My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2380 - 2380 Why Did Her Soul Leave

Chapter 2380 - 2380 Why Did Her Soul Leave

2380 Why Did Her Soul Leave

Shen Jue couldn’t help but exclaim upon thinking of this.

Elderly Mister Mu nodded soberly. The two Daoist priests from the Taiji Sect also turned grave.

Shen Jue laughed coldly. “Since we encountered this situation, we naturally cannot stand by and do nothing. This humble one does not have much skill, but I can still assist the elderly mister in setting up several defensive talisman matrices.”

She, Shen Jue, would absolutely not allow those ghost spirits to occupy another person’s body for nothing.


Elderly Mister Mu nodded gratefully. “Then I will trouble you for your assistance.”

“It is what we should do.”

The talisman practitioners deliberated some more. They planned to go out again later to reinforce the matrix around the residential compound.

On the other hand, Mo Lian called over a submissive-looking maidservant and gave her careful instructions to take care of the little fellow. Afterwards, he walked out with a heavy heart while kneading his brows.

The chilly breeze assaulted his senses, clearing his head.

At present, he naturally had to stay clearheaded at all times to think of a resolution.

Since the little fellow’s body was completely fine, that means the problem was with her soul.


As for why her soul left her body, Mo Lian naturally was unaware of the cause at this time…

The courtyard looked rather desolate in the winter sunlight.

The flowerbed had already wilted in the small garden. There were only several withering leaves spinning about on the floor as the cold wind passed by.

Mo Lian walked in the faint moonlight, his mind wandering off, when several high-pitched voices entered his ears.

“Are there still no movements today?” The woman’s sharp voice was flippant.

“Isn’t that so, she hasn’t woken even after seven days. I see that she most likely won’t make it.” The other person’s voice was slightly lower, but the tone was still full of contempt.

Crown Prince Mo’s footsteps halted as rage welled up in his heart.

What were these women wagging their tongues for? Who did they say wasn’t going to make it??

His eyes squinted dangerously past the withered branches at three flamboyantly dressed young girls. They were slacking off and having tea in a gazebo.

Mo Lian naturally recognized these three people. In addition to that maidservant he left to take care of Qiaoqiao, these were the four maidservants Fang Su sent over to attend to Qiaoqiao.

These couple of days, they were rather respectful in front of him and did not even dare let their eyes wander. He did not expect them to lack such discipline behind his back to actually curse their master.

“His Highness the Crown Prince is so pitiful. It truly is agonizing to watch him accompany a living corpse day in and day out.”

“I also feel the same. We clearly could have long set out for Dragon Flame City, but we got delayed for so long because of that living corpse.”

“What is so good about that girl? I heard that she is only an ordinary village girl from a place called Sikong Planet in the Lower Star Domain. Any daughter of a patrician family in Dragon Flame City would be much more distinguished than her.”

“That’s right. What is His Highness thinking to actually insist on bringing a living corpse from the Lower Star Domain back to our Divine Province.”

“It really is super annoying to take care of that half-dead girl. Luckily we can come out for fresh air, otherwise it’d be even harder to bear.”

Fang Su had brought them out from the palace. They had waited for His Highness in South City to serve him on this journey back to the palace.

They were senior palace maids of high status. The resentment and discontent in their hearts increased by the day for having to wait on a village girl who was half-dead.

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