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Chapter 614 - Chapter 614: Little Elf and Number Five’s Legendary

Chapter 614: Little Elf and Number Five’s Legendary

Evolution Pathway 2

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The Goblin Secret Realm rewarded him with one chance to opgrade his [Skill Fusion].

[Magma Essence] dropped from the faceless man.

He had obtained a Golden Treasure Chest from the underground karst cave, as well as 1000 Yellow Turban Camp Bronze Contribution Points and 1 Yellow Turban Camp Silver Contribution Point from killing He Yong and his martial soul, He Miao.

It was the same opportunity that Wu Wei had just obtained from repairing the mythical realm, which allowed him to play the role of an asset and ability in the mythical realm.

If he could digest all these profits, it would definitely allow Wu Wei’s strength to rise to a higher level.

Apart from these undigested profits, Wu Wei also had a list of things that needed to be done.

First was Sixth Brother’s evolution.

Originally, Sixth Brother would only need half a month at most to absorb the energy. Wu Wei thought that he would be able to complete the energy absorption in rhe secret realm and complete rhe absorption of the [ Ice Dragon Bloodline Talisman].

But it didn’t, because in the secret realm, as a non-actor, it couldn’t move. Time was suspended for it.

However, that bit of time was not a big deal. The main problem for Sixth Brother’s evolution was that Wu Wei needed to figure out what the condition for Sixth Brother’s evolution was.

What was tribulation transcendence? How was he going to transcend rhe tribulation?

If he could figure this out and help Sixth Brother transcend the tribulation, Wu Wei would have another powerful fighting force under him.

In addition, there was another matter that was particularly urgent, and that was the class change.

Wu Wei was already at the fifth step.

From Tier 5 to Tier 6, there were only three things required: EXP, resources, and class change.

Wu Wei didn’t have to worry about the EXP and resources.

With the [EXP Sharing] ] and that event, Wu Wei should be able to get enough EXP to advance to Tier 6 in a month. As for resources?

Not to mention the spirit stone mine in Old Fourth s Origin Space, the spirit stones obtained from these two events alone could allow Wu Wei to use them to the seventh step. Therefore, Wu Wei was only one step away from the sixth step.

In terms of class change, Wu Wei had the direction he wanted to change his class in, and he had also mastered the class change ritual. He was just missing the last, most crucial material.

“Sixth Brother’s tribulation shouldn’t be difficult. The Hundred Schools must have relevant records.

As for the class-change, he could hold it in for a while. After a month, he would obtain the EXP and reach rhe peak of Tier 5. Then, he would get that material. At that time, he could advance to Tier 6 in one go.

I’ll wait for the goblin’s authority to level up the fusion skill. I’ll wait for the Golden Bell Iron Skin Technique to reach the maximum level of Specialist, then find a similar level of Brute Training Skill to level up to the maximum level of Specialist. Then, I’ll use this authority to level up my skill to above Specialist.

I have some ideas about the ability of the characters in the secret realm, but I can’t use it yet.

As for contribution points, he needed to enter the secret realm. It seemed that he had to find a way to get a scroll from rhe Eastern Han secret realm.

As for the last [Magma Essence], I’ll go to the C-rank Training Center to refine it later.

If it was a Golden Treasure Chest, there was no need to think about it. He could open it now!”

As Wu Wei spoke, he summoned Fourth Brother and made him spit out the Golden Treasure Chest. At the same time, Wu Wei took out the Master Key that he had spent 500 Spirit Stones to buy.

When Wu Wei took out the all-purpose key and treasure chest, he was so sneaky, afraid that the little elf would see it.

If this little fellow saw it, she would definitely clamor to drive it again.

If it was a Bronze Treasure Chest or even a Silver Treasure Chest, he could let Little Elf open one. However, Wu Wei felt that he should forget about this Gold Treasure Chest.

After all, this little guy was not on good terms with No. 3. Wu Wei suspected that the reason why Little Elf’s hands were stinky when she opened the treasure chests was because she had offended No. 3.

Therefore, Wu Wei had to take the Golden Treasure Chest himself.

Wu Wei had even summoned the Book of Talismans before opening the page of No. 3. He rubbed his hand against No. 3 to get some luck before opening the Golden Treasure Chest.

The moment the golden treasure chest was opened, two golden finger notifications sounded.

[You have successfully opened the Golden Treasure Chest and obtained 3 [Mystic Realm Power Crystals]! ]

[You have successfully opened the Golden Treasure Chest and received a drop of [Thunder God’s Blood that is about to dissipate |1]

At the same time, the resplendent golden chest disappeared, leaving behind three blue crystals and a drop of blood in a glass bottle.

At the same time, Wu Wei clearly felt his Book of Talismans tremble violently.

This time, the trembling was the same as Third Brother’s.

The difference was that this time, it was not Third Brother who wanted the item, but Fifth Brother.

“No, it’s not as simple as Number Five!”

Wu Wei sensed carefully and realized that the Book of Talismans trembling this time was not as simple as the fifth brother wanting the [Thunder God’s Blood that was about to dissipate].

The Book of Talismans was trembling.

At the same time, Wu Wei thought about it carefully. He suddenly realized that when No. 3 absorbed the [Destruction Aura], the Book of Talismans seemed to tremble before disappearing.

But this time was different. The Book of Talismans trembled intensely, and its needs were clear.

It wanted the [Energy Crystal of the Secret Realm ].

This stunned Wu Wei. What did the Book of Talismans want?

While feeling puzzled, Wu Wei took the initiative to satisfy the Book of Talismans and placed one of the [Energy Crystals of the Secret Realm ] on the Book of Talismans..

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