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Chapter 214 - Chapter 214: Mud Fruit Clone (1)

Chapter 214: Mud Fruit Clone (1)

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In the dark and narrow cave, there was only a faint blue halo that seemed to be able to penetrate the cave wall.


Liu Lanqing suddenly trembled and sat up abruptly. The flames on her body suddenly rose.

“Issuer Liu!”

A low cry interrupted Liu Lanqing. The flames fused with the air and dissipated. “Lin Yan?”

Liu Lanqing looked around. She was in an underground cave. This was a corner of a dead end, and Lin Yan was standing ten feet away from her, leaning against the rock wall.

“Lin Yan? This is…”

Before she could finish asking, she recalled that when she entered the cave, there was suddenly a loud bang like the evening drum. Iler mind instantly went blank and she didn’t know anything.

Liu Lanqing’s expression was ugly. “We were plotted against? I fainted? Did you save me?”

Lin Yan nodded. “It’s a special Corpse Buddha Cockroach lying in ambush. I killed it when it was unprepared and escaped into the underground cave with you. It’s been nearly an hour.”

Liu Lanqing exhaled and felt a little strange. The Corpse Buddha Cockroach had clearly planned it. Lin Yan was only at the Tough Realm, so he might not even be a match for a large Corpse Buddha Cockroach. I low could he bring her out despite the Corpse Buddha Cockroach’s scheme?

However, the situation was urgent, so she did not have time to think too much. She pushed herself up and felt that her head was still buzzing. “Why are we staying here? Do you not know the way?”

Lin Yan shook his head with a solemn expression. “It’s worse than that… We’re trapped by the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches!”

Lin Yan didn’t know what had happened to Wu Qinglei and the others. In any case, after he entered the cave, the small Corpse Buddha Cockroaches living in the underground waterway had already rioted!

Lin Yan was almost surrounded in the waterway.

Fortunately, he had countless clones that covered almost all areas of the underground waterway.

Relying on the real-time map in his mind, he began to play hide-and-seek with the rampaging Corpse Buddha Cockroaches in the underground waterway.

From time to time, he activated the Azure Dragon Riding Wind and Thunder and killed his way through the encirclement of the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches. He quickly escaped and circled for nearly forty minutes. Only then did he find a hidden place that was not easily discovered and obtain a chance to catch his breath.

“I’ve only been focused on escaping and haven’t had the time to take the Spirit Marrows of the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches. Later, I can instruct my clones to plunder them…”

When Liu Lanqing heard Lin Yan’s story, her expression darkened. Although she was strong, if she was blocked in this unknown place, no matter how powerful she was, she wouldn’t be able to escape.

On the other hand, Lin Yan…

She took a deep look at Lin Yan. To be able to escape from such a huge number of Corpse Buddha Cockroaches for so long, Lin Yan’s familiarity with the Underworld was much deeper than she had imagined.

“What should we do next?” Liu Lanqing asked.

Lin Yan’s expression was solemn. “There’s no choice. We won’t be able to escape in a short period of time. The Corpse Buddha Cockroaches have set up an inescapable net. If we walk towards the ground, we’ll be easily blocked.”

Lin Yan had been sensing the situation in the entire underground waterway through his clones just now. The conclusion was that he couldn’t get out at all!

Countless Corpse Buddha Cockroaches were scattered on the path they had to pass through in the periphery. Even if they were powerful and could quickly kill the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches, they would be surrounded by other Corpse Buddha Cockroaches that rushed over quickly.

Although they had a certain chance of killing their way through the entire underground waterway if they went all out, Lin Yan did not dare to take the risk. If he was not careful, he would definitely die.

Liu Lanqing frowned slightly. “Surrounded? I wonder if Old Bai and the others have gone out. Will they bring reinforcements?”

Lin Yan shook his head and said calmly, “Even if there are reinforcements, they can’t enter for the time being. We… might as well do the opposite. The most dangerous place is the safest place. Let’s… return to that underground plain!” “It’s a dangerous idea…”

However, Liu Lanqing did not object. The underground waterway was narrow after all, and the underground plain was very vast. It was easy to hide two people.

“Alright, let’s go back then!”

Lin Yan sensed the distribution of the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches again. A large number of them were gathered in the middle and outer circle of the underground waterway to prevent them from escaping.

In the inner circle near the underground plain, there were almost no Corpse Buddha Cockroaches.

It was obvious that these Corpse Buddha Cockroaches were mainly preventing them from escaping. They would not easily expect them to return to the underground plains.

Lin Yan thought more about it. Once they entered the underground plain, they only needed to seize the opportunity to harass the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches a few times and disrupt the distribution of the Corpse Buddha Cockroaches in the outer circle. Then, they would have a chance to escape from the underground waterway!

Lin Yan took the lead and led Liu Lanqing around. Soon, they found a new underground cave and carefully popped their heads out.

This cave entrance was about ten meters above the ground, and it was coincidentally next to a huge green tree forest.

The entrance of the cave was also covered by a huge greenish-blue tree. It was very hidden. The two of them pressed against a huge greenish-blue tree and bent it a little before jumping out of the cave.

“Very good. This cave entrance is adjacent to the greenish-blue forest. It’s not like the last one. It was easy for the giant Corpse Buddha Cockroach to discover us and shoot out blobs to destroy it.

“As long as we act cautiously and escape immediately if we encounter anything wrong, we won’t be easily blocked inside!”

The two of them slid down the huge tree to the ground.

“Issuer Liu, i suggest that we harass these Corpse Buddha Cockroaches..”

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