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Chapter 612 - Chapter 612: The Power of the Origin Secret Realm 1

Chapter 612: The Power of the Origin Secret Realm 1

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“Fellow cultivators, the top five participants of the Li Ying Cup Secret Realm event have been decided.

The event had officially come to an end!

However, due to some special reasons, the event did not achieve the desired effect. Most of the participants were unable to participate in the event.

In order to make it up to all the students, 1 have made a decision now!

They decided to start the second round of the event and extend the duration of the event to a month!

Students who are interested in this activity can register directly on the activity page. The registration fee is 5 spirit stones, and the mystic realm challenge fee is self-paid.

The first three students to pass the second round of the event each day would receive a [Perfect Level Five Talisman] and 500 spirit stones as a reward.

If no one cleared the mythical realm that day, the [Divine Book of Heavenly Divination] would randomly select three lucky contestants to participate in the challenge that day.

The event begins immediately!

In addition, 1 would like to thank the Han Dynasty for their strong support in the first round of the event, providing more than 50,000 yuan for the event.

You guys have done well, but the students from the Great Han camp will not be participating in the second round.

The above is the announcement for the second round of the event. Li Ying wishes everyone a pleasant challenge!

Finally, I would like to thank the Han Dynasty camp for their support!”

This message instantly appeared on the student tokens of all the students.

Seeing this student token, the student who had paid the money and was feeling lonely and depressed suddenly became excited.

At the same time, He Ying also saw this message.

Unlike those students who were boiling with excitement, He Ying’s face darkened when he saw this message.

This message was like a slap to He Ying’s face.

He told He Ying that everything he had done and spent more than 50,000 spirit stones was useless.

Not only did he give them spirit stones for nothing, but he also helped them repair the mystic realm. He did not even stop their plan.

In the end, he was hung up behind the message and whipped crazily.

He Ying’s face turned pale on the spot, and the fish food in his hand was crushed into mud.

“Good, good, good. Li Ying, I’ll remember you!”

On the other side, at Wu Wei’s side.

While he was being remembered, Wu Wei was laughing on the other side.

Thousands of people signed up for the second round of the event. In an instant, Wu Wei had collected 5000 spirit stones from the registration fee alone.

Wu Wei estimated that the number of people who signed up would increase, but he was dead set.

Only 1000 people could register every day.

It wasn’t that Wu Wei didn’t want more, but accepting 1,000 challenges a day in that mystic realm was basically the limit.

If Wu Wei set a challenge rate of 1,000 people per day, he would charge about 5000 spirit stones per day.

Correspondingly, Wu Wei had to take out 1500 spirit stones and three perfect-grade talismans as prizes every day.

From the looks of it, Wu Wei did not seem to be earning much.

But in reality!

Uh, alright, in reality, Wu Wei didn’t earn much either.

At most, he would earn about 3450 spirit stones.

In a month, Wu Wei could only earn about 100,000 spiritual stones at most.

Wu Wei calculated the profit and shook his head. This money was really not easy to earn.

He had no choice but to earn money with tears in his eyes.

Other than the 100,000 Spiritual Stones, Wu Wei had another purpose for setting up the second round, which was to obtain experience points.

After Wu Wei completed the repair of the mythical realm, he could obtain 1% of the experience points of the other party clearing the mythical realm.

Although one percent was not a lot, one percent of a thousand people was very objective.

Wu Wei could get 10 times the average EXP gained from clearing the 1,000 players.

If the EXP gained by joining a player was 1, Wu Wei would get 10 in a day and 300 in a month.

This number was already very terrifying.

One had to know that the mystic realm that Wu Wei repaired had already reached the peak of Tier 6 under his shamelessness.

Not only did the difficulty of clearing the dungeon increase, but the EXP gained from clearing the dungeon was also terrifying.

Wu Wei only received 5% of the experience points from the five red-faced players who cleared the game. The experience points he obtained could allow any of his babies to level up.

This was only five people. What if there were fifty? What about 500? What about 5,000?

Wu Wei was absolutely confident that if this event continued for a month, the experience points he could obtain would not be far from reaching Tier 6.

This was much easier than Wu Wei killing monsters himself.

Since he could earn Spiritual Stones and EXP, there was no reason for Wu Wei to not organize this event, right?

However, Wu Wei definitely couldn’t stay at this event all the time. Fortunately, he could entrust others to help him handle the miscellaneous matters of the event.

In this aspect, Wu Wei gave the [Book of Heavenly Divination] and the [House of Hundred Treasures] the option.

The Heavenly Divination Divine Book was responsible for the system, while the Hundred Treasures House was responsible for some chores in the real world.

For this, Wu Wei paid 15500 spirit stones.

