Chapter 699

Chapter 699

At this moment, the Ocean Emperor’s small world was completely seething with excitement.

After a violent vibration, the Origin Qi in the entire small world gathered together. On a nameless mountain, a giant phantom appeared. Behind the phantom, palaces appeared. Giant pillars rose around the palace, connecting to the horizon.

This phantom,

Some young experts could not recognize it, but the older generation was extremely familiar with it.

The Ocean Emperor!

In the era of the Ocean Emperor, some of the Three Emperors, the Pirate Generals, and even the top experts of the Empire had already become famous, while others had yet to reveal their outstanding talents. However, the prestige of the Ocean Emperor had already been deeply engraved in their hearts.

In that era, there were countless geniuses of the younger generation in the Empire who worshipped the Ocean Emperor.

He was a supreme expert who suppressed the Endless Sea!

In the present day, there were the three Pirate Emperors, the five great empires, and the True Gods of the Northern Sea.

There were many experts, but it was unknown who was the strongest.

It could be the Dragon Emperor, a certain country level old monster, or a True God, but it was even more possible that the strongest existences were on par with each other.

Even a Saint like the Dragon Emperor would not dare to ignore the invincible experts of the Crimson Emperor, the DarkStar Queen, and other Divine Domain experts.

But in the era of the Ocean Emperor, he was recognized as the strongest in the sea!

The only strongest!

Even the five great empires had no choice but to back down in the face of the Ocean Emperor who had integrated all the pirates.

If the Ocean Emperor had not died for unknown reason, the experts in the pirate circle would not have become as poor as they were today.

When Tang Yu and the others arrived, they saw that the palaces that had appeared and the enormous shadow in front of the palace were divided into several waves.

The three Emperors and their own pirate groups;

The five great empires’ national level old monsters and experts;

The gods of the North Sea.

The three Emperors stood relatively close to the imperial experts, while the North Sea group stood on the other side.

Apart from that, there were also a lot of ‘ordinary factions’.

there was a pirate clan that was at the rank of a general, a clan that was at the top of the empire, a clan that had a high status and was highly respected. some was just an ordinary force here, and other was a clan that was only at the rank of a regular general. another was a clan that wasn’t powerful.

He could only stay in a position slightly closer to the outer area.

Even so, the experts of each faction were still fighting over the position close to the palaces. Perhaps, they would have a chance to obtain more opportunities.

Tang Yu arrived quite early and occupied a nearby mountain.

The dozen or so mountain peaks in the periphery were all occupied by the factions.

“Human, our Water Demon Race wants this mountain. We will give you three breaths to get lost!”

Tang Yu shot a glance.

The Water Demon Clan was a race that seemed to have their lower bodies gathered from water, their upper bodies were sky blue, and they were humanoid, each of them three to four meters tall.

This race has a high affinity for water, with a ‘half-elemental body’ before the Unity Realm, and is more adept at energizing after the Unity Realm than ordinary races, and is a powerful group living in the Endless Sea.

In comparison, although there were many humans, many kingdoms and empires had human provinces, there were only a few top experts among the human race. They could only be considered ordinary races.

There were dozens of these Water Demons. Among them, there were thirteen Divine Realm experts. The three Divine Realm experts in the lead had extremely powerful auras. They were experts of the same realm.

The Water Demon Race did not put this group of humans in their eyes. Among the forces that occupied more than ten of the best mountains around them, humans were the weakest.

However, although he had already given the order to chase them away, this group of humans remained indifferent. The Divine Realm expert of the Water Demon Race was furious.

A huge palm made of water element slammed down. Thunder flashed between the five fingers, its might threatening.

Tang Yu didn’t even look at it.

Kong took a step forward, and the long sword at his waist unsheathed itself.

Buzz – –

The sound of a sword rang out, and a bright sword radiance cut open the huge palm. Its power did not diminish at all as it slashed at the Divine Realm expert.


The sharp aura of the sword energy enveloped his body, making it difficult for him to move. It was as if more than ten divine weapons were continuously slashing across his body.

The Water Demon Clan quickly erupted with Origin Energy, and at the same time, their bodies turned into energy.


His body, which had completely turned into water, was cut in half without any warning. A sharp sword light attached to the water that had been split open, and the water that had been turned into energy was quickly wiped out and annihilated.

In an instant,

The Divine Domain of the Water Demon Race turned into countless water droplets that broke apart and gathered into the shape of a body in the distance, revealing a blue and white face.

