My Mysterious Doctor and Blessed Little Wife Is Such a Tease

Chapter 811 - 811 A Young Man's Oath

811 A Young Man’s Oath

The military doctor knew that this was a serious matter and did not dare to delay. Just as he was about to turn around to inform the higher-ups, the door was pushed open.

A strong questioning voice was heard. “Who are you? How did you get in?”

“Director Zhou, they might be from Sunshine Pharmaceuticals. Are they here to destroy the evidence?” Dong Yong, the man in the white coat who slandered Song Jia, said suspiciously.


Qin Xi looked at Director Zhou and suddenly smiled coldly. “Zhou Huaimin? Have you forgotten about the original intention of why you started your career?”

With a buzz, Director Zhou’s body swayed, and he looked in a daze. His mind seemed to have been hit by a heavy blow, and he froze. Memories instantly surfaced in his mind.

A passionate young man in patched clothes stood under the blooming osmanthus tree with his fists clenched. He looked into the distance and swore.

“I, Zhou Huaimin, must make a name for myself and help more people get out of poverty. I want the people to have food to eat and clothes to wear. I want the children to be able to go to school…”

Zhou Huaimin seemed to have fallen into some kind of memory. He seemed to have seen the entire process of him accepting bribes, bullying the common people, and finally being jailed and dying in a cold cell.

His face instantly turned pale, and the cold sweat on his forehead flowed down. He staggered two steps back and was quickly supported by his subordinate.

He raised his hand to his chest and panted heavily. He looked at Qin Xi in disbelief and pointed a trembling finger at her. “Do you know me?”

Then, his eyes widened. “No, you must have done something to me. Otherwise, I… I…”

“Otherwise, you wouldn’t have remembered the oath you made when you were young, right?”

Qin Xi sneered. She had indeed made him recall the past, but so what? He was the one who made the oath and the one who broke it. What she did was just to remind him of the past and the oath he had once made!

“Zhou Huaimin, when you changed your name, did you think about today?”

Zhou Huaimin was shocked. He closed his eyes and smiled bitterly. “If you didn’t mention it, I would really have forgotten about it.”

Moreover, he would have forgotten about it completely.

His eyes were filled with regret as he slowly looked at Dong Yong and said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry, I won’t get involved in your matter. You can settle it yourself!”

Just as he was about to leave with his subordinates, Dong Yong’s expression changed drastically. He grabbed Director Zhou’s arm and leaned closer to him. He lowered his voice and threatened, “Director Zhou, you have to think carefully. If you reject KangMao, there will be very serious consequences, and this consequence… is something you can’t afford.”

Zhou Huaimin grinned. “I’ll resign soon. Do you think I still care about the consequences?”

“…You!” Dong Yong was stunned.

Zhou Huaimin patted his shoulder expressionlessly. “I advise you to turn yourself in, or you’ll fall into an abyss.”

With that, he shook off Dong Yong’s hand and left without hesitation.

His back looked lonely, as if he had aged a lot overnight.

Dong Yong gritted his teeth and glared at Qin Xi. “Don’t be too arrogant! I know you’re from Sunshine Pharmaceuticals. Are you here to destroy the evidence? Hmph, let me tell you, none of you can leave here today!”

“What an arrogant tone. I want to see who has the guts to say something that even I don’t dare to say!”

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