire consumed a lot of energy for her!

In the burning purgatory, the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches wailed miserably. None of them were spared and they were burned to ashes.

Liu Lanqing suddenly said in a low voice, “Follow me!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she rushed into the flames.

Lin Yan didn’t hesitate and quickly jumped out behind her.

As soon as the flames met Liu Lanqing, they immediately parted to the sides, leaving a pitch-black path that had already been burned to charcoal.

Lin Yan followed Liu Lanqing around the Flame Purgatory. When his shoes burned through, he finally darted out of the Flame Domain!

This was a gap in the Corpse Buddha Cockroach’s encirclement. There was no Corpse Buddha Cockroach in front of him.

“Quick! Find the exit!”

Without Liu Lanqing’s reminder, Lin Yan already swept his gaze and discovered a cave entrance on a mountain wall a thousand feet away.

The cave entrance was big on the outside and small on the inside, like a huge loudspeaker. Lin Yan used the perception of his clones to scan it. Although there was no clone in this passageway, he immediately determined that this was indeed an entrance to the underground waterway.

“Issuer Liu, over there!”

The two of them took large strides and ran quickly towards the entrance of the cave.

Along the way, it was unknown if it was because the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches couldn’t react in time or if it was because the huge Corpse Buddha Cockroach’s head had disappeared from above the forest, but the two of them were actually unimpeded all the way and quickly approached the cave entrance.

“Something’s wrong, something’s wrong…”

Lin Yan’s mind was extremely tense, and the surroundings suddenly became abnormally quiet. No matter how he looked at it, this gap looked like it was deliberately opened by the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches.

However, the cave entrance was very close. Its height did not allow these large Corpse Buddha Cockroaches to pass through at all. Once they entered, what could these Corpse Buddha Cockroaches do?


Lin Yan’s expression suddenly changed. “Issuer Liu, be careful…”

Liu Lanqing was faster than Lin Yan. She was already dozens of feet ahead of him and arrived at the entrance of the cave.

When Lin Yan shouted, Liu Lanqing also realized that something was wrong. The flames on her body increased greatly, as if she was wearing a layer of fire armor.

An extremely dull bell suddenly sounded from the cave, like a thunderclap exploding on a sunny day.

Lin Yan’s mind went blank as if he was stunned.

Then, an extremely strong airflow suddenly rushed out of the hole!

Like an air cannon that still stored energy, it formed a white pillar of air the size of the hole that was visible to the naked eye, drowning Liu Lanqing!

The fire armor on her body only swayed and did not dissipate. It even burned even more fiercely under the airflow.

However, in the next moment, her entire body trembled, and the flame armor suddenly dissipated. Her entire body was sent flying by the air wave and was thrown more than 100 feet away.

“This bell… something’s wrong!”

Lin Yan suddenly woke up. When he heard the bell, it was as if there was a strange force that shook his head, causing him to be stunned for a few seconds. Even now, his mind was still buzzing.

This bell… could disturb one’s mind and intimidate one’s spirit!

“Not good…”

He stood very far from the entrance of the cave and only heard the residual sound of the bell. As for Liu Lanqing, she had suffered all the power of the bell!

Lin Yan endured the discomfort and turned to look at Liu Lanqing. He saw Liu Lanqing lying on the ground far away, motionless. It was unknown if she was dead or alive.

That bell really had a stunning effect!

Lin Yan was about to go over.



With a loud bang, the rock wall around the trumpet-shaped hole suddenly cracked.

From it, a ferocious insect-shaped figure appeared, wrapped in stone dust and gravel. It stood between Lin Yan and Liu Lanqing.

In the sand, eight pairs of scarlet compound eyes suddenly opened and stared at Lin Yan. A wild and cruel malice instantly enveloped Lin Yan’s entire body.

The dust dissipated, revealing the figure inside.

Obviously, it was also a Corpse Buddha Cockroach, but compared to the large Corpse Buddha Cockroaches here, it looked petite and its form was different.

