My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2383 - 2383 Terrible Heartache

Chapter 2383 - 2383 Terrible Heartache

2383 Terrible Heartache

When he stared at you, the psychological pressure he gave you truly did not lose out to His Majesty’s!

Eunuch Hu spoked even more respectfully, “How have they angered Your Highness? This old servant will have them…”

“No need.” Mo Lian glanced at him coldly. “Throw them far away! We are not interested in seeing them again.”

Tung and several young men in black silently appeared behind the crown prince. They promptly darted forth and hoisted those four mutilated palace maids from the ground. They then left by hopping over the walls.


Eunuch Hu: !

What did this capricious lord want to do?

The crown prince eyed Eunuch Hu coldly before flicking his sleeves and leaving without a word.

He left behind a group of people kneeling and prostrating on the floor. They all looked at each other in dismay, but none of them dared to get up without permission.

Mo Lian clenched his fists and walked quickly into the room, shutting the doors behind him.

His phoenix eyes was filled with a chilly viciousness. However, his gaze softened bit by bit when he saw the little lady lying tranquilly on the bed.

Mo Lian ran forward with two steps in place of three. He picked up the little fellow and hugged her tightly in his arms.

He hugged her tightly, tightly, tightly…

His darling was so prideful, yet several lowly servants had unknowingly scorned and tormented her.

His heart ached. His heart ached terribly.

It was all his fault. He wasn’t attentive enough. He hadn’t worked hard enough, wasn’t good enough…

That’s why she had suddenly disappeared.

His heart panicked more and more, and he was getting more and more terrified.

Especially when he closed his eyes, he would inexplicably think of her saying to him with a hollow gaze: ‘I once had a distant dream, in the dream…

No, no. Impossible, impossible.

That was only a dream. She wasn’t going to go back, she wasn’t going to go back into that dream.

She wasn’t going to abandon him and go back into the dream.

She absolutely wouldn’t!

He clutched her hands and laid his head on her shoulder. He didn’t realize that he was shaking uncontrollably.


He hugged her. It was as if he hugged her now, he would be hugging her forever.

He murmured with misty eyes, “Where are you, where in the world did you go…”

The furry little ermine bounded lightly into a certain person’s chest pocket. She then turned her head puzzledly toward the whistling wind.

Besides the weirdly-shaped rocks surrounded by walls, there wasn’t even a level-three beast in the rock slope besides this little ermine, let alone a level-seven spiritual beast.

After getting to the rock slope, Duan Yue found a spot to lie down and drink and nap. He let her loose to run around here.

The sky was getting dark, yet he didn’t seem like he intended to go back just yet.

The little ermine looked up at the sky and stepped on a certain person’s chest with her paws.

However, a certain person pressed down on her tubby body.

“Don’t fuss, let me sleep for a bit longer.” Duan Yue blocked out the piercing rays from the sunset with his hand.

The little ermine squirmed out from his arm and scratched his arm without too much force.

Duan Yue moved his arm away and opened his eyes. His remarkable peach-blossom eyes seemed to be speckled with floating starlight from the radiance of the sunset rays.

“I’ll chop off your little paws if you keep scratching me!” He threatened with a raised fist.

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