My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2382 We Will Make All Of You Living Corpses!

Chapter 2382 We Will Make All Of You Living Corpses!

Mo Lian darted over like a whirlwind, and he kicked the prostrating palace maid flying out the room.

He hastily carried the little fellow and pulled open her collar to check her neck and shoulders. Afterwards, he carefully examined her legs, and then he pulled up her sleeves.

When he saw two bruises on her smooth and soft arms, his handsome face had turned green from anger.

It was evident that these palace maids did not take good care of his Qiaoqiao at all!

The modesty and prudence they showed in front of him was all an act!

Look how they pinched his Qiaoqiao behind his back?

This was only after he had practically not left her side that there were only two bruises because they had few opportunities to harm her.

If he just allowed them to take care of Qiaoqiao normally, who knows how they would have tormented the little lady!

A violent wrath swelled up in Mo Lian's heart. He was practically about to go ballistic!

Calm, composure, and grace could all go to hell!

He had already been stifled during these past seven days.

Now that he had discovered this incident, he could not restrain his wrath and his urge to kill them. He wanted to destroy the world and wanted them all… to die without a burial place!!

The four royal maids trembled as they prostrated on the floor. They couldn't stop their bodies from shaking as they kept kowtowing for forgiveness.

By the time Fang Su hurried over to the courtyard with Eunuch Hu, the four palace maids were pressed down on long benches and had been beaten until their flesh was mutilated. They were also at their last gasps.

"Your Highness!!" Fang Su and the others hastily knelt down on one knee and cupped their hands. They looked at that figure in black on the steps in astonishment.

He was staring ahead frigidly. His phoenix eyes was filled with boundless wrath, and his entire body was emitting an incomparably eerie chill.

Fang Su's heart couldn't help but sink.

"Saying living corpse again and again! Today! We will make all of you living corpses!" The crown prince's voice was even, but the chilly tone made everyone's spine tingle.

"Please quell your anger, Your Highness." All the servants in the courtyard were terrified.

The manager sat limply on the floor, looking like he was about to faint.

Ever since this crown prince started living here temporarily, he was basically invisible. He did not speak much nor did he make various demands like other sons of the aristocracy.

Even though he was icy all the time, his temper was very much amiable.

It wasn't until today that the manager found out that corpses would abound when the heir apparent got angry, and that a single sharp glance could make one suffocate.

Even though Commander Fang had brought over the four palace maids, it was naturally also his fault as the manager for failing to properly manage these servants.


Eunuch Hu could not hide the astonishment in his eyes. He walked up hurriedly and asked in a soft voice while lowering his head, "Please quell your anger, Your Highness! How have these four palace maids provoked Your Highness?"

Crown Prince Mo turned around and looked coldly at this old eunuch.

He naturally knew this capable eunuch who served his Imperial Father, but was not interested in treating him cordially at the moment.

Eunuch Hu's heart clenched. He subconsciously lowered his head and pondered: This heir apparent's gaze was abnormally piercing.

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