My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2381 - 2381 Who Did You Say Is a Living Corpse?

Chapter 2381 - 2381 Who Did You Say Is a Living Corpse?

2381 Who Did You Say Is a Living Corpse?

Besides, His Highness was so elegant and handsome, like a deity, but he didn’t even look them in the face. He would only be by that living corpse’s side all day and night during the time his eyes were open. How could this not infuriate them, the living humans?

“The cultivation of people from the Lower Star Domain is probably only in the low levels of the mystic realm. I truly do not know how she is not ashamed to remain by His Highness’s side.”

“Isn’t that so.”

“Aiyah, it’s so frustrating. If she continues to be in this half-dead state, until when would we have to take care of her?”

“What other choice is there? Who told us to be so unlucky to get assigned this chore?”

“It’s truly not fair. In my view, it’s most likely a rich man’s disease. She’ll be fine after getting stabbed with a needle.”

“Pfft.” One person laughed. “Stabbing with a needle? Do you dare?”

“His Highness practically doesn’t leave that living corpse. Even when we bathe and change clothes for the living corpse, he keeps watch on the other side of the screen. It’s as if we were going to mistreat her or something.”


“If you did stab her in secret, would you still be standing here and laughing with us?”

The person who suggested stabbing with a needle also found it funny. She giggled delicately. “See if I dare! Could His Highness be watching her 24 hours a day without blinking? He has to eat and use the restroom! Humph! Don’t you two say! It’s possible that she might suddenly wake up after I stab her with a needle. In that case, I would have performed a great service!”

“Ay, heh heh heh.”


“Wow, then once you get rewarded, you must remember to help out us sisters.”

“I truly don’t know why His Highness has such good patience.” One palace maid said enviously, “Other than the girl’s face, what else can she best the noble daughters of Dragon Flame City in?”

“She’s already a living corpse, yet she’s still charming people.” That palace maid pursed her lips. “Even if she were a celestial immortal, there will be a day when His Highness comes to detest her.”

In their view, the crown prince of the Divine Province was naturally lofty and incomparably noble. How could he be spending the rest of his days with a half-dead person?

“Ay, so frustrating. If that woman dies earlier, perhaps we would be able to return to the palace soon… er.” The palace maid who was speaking stomped her foot and turned around. Her voice trailed off.

Her eyes opened wide in terror as she saw the cold-faced crown prince with an abysmal gaze past the withered tree branches. She had no idea how long the crown prince had been standing behind them.

That palace maid felt her head explode. Her soul had left her, and she was on the verge of collapse.

Her two companions caught her sleeves in surprise. “What happened to you?”

They also turned around with her. They promptly gaped, their eyes nearly popping out of their sockets.

Mo Lian’s eyes were frosted over. He enunciated, “Who did you say is a living corpse?”

*Bam!!* The door to the bedchamber got kicked open.

The palace maid inside the room had been dozing off next to the bed in boredom. She would also occasionally roll her eyes impatiently at the motionless little lady lying on the bed.

The sound of the door getting kicked open scared her drowsiness away, and she jumped up from the edge of the bed at once.

The crown prince appeared at the entrance with a vicious aura.

That palace maid gaped and then hastily prostrated, “Your, Your Highness?”

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