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Chapter 613 - Chapter 613: Little Elf and Number Five’s Legendary

Chapter 613: Little Elf and Number Five’s Legendary

Evolution Pathway 1

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In the inner court of the Hundred Schools, the Secret Realm Management Center.

The old man looked at the Origin that Wu Wei had just obtained from repairing the Mystery Land, and his expression became complicated.

He had only obtained a few of these things after repairing the mystic realm for so long.

Wu Wei had a wisp of it right away. His luck here was a little too enviable.

“Yes, that’s the one. However, your origin energy is a bit small, so it’s unlikely that you can turn the [Battle of Ying Tao] into an origin secret realm.

However, 1 advise you to think twice about using this wisp of power.

Once you choose to use it in a secret realm related to the Eastern Han and take down a secret realm related to the Eastern Han, it means that you have officially stepped into the battle of the Eastern Han secret realm.

At that time, you won’t have the possibility of quitting.”

The smoking old man paused and looked at Wu Wei before continuing, “This is not a rational choice for the current situation!

You’re too late to enter the competition for this secret region, and you don’t have the strength to do so!”

Wu Wei’s forehead was full of black lines as he came down.

He felt that the old man was saying that he was trash, and the evidence was conclusive, but Wu Wei did not dare to say anything.

At the same time, the old man waved his hand to chase them away. “Alright, you’ve basically done what you need to do here. If there’s nothing else, you can leave. My old man is going to rest!”

“Sorry for the trouble!”

Wu Wei bowed respectfully and left.

After retiring from the Mystic Realm Management Center, Wu Wei went to the Talisman Island and the Talisman Formation Island to report. He officially became a professional student of runology and a minor student of Talisman Formation.

Both the Talisman Island and the Talisman Formation Island attached great importance to Wu Wei’s arrival.

After all, Wu Wei’s performance in runology and runic formations was rather outstanding.

There was no need to talk about the study of talismans. At the age of 19, he had mastered several types of perfect talismans. His talent could be said to be monstrous. Among the current students on Talisman Island, no, even among the lecturers, there were not many who had such attainments in talismans. Wu Wei was basically the top existence.

On the Talisman Formation Island, although Wu Wei’s attainments in this area were not as outstanding as runology, he was still a genius.

However, for some reason, the Talisman Formation Academy paid no less attention to Wu Wei than the Talisman Formation Academy. In fact, they even paid more attention to him.

In the Talisman Academy, they only gave Wu Wei the right to read any books in the Talisman Academy, consult any teacher in the Talisman Academy, and have the authority to create an independent Talisman workshop.

On the side of the Talisman Formation Department, the dean of the Talisman Formation Department stood out immediately after Wu Wei joined the Talisman Formation Department and expressed his willingness to be Wu Wei’s teacher.

The importance of both sides seemed to be on completely different levels.

However, this was actually normal. It was mainly because Wu Wei’s attainments and style in runology had matured.

To be able to skillfully draw several types of perfect-grade talismans, there were not many people in the Talisman Academy who could be compared to Wu Wei.

Even the dean felt that he had nothing to teach Wu Wei.

Therefore, if Wu Wei did not open his mouth, they would be too embarrassed to go up and say that they wanted to be Wu Wei’s teacher.

He was afraid of being slapped in the face by Wu Wei.

Even if Wu Wei did not slap them, they themselves did not have such thick skin!

Therefore, what they could do was to give Wu Wei as much convenience as possible.

However, the Talisman Formation Academy was different. Although Wu Wei’s level in Talisman Formation was not bad, it was only good.

It wasn’t to the extent that it couldn’t be taught.

Moreover, Wu Wei’s foundation in Talismans and Formations was obviously weak, so he needed a teacher to teach him Talismans and Formations.

This was also the reason why Zhang Bajiu, the dean of the Talisman Formation Academy, stood up to teach Wu Wei.

Since the dean of the First People’s Hospital was willing to be Wu Wei’s teacher, Wu Wei naturally wouldn’t refuse.

On the one hand, Wu Wei’s basic knowledge of talismans and formations was indeed about pulling the hips, so he needed a teacher to teach him.

On the other hand, having a dean-level teacher was quite beneficial to Wu Wei.

What the other party could teach Wu Wei was not as simple as the basics of talismans and formations.

It was just that Wu Wei had just accepted this teacher.

Then, something bad happened.

Before Wu Wei accepted it, this dean who hadn’t left the Talisman Formation Academy for several years suddenly had a close friend looking for her. It seemed that there was something very important. Then, she put aside the disciple she had just accepted and left the Hundred Schools Academy.

Wu Wei was stunned.

So unreliable?

Fortunately, although the other party had left, he gave Wu Wei a communication device that allowed him to contact her at any time. At the same time, he also gave Wu Wei a book list to strengthen his foundation.

In this way, it could not be considered as completely abandoning everything.

But in this way, Wu Wei’s situation in the Talisman Formation Academy was similar to that of the Talisman Academy.

They were all in a free-range state.

Wu Wei felt very comfortable in this state. He could make better use of his time and do what he wanted to do.

At this moment, Wu Wei still had many things to deal with. To be exact, there were still many benefits that he had yet to digest.

Wu Wei did a self-reflection check.

The profits that he had yet to digest were:

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