New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 801 - 801 Chapter 801-Di Fu, you're strong!

801 Chapter 801-Di Fu, you’re strong!


Following the voice, everyone’s gaze immediately fell on Lin Xuan.

Jing huanwen’s gaze trembled slightly.

He only felt that Lin Xuan was so dazzling in his white robe.

That extremely handsome face and exquisite features made people feel like they had seen a fairy.

Especially that pair of pitch-black star-like eyes, which revealed infinite wisdom in its calmness, making people worship it with a glance.

Jing huanwen quickly cupped his fists and said,

this young master’s speech is extraordinary. It seems that he has touched the true meaning of the way of incense. May I know which sect you are from? ”

He felt that since Lin Xuan had spoken, it meant that he had an extraordinary understanding of incense.

Lin Xuan, on the other hand, was so young that he must have come from the sect of some hidden expert.

This expert might have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, or even more than a million years.

As he said this, he couldn’t help but think of some incense grandmasters he was familiar with.

Wu ning gently patted her own head, blaming herself for being so anxious to invite Jing huanwen over that she forgot to introduce him to Lin Xuan.

She quickly stepped forward and said, ”

“Grandmaster Jing, this is the husband of the North Mystic heavenly Emperor!”


As soon as she said this, the entire fragrant dew Pavilion was