Chapter 698

Chapter 698

Time passed slowly.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

The small world seemed to have quieted down. There were no treasures coming into being, and there were very few fights. It was as if most of the experts had left.

Even if they flew in a straight line for an entire day, they might not be able to meet the experts of other powers.

But Tang Yu was very clear.

The Three Emperors, State-Level experts, Pirate Generals, and ordinary Divine Realm experts, most of these existences did not leave. They only restrained their auras and hid somewhere in the small world.

Only by spreading out their perception and searching with all their strength would they be able to find a trace of these people.

At this juncture, no one would do such a thing.


Secret arts, incomplete holy artifacts, even the ship of the Ocean Emperor, “The Nine and Five Emperors”, were rumored to have been seized by a certain force.

However, most of the powerhouses still believed that the treasure of the Ocean Emperor had not been completely revealed.

What could Tang Yu do? Of course, he had to learn from these experienced seniors.

However, they could not wait blindly.

The Divine Domain of the various races had lived for at least several thousand years, and waiting for a few months was only an instant for them.

It would only feel like blinking an eye to them.

Tang Yu could not do it!

Even if the “portable house” that he carried with him was a three-story tall villa with a complete home and advanced equipment.

Even if the small world he carries with him has many scattered advanced mobile ingredients such as ‘fat chirps’, ‘bleating sheep’, ‘dragon cattle’ and other fresh meat.

Even if he, Elaine, Luo Zhe, and the other higher-ups of the territory left for a month or a few months, with the coordination of the various departments, the territory can still operate in an orderly manner…

Even if…

Tang Yu was young and couldn’t stand this kind of waiting game. He hadn’t even been in seclusion for a month!

Thus, Tang Yu found a valley and set up a hidden formation.

He built another territory fortress.

He stuck his eyes in.

They built a teleportation formation and returned to the bustling Tree Shade City in the blink of an eye.

Breathing in the familiar air and Origin Qi, Great Lord Tang sighed that this trip was truly not easy.

Nancy, Hong Yue, Fanny, Kong, and the others took turns guarding the fortress in the small world to prevent the teleportation formation from being destroyed if it was discovered by other forces.

Elaine, Luo Zhe, Hui Ren, and the others were different. After leaving these few days, they still had work to deal with.

Hui Ren walked out of the castle, still looking like he had nothing to live for.

Why did he have to come back from the small world?

He was also very willing to guard there.

How was it a holiday for Tree Shade? The documents that the intelligence department needed his signature were all piled up like mountains!

It wouldn’t be so tiring to face a pirate admiral head-on!

He wouldn’t let anyone else get a good fish!

Hui Ren sighed. He rolled his eyes and dialed Lorraine’s video call.

While waiting for the call, Hui Ren took out two-thirds of the documents on the desk and put them aside.

A light screen appeared on the tactical watch. In the light screen was Lorraine’s figure.

Looking at the background, she was in the bar.

Hui Ren was extremely angry!

He, as a minister, was working hard, but as a deputy minister, Lorraine went to catch fish!

How could this be!

He did not show it. Instead, he took another stack of documents from a place where the video could not be seen. It was about 90 of the total number of documents.

“There are a lot of documents that have been accumulated over the past few days. Among some of the important documents, only the two deputy ministers can sign… I know that you are busy with the work of the bar, so I assigned you this much. It is not even a quarter of the total number. Lorraine, you can’t continue fishing, right?”

Lorraine was still a little confused after receiving the video call.

What happened? Why was the stack of documents in the video higher than that cold-faced ghost, Hui Ren?

She subconsciously wanted to refuse.

Hui Ren said nonchalantly, “I heard that Lord is preparing to patrol the major departments and check the work of each department. It’s fine for me to work alone, but if Lord comes over, there will be a lot of unfinished documents…”

Lorraine : “( ̄△ ̄;)!!”

She had already figured out what was going to happen next.

The lord had his hands behind his back, his expression unfriendly. His voice echoed like a bell,

“I’ll deduct three months of your salary!”

“Deduct three months of salary!”

“Deduct your salary!”

She shook her head until her hair flew into the air. Bang! She patted the bar table. “It’s just a little paperwork! Duty calls, Leave it to me!”

Tang Yu did not care how the intelligence department operated. As a lord, he only needed to shake his hand… Cough, he only needed to grasp the general direction.

However, as a responsible and ambitious Great Lord, he was not at ease.

At this moment, Tang Yu was in the workshop, holding a special storage ring in his hand. Inside were all the Nether Sea Crystals he had obtained this time.

Ordinary version of the Nether Sea Crystals could only increase the Origin by 200%.

The enhanced +3 version of the sea crystal can be increased by up to 400%, and the effect is average.