His aura had weakened a lot, and his eyes were filled with terror. One of his arms had completely disappeared, and he could sense a sharp sword energy at his severed arm that was difficult to erase!

“Let’s go!”

The other Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse didn’t dare to say any harsh words. He led the rest of his clansmen away from the mountain where Tang Yu was. He didn’t even dare to try to occupy the other mountain peaks. He could only find a mountain peak that was quite far away from the projection and set up camp there.

Not long after,

The many forces hiding in the Small World Inner Realm and waiting had all appeared around the Sea Emperor’s projection. They occupied the mountain peaks and many battles erupted.

The core area where the three Emperors and national level experts were located was very calm. No force dared to touch the brows of the invincible experts.

However, there were a lot of battles happening on the dozen or so mountain peaks in the periphery, and nearly two-thirds of them had been replaced.

Kong heavily injured the Water Demon Clan experts, and his reputation was illustrious. There were no more ignorant races that came forward.

In front of the palace group,

The giant shadow of the Ocean Emperor looked around, seemingly very satisfied with the presence of so many competitors.

“I believe all of you have heard of my name. I won’t speak any further. I know your purpose. My inheritance, the treasures that I have obtained after roaming the Endless Sea for tens of thousands of years, are all in the palaces behind me.”

“As long as you pass my test, my inheritance, and treasures will all be yours. “

The shadow of the Great Emperor paused, then said, “There are three complete holy artifacts, and there are even existences that are even more precious than holy artifacts…”

“The first assessment, you all take turns to step forward and stand in front of the circle of light in front of the great hall to test your qualifications.”

“Who will go first?”

The surroundings were completely silent.

No expert took the lead. First, they were worried that the assessment might be dangerous. In addition, the Three Emperors and the others did not express their opinions. Ordinary experts did not dare to step forward.

There was a minute or two of silence.

An invincible expert from an empire looked at the projection of the Ocean Emperor and sneered.

“Great Emperor, you have fallen for thousands of years. Do you still think you are an existence that can suppress the endless sea?”

This invincible expert was not prepared to follow the steps of the Great Emperor.

The treasure is right in front of you. Who cares about your assessment?

He slashed his saber at the closest hall.

The Fire Laws on the saber light leaked out, as if it wanted to burn everything.

The Sea Emperor raised his illusory palm.

On a virtual image that pierced through heaven and earth, mysterious lines appeared.

Buzz –

The virtual palm seemed to be a world. The blade light with the flame law entered the palm of the hand, not causing any splash.

This hand that was like an abyss pinched the invincible expert, as if it was pinching a bubble.

With a poof, the invincible eye opened wide, and the breath dissipated like smoke. His whole body turned into ashes and flew away, leaving only an incomplete holy weapon falling from the sky.

Clang –

The incomplete holy weapon was inserted into the mud, shining with a flickering light.

“Gulp —“

The eyes of the other old monsters were filled with disbelief.

Why had the Ocean Emperor died so many years ago? Why was the backup he had set up so terrifying?

He was a saint. He could win against an invincible existence at the Divine Domain Realm, but he couldn’t damage his opponent’s origin. Meanwhile, the Ocean Emperor could kill an invincible expert with just a shadow?

Wasn’t he only a saint at that time?


The few national experts choked, but they did not dare to get angry at the Great Emperor Virtual Image. They could only obey the rules that the Great Emperor had set down.

At least,

There is still a chance to get those holy artifacts, right?

After the great Emperor died, the trump cards he left behind were already so terrifying. The great Emperor’s own inheritance must be even more mysterious than they had imagined!

“The great Emperor is right. We will definitely fulfill your request and bring your inheritance to greater heights.”

“Great Emperor, you can suppress the Endless Sea. The inheritance should not be buried in this small world.”

The three Emperor rank and national level experts changed their opinion extremely quickly.

Suddenly, an invincible expert shot a glance at the surroundings. “Such a precious inheritance of the great Emperor would only be buried in our existence. They…”

It went without saying.

The invincible expert probed and found that the great Emperor’s virtual image had no intention of objecting.

Immediately, he pointed the spearhead at the ‘ordinary factions’ outside.

The first rule of the Great Emperor’s assessment was talent. They did not have an absolute advantage. Only when the competitors decreased, the chances of them obtaining the inheritance would increase.

The auras of the invincible existences and sages erupted, pressing down on the faces of the Divine Realm experts until they turned pale.

Immediately, some forces retreated.

Although the inheritance was good, they still had to fight for the chance.

But now, it wasn’t worth it if they didn’t have the slightest chance to stay and die!

