My Mysterious Doctor and Blessed Little Wife Is Such a Tease

Chapter 812 - 812 Gu Worm

812 Gu Worm

Hearing this, the military doctor trembled and quickly stood up straight, his face filled with excitement.

“Our leader is here. He’s here!”

A middle-aged man with sharp eyebrows and deep facial features appeared at the door.


He was dressed in an olive-green formal suit. It was well-ironed, and even his pants were neat and tidy. His aura was cold and his eyes were sharp, like a sword, making people not dare to look him in the eyes.

Of course, except Qin Xi.

“Chief, why are you here?”

When the military doctor saw who it was, he was stunned. Then he felt that the question was really stupid because it was him who contacted the chief.

“Aren’t you the one who asked me to come? Who dares to kick up a fuss at this juncture?”

Du Zhentao’s tone was neither fast nor slow, but it gave people pressure. His sharp eyes slowly turned to Dong Yong. “Who are you to KangMao Pharmaceuticals?”

Cold sweat broke out on Dong Yong’s forehead. Although he did not know who the man in front of him was, looking at the stars on his shoulder, he swallowed nervously.

He quickly replied with a smile, “I, I’m a small manager of KangMao’s sales department. May I know who you are…”

“Go, call the person-in-charge of your department over. I want to ask how Sunshine Pharmaceuticals is commiting a crime. I can’t even find any illegal substance in their medicine. How did you do it?”

Du Zhentao’s voice was deep and serious. If one looked closely, they could even see the burning anger in his eyes.

Dong Yong panicked and felt that he was in trouble. He quickly smiled awkwardly and said, “I, I’ll go right away. Wait a moment. I’ll go right away…”

With that, he scurried away.

At this moment, the military doctor went forward and introduced Qin Xi to the leader. “Chief, this is Doctor Qin, whom I mentioned to you. Although she’s young, her medical skills are very superb. She’s even better than Gao Lin in our army!”

“Oh? She’s even better than Gao Lin?”

Du Zhentao looked at Qin Xi in surprise.

He knew that Gao Lin was from a Chinese medicine family. The Gao family also had Gao Huiren who was reputed to be one of the best in Chinese medicine in the country. However, Qin Xi was actually better than Gao Lin?

“Doctor Qin, this is our…”

Just as the military doctor was about to introduce, Qin Xi interrupted with a serious expression, “Now is not the time to talk about this. Chief Du, Cui Xiaoxiao’s condition is very dangerous. I have to remove the Gu worm from her body immediately. Otherwise, she won’t live past tonight!”

“What Gu worm?” Du Zhentao frowned slightly, not understanding what Qin Xi was talking about.

Qin Xi said word by word, “It’s a worm that eats people away.”

Du Haitao’s expression changed drastically, and his eyes suddenly became extremely sharp. “Are you sure it’s caused by a Gu worm and not by other medicine?”

Qin Xi did not speak. Instead, she turned around and began to get the Gu worm out of Cui Xiaoxiao. She circled Cui Xiaoxiao’s forehead with her thumb and index finger and made a few simple hand seals. Then, she took out an Ice Soul Silver Needles and sealed all the acupoints on her body to prevent the Gu worm from escaping.

Then, with a flick of her finger, two Ice Soul Silver Needles landed accurately in her body.

Du Zhentao wanted to stop her, but just as he took a step forward, he was stopped by the military doctor. “Don’t be anxious. Since Doctor Qin is doing this, she must have her reasons. Besides… Apart from trusting her, there’s no other way.”

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