15,000 of them were taken from the divine book, and the remaining 500 Wu Wei were given to the Hundred Treasures House as they arranged for people to do odd jobs.

Well, compared to the Book of God, Wu Wei felt that the Hundred Treasures House was really cheap.

While Wu Wei was dealing with this matter.

On the other side, the smoking old man took Wu Wei’s [Battle of Gall Tao] dungeon scroll and went over to get busy.

By the time Wu Wei’s event was almost done, the smoking old man had also finished dealing with the [Battle of Gall Tao] dungeon scroll.

Wu Wei took it over and took a look.

[Item: Battle of Yingtao Instance Dungeon Scroll]

[Status: Challenge activated, dungeon world time paused (Duration: 10 years)]

[PS: It has been cleansed by the power of the secret realm. If you clear the secret realm, there may be a special surprise.]

The duration of Time Freeze was extended to 10 years.

Wu Wei was very relieved. He had plenty of time. Wu Wei could marry a wife and have a baby before he went in.

However, just as Wu Wei was thinking about this, the old man poured a bucket of cold water on Wu Wei.

“Well, although I gave you a ten-year pause, this mystical realm is the mystical realm of the Eastern Han Dynasty. As you know, this mystical realm is highly developed by the Great Han and Yellow Turban camps.

If someone fused it into his secret region, his secret region would be in danger of being destroyed.

“Therefore, if you can, you should clear the mythical realm as soon as possible.

As long as he could clear this secret realm, he would be able to pull that guy’s main body out or fuse it into the secret realm that he controlled. Even if he wanted to fuse the secret realm with it as the center, it would be up to him. He would have more choices!”

The old man’s words stunned Wu Wei.

“What do you mean by merging it into the secret realm?

What’s an Origin Secret Realm?”

Wu Wei knew a little about these things, but he didn’t know everything.

Seizing this opportunity, Wu Wei asked the old man, “Can you tell me about this?”

“You don’t know about this?” The smoking old man was also stunned. He organized his words and said to Wu Wei, There were two types of secret realms, one was the ordinary secret realm, and the other was the origin secret realm.

The so-called ordinary secret realm is like the secret realm you obtained in the [Battle of Ying Tao].

This kind of secret realm was a fragment separated from the secret realm of the Eastern Han Dynasty. This fragment turned into countless secret realm scrolls, and each secret realm scroll had a secret realm.

And these secret realms were just ordinary secret realms, they were projections of the Origin Secret Realm.

If you clear the secret realm, you can only get the reward of the secret realm.

However, the Origin Secret Region was different. The Origin Secret Region was like the source of an ordinary secret region. If you could find the Origin Secret Region and clear the Origin Secret Region, you would be able to control the Origin Secret Region. At that time, you would be able to obtain some authority in the Origin Secret Region.”

Speaking of certain privileges, Wu Wei immediately thought of the [experience sharing] privilege that he had just obtained.

“Is it something like experience points?”

“Eh? You don’t even know about the secret realm, how did you know about the [EXP Split]? Wait, did you get this authority from repairing the secret realm just now?

1 was wondering why you would suddenly lose money to organize the second round of events. So this is what you’re aiming for!”

The old man was also a shrewd old man. Wu Wei had only mentioned the [Experience Sharing] authority, and he had already thought of these things.

“Yes, the experience share is the right to control the secret region, but it’s not limited to that.

Other than the experience points, there was also the material share and even the authority to change the secret realm.

The bigger the secret region, the more authority one could obtain.

There were even people who used the authority of the secret region to increase their strength. For example, He Ying from the Great Han camp was quite accomplished in this aspect.

Using the authority of the secret origin realm, he was almost the strongest existence in the Great Han camp. He even had the hope of breaking through to Rank-9.

This was also the reason why the clashes between the various factions were so intense.

This was because these privileges were too tempting!”

Not to mention others, even Wu Wei was curious about the authority of the Origin Secret Realm.

“Um, how do I get the secret region?”

“This depends on luck because the secret realms of origin, or should 1 say the origin of these secret realms, are actually hidden in these secret realms.

Only after clearing the secret realm would one know if the secret realm they had experienced was the Origin Secret Realm.

Of course, if you had the power of the secret region, you could also rely on strength without luck. As long as you had enough power of the secret region, you could make an ordinary secret region have the possibility of becoming a secret region!”

“The power of the secret region?” Wu Wei could not help but be stunned when he heard this.

The old man smiled. “Yes, it’s origin energy. But don’t count on it. It’s even rarer than the origin secret realm. 1 haven’t even obtained a few of them after repairing the secret realm, let alone you…” F * ck!”

Before the old man could finish his words, his eyes widened.

Because a dazzling light had already appeared in Wu Wei’s hand at this moment….

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