A group of forces left.

Very quickly,

Other than the three Emperors, the World-level experts, True God level experts, and their direct line of descent, there were only a few powers left in the periphery that had yet to retreat.

Or perhaps they pretended to be ready to leave, but they was dilly-dallying, wanting to wait for an expert who didn’t have a chance.

“Those who stay, just fall.”

An unmatched expert took action, holding a broken holy artifact in his hand, killing a Divine Domain expert in one move.

The other experts finally felt a chill run down their spines. They wanted to escape, but that unmatched expert caught up to them. At the same time, the experts under that unmatched expert also took action.

In just a few minutes,

All the experts of a famous power had died.

When this invincible expert attacked, the other forces on the other mountains all burned their essences and used secret arts to escape as fast as they could.

However, the one who attacked was not just an invincible expert.

One of them attacked Tang Yu and the others.

Before the attack even arrived, the change in the world caused by the killing move caused the entire mountain to collapse.

At this time,

Nancy exploded and instantly entered the ethereal state.

Origin burned violently, and with the heavy sword in hand, an extremely violent Ghost Slash that carried the power of the Laws of Calamity struck out.

Boom ! !

The terrifying aftermath caused Tang Yu and others to fly far away.

The invincible expert was also sent flying.

He flew several kilometers away and stopped in the air.

Nancy flew more than ten kilometers away. The hands holding the sword showed signs of cracking. The third-ranked divine weapon had also been damaged to a certain extent when it collided with the damaged divine weapon.

Apart from the laws and the richness of the origin, Nancy could not compare to this invincible expert in front of her.

This invincible expert was extremely shocked!

In this confrontation, he had lost his origin energy!

Of course, the number of source energy lost by the human experts on the other side was even greater. Whether it was the amount of source energy she burned or the damage caused by the collision, there was at least 7% – 8% of it.

However, to be able to injure him while holding a damaged saint artifact was enough to be proud of!

“Human, you are very strong. If you had a saint artifact, you might be able to fight me. But now…”

Once again, he activated the power of laws. As long as they clashed a few more times, a human expert that had appeared with great difficulty would still die.

He had no intention of letting it go just because he admired her.


He sensed Nancy’s aura and her robust origin. His face turned into shock!

The source of a human powerhouse was not like what he had predicted. She had not lost 7% – 8%. Under his careful perception, her source had only lost less than 1,5%!

How could it be so little ? !

No, no, her origin was too strong! It was at least four or five times that of his!

“Damn it!”

This invincible expert caught a glimpse of the other few who had attacked in other directions were all slaughtering.

The few powers left behind had almost no ability to resist at all.

He was the only one in trouble.

If he could not take down this group of humans, he would be ridiculed later.

“I have to pay a price.”

The invincible powerhouse burned his origin by 0.5%, and his aura immediately rose. The power of the spear he thrust out increased by countless times!

Nancy was already burning her origin, and she couldn’t increase it.

However, her eyes were as determined as ever.

The sword was there, the person was there, and she would never retreat!

Tang Yu’s eyes could barely keep up with the speed of the two, and he could only rely on the power of space to capture them.

He stopped Elaine from making a move.

His personal domain opened and expanded continuously.


The world in front of him changed colors and was branded with his own mark.

Without the need to build a division territory, Tang Yu pulled the endless energy values in the inventory of the territory and raised his hand. An invisible, intangible, and undetectable fluctuation fell from above Nancy’s head.

In an instant,

Nancy’s aura rose steadily, and it rose even faster and higher than that invincible expert.

In just a short moment, her aura had increased by ten times!

At the same time that the damaged Sacred Weapon thrust out, Nancy swung her sword, and the extremely concentrated purple sword light slashed out, causing space to crack apart inch by inch.

Boom ! ! !

An even more terrifying shockwave spread out. Apart from the palace complex where the Great Ocean Emperor’s illusion was located, the surroundings had already turned into a void zone.

The spatial crack that was several kilometers long was like a small asteroid belt. Countless spatial fragments scattered about.

It slowly healed.

Nancy only retreated a little.

However, the Invincible Realm expert flew dozens of kilometers away. He was dizzy, and his body had already cracked open, revealing rays of extremely terrifying light.

He was shocked.

Even the holy weapon spear was trembling!

The three Emperors, national level experts, and True Gods, regardless of whether they attacked or not, were all far away from the spatial crack created by the collision.

Looking at Nancy, looking at the other human experts who were also safe and sound under the terrifying energy flow and spatial flow…

Their eyes were also filled with shock.

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