The other Corpse Buddha Cockroaches could stand up like mantises, but this Corpse Buddha Cockroach was prostrating on the ground like a worm. However, the color of its body was closer to the huge Corpse Buddha Cockroach, appearing extremely cold and hard.

The most outstanding feature was that there was a huge black bell-like cyst on its back that opened and closed as it breathed.

Its tail was also fatter.

It was like a species with other functions in the Corpse Buddha Cockroach group.

Around him, rustling sounds suddenly echoed again.

The Corpse Buddha Cockroaches that had originally disappeared suddenly swarmed over and blocked the path behind Lin Yan, forming a half circle.

However, they didn’t approach the Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach. They were clearly larger, but their figures were more prostrated, as if the Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach’s status was even more noble.

There were four, eight, sixteen, and the 32 compound-eyed super huge Corpse Buddha Cockroach that looked like a giant monster. It was obvious that the number of eyes roughly indicated the status and strength of these Corpse Buddha Cockroaches.

The Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach clearly had high intelligence. It stared at Lin Yan for a while and clearly saw that he was weak, so it couldn’t be bothered with him.

It turned around and stared greedily at Liu Lanqing, who was lying on the ground in the distance.

It raised its head and neighed. Its stomach suddenly tightened and exerted strength. Its entire huge body jumped into the air and pounced at Liu Lanqing.

Now was the time!

The cold glint in Lin Yan’s eyes suddenly increased. In the next moment, wind and lightning intertwined. The terrifying aura of the wilderness instantly bloomed to its peak, directly causing the surrounding Corpse Buddha Cockroach to take a huge step back!

There were also a few Corpse Buddha Cockroaches that went limp and knelt on the ground!

Even the Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach in midair suddenly lost its movements. Its stomach and feet swayed, and it was clearly flustered.

“The Azure Dragon Spirit of the Azure Dragon Riding Wind and Thunder seems to have a much stronger deterrent effect on these Corpse Buddha Cockroaches than humans…”

A thought flashed across his mind, and the green dragon phantom around him had already cruised out.

Compared to before, the number of martial arts techniques Lin Yan had cultivated during this period of time had increased, and his strength had become greater. Therefore, the Azure Dragon phantom had become more detailed and huge.

With a thought, Lin Yan instantly caught up to the Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach in midair.

Terrifying wind blades and lightning instantly drowned the Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach, directly cutting open its hard carapace.

The Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach let out a shrill neigh. It also felt a fatal threat from the ferocious dragon aura that seemed to be from the primordial wilderness.

The bell-shaped cyst on its back suddenly expanded like an inflated balloon.

While it expanded, it also became extremely hard.

Then, its body suddenly swayed and trembled. The rumbling bell sounded again and again, and white air waves spread in all directions.

However, it had just sounded the bell from the trumpet-shaped hole to cause a huge commotion.

At this moment, when it was released in the air, the commotion was much weaker.

The bell surged towards Lin Yan with a wave of air.

However, in the next moment, the green dragon phantom seemed to have been provoked. It opened its mouth and let out a silent roar.

The bell and air wave were torn apart from the middle like cloth.

Then, the green dragon phantom suddenly shot out and bit the Corpse Buddha Cockroach’s body. Accompanied by lightning and wind blades, it tore it into pieces that filled the sky!

Wind and lightning interwove. It sounded long, but in fact, in an instant, when the azure dragon phantom around Lin Yan faded and he gently landed beside Liu Lanqing, the Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach had already turned into black blood and minced meat that filled the sky.

In his hand was a Spirit Marrow that looked like a Bell fragment.

However, at the same time, Lin Yan also felt a huge malice.

He turned around solemnly. The huge Corpse Buddha Cockroach’s head was raised from the depths of the forest again.

Its 32 red compound eyes stared fixedly at Lin Yan, as if they wanted to nail him to death.

Lin Yan was chilled to the bone. He carried Liu Lanqing and activated the Azure Dragon Riding Wind and Thunder again.

As the azure dragon phantom descended again, he directly turned into a wind and lightning waterfall, tearing and crushing all the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches that blocked his path. He plunged into the hole that the Bell Corpse Buddha Cockroach had drilled out of and did not look back..

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