Lord Tang only wants to strengthen the final version after fusion, “Original Extract Crystal”, which can increase the origin by up to 2000%.

One Origin Crystal can increase by 0.3%, and it requires five ‘Strengthening +3’ of the Nether Sea Crystal to fuse.

“In other words, one Nether Sea Crystal can increase by 0.06%, 100 by 6%, and 10,000 by 600%. If you want to increase to the limit, then you have to… 33,333 ? ! ! “

A total of five hundred million!

Fortunately, the Nether sea Crystal didn’t need money, and it was all obtained through skill.

Tang Yu didn’t even dare to calculate how many Origin Crystals and consciousness values would be consumed during the process of strengthening and fusing.

However, his mind was operating too quickly. Just as he thought of this, his mind had already begun to calculate the cost.

-Just strengthening it would cost four to five hundred million Origin Crystals and four hundred million Origin Energy.

In the subsequent fusion, the consumption of Origin Crystals and Origin Energy was also not small, about half of it being strengthened.

Another ten billion!

With such a large pasture like the Heavenly Blue Planet, the consumption of his Origin Energy was not much, and he had saved up quite a bit of it… Tang Yu counted several zeros at the back and felt slightly relieved.

Origin Crystal…?

Great Lord Tang swallowed his saliva with great difficulty.

Back then, he had only been a lord who had entered a few million in a day, and his family only had a few dozen mines.

How could he dare to spend so much money

Even if he had made a large sum of money in White City a few days ago, it would only be around sixty to seventy billion Origin Crystals. Origin Crystals would only take up less than half of the total value, and he would not be able to supply an individual to the limit.

Tree Shade’s own income?

In order to continue developing, Origin Crystal Ore would take moderate mining mode, and the daily income would only be tens of millions.

Taxes and equipment sales would not do.

It had only been a few years since the recovery of Origin Qi, but the level of the awakened ones on Earth was still low. The leek that they planted had not yet grown, and it was far from the mature leek that had been squeezed dry of soil outside.

Shaking his head,

At the very least, the income from the past few days, along with the compensation crystals from the White Feather clan and the White Fox clan, was still quite abundant for the time being. They could hurry up and make a batch of Origin Essence Crystals.

Tang Yu took out a large basket and poured out a batch of sea crystals.

Then, under the control of Origin Energy, a Nether sea Crystal flew into the delivery port of the workshop. He clicked on the screen ‘Strengthening, Strengthening, Strengthening’, and in a flash, the Nether sea Crystal that had been strengthened by +3 flew out from the exit of the workshop’s black box and landed in another large basket that he had already prepared.

The same operation repeated five times, and then five strengthened Nether sea Crystals were thrown into the black box. Finally, he obtained a ‘ Origin Crystal’.

The strengthening and integration of the workshop were all completed in an instant.

The entire process was short, but the operation was very complicated.

“Why is there no function of mass production?”

Back then, it was because the manufacturing of weapons and equipment was too complicated that Tang Yu reduced the sales of cutting-edge equipment.

The current first-grade divine weapon was not made by the workshop, but from the assembly line homework of the equipment department, and finally the final steps of the various masters.

Tang Yu’s mind was very fast.

Focus your mind and control your Origin Energy. On average, you can transport several Nether Sea Crystals in a second.

An hour passed.

He lay on the mattress, dispirited. He controlled his Origin Energy to pick up the Nether Sea Crystals, but his speed was several times slower, looking like a salted fish.

It’s even more tiring than an assembly line. Why don’t I let my clone do it? No, no, the clone’s senses are connected to the main body. If the clone is tired, i will be affected.

Tang Yu frowned. “That’s not right. I am a great lord. Why do I have to do this kind of trouble?”

He was the only one who could enter the workshop in the past, but after the territory rose to rank 7, he could already give others the authority to manage it.

The figures of Elaine, Luo Zhe, Nancy, and the others flashed through his mind one by one.

“It’s decided to be you, Nancy. The first batch of source crystals should be used on you anyway.”

Nancy should be in the holy land, training at the back of the mountain.

Not exactly training,

She is recovering the origin she loses in the battle with the Mirror General, Nancy also lost a few percent of the source – but Tree Shade has all the materials to restore the origin, and she should be almost recovered by now.

A contract chat was sent over, and Nancy soon left the workshop door.

Tang Yu gave her permission.

Nancy skipped into the workshop, still very curious about her new job. She was completely unaware of her current situation.

“Come on, do your best.”

After explaining the operation method and leaving the storage ring behind, Tang Yu stretched and left.

Nancy nodded heavily.

The castle,

Tang Yu paid attention to the production of the workshop from time to time.

Nancy’s work efficiency was not bad. She was a few times faster than him. That way, she would be able to complete the production of the Source Crystal in a short period of time… Tang Yu praised his decision.

But good times did not last long.

Nancy’s efficiency was also decreasing. After a day, her mood was exhausted, and her speed was not much different from his.

Tang Yu scratched his head, but he still took out Nancy.

When she walked out of the workshop, this cheerful and optimistic girl was walking in the air. The Origin Energy around her body was trembling, making him very worried that there would be an explosion.

Who should I find next?

-Elaine, Luo Zhe, and Hui Ren are all busy. Hmm, I heard that Lorraine is also busy…

Lorraine, who was working overtime in the office, suddenly felt much more relaxed. She was stunned. “Do I actually have a hidden attribute that likes to work overtime?”

The back mountain,

Zhu Shuli and Fanny suddenly shivered and looked around in surprise and bewilderment.

In the air where the “spiritual space” was honing the sword skills, they suddenly felt a chill behind them. They immediately brandished their swords, and a sword light with the power of laws slashed out, but only cut the air.

Outside the workshop,

Tang Yu punched his left palm with his right hand. “I got it. How could I forget about No. 1 and No. 2? They are the best tools!”

The two puppets guarding No. 1 and No. 2 both had growth rate. Their combat strength was no worse than the first echelon of followers. However, Tree Shade had not encountered a disaster in more than two years. He almost forgot the existence of No. 1 and No. 2.

Tang Yu quickly called No. 1 over and started working with tons of tons after entering the workshop.

The efficiency was not faster than Nancy, but it could last long.

One day,

Two days,

Number One maintained a steady speed until the remaining Origin Crystals in the warehouse were less than ten million. Tang Yu hurriedly called for a stop.

After counting the number of Origin Crystals produced, there were around ten thousand.

There was still some surplus when the supply was raised to the limit for one person.

After thinking for a while,

First, let the combat specialist ‘Nancy’ raise to the limit, so that her strength can grow a lot.

In addition, lets divide some to Elaine and Kong too. Each person can also increase the Origin by 500%~600%.

I don’t need it.

Thinking about it carefully, I’m really a good lord who values subordinates. Mm, I’ll leave the battle in the small world to Nancy, Elaine, and the others.

With the Source Crystal in hand, it took Nancy half a month to raise her Origin to the limit.

Ever since then, she had been familiarizing himself with the increase in power.

During the break of fishing, Tang Yu also went to the small world to inquire about the information there.

He, who had the ability to control space, was suitable for investigating… He always felt that something was wrong.

He opened the diary.

[May 23: Tree shade, sunny, small world, still sunny, as if the small world only have option for sunny days].

[May 26: Tree shade, cloudy sky. Today, when I was wandering in the small world, I was discovered by several Divine Realm. They saw me alone, but they surrounded me with bad intentions. Is it really easy to bully this lord? In such a situation… Of course, I left with a City Return Scroll, but I wrote this down first. ]

[May 27th: Yesterday’s return to the city was not from my heart, nor was it a strategic retreat. I was just too lazy to take action by myself. I grab Nancy and Kong for a walk. Sure enough, I found them near where I left yesterday. The old lair of the God’s Domain. Brought the ‘Heaven and Earth Lock’ this time, allowing Nancy and Kong to go wild, and the battle fluctuations could not be transmitted. ]

[June 1st: Children’s Day…ahem! A big event happened today. The legendary god of the North Sea appeared. It is said that two pirate generals took refuge with the North Sea God. With their power, the other three pirate generals fell. The battle fluctuated, separated by hundreds of miles. Thousands of miles away, you can see it. ]

[June 2nd: Another major event happened today. Crimson Emperor actually fought with North Sea God, and it was fierce. First he confronted the Dragon King, and now he was against the North Sea God. How did the Emperor survive until now? ? The three fallen pirate generals have nothing to do with the Red Emperor, and they don’t know what the madness of the sea emperor is. ]

[June 7th: The Crimson Emperor had another fight with the Northern Sea God, but this time, the scale was even bigger. The three Emperors joined hands with the Imperial State experts to directly kick out the Northern Sea Divine Gods.]

[June 8: The battle is too fierce, omitted. ]

[June 9: The aftermath of the battle is too fierce, omitted.]

[June 17: The Dragon Emperor and other Saint-ranked existences clashed, and a True God (Saint-ranked) level existence in the Northern Sea God System struck out, knocking a huge hole in space out of the entire small world and shaking the world.]

[June 18: Three general & Empire, reached a short-term peace agreement with the North Sea God Group. ]

[June 25: Just now, Fanny, who was stationed in the small world, sent news that a violent tremor had occurred in the small world. It wasn’t caused by the aftermath of the battle. It seemed to be… Wait this isn’t time to be writing some diaries ! ]

Tang Yu threw down the diary and hurried onto the teleportation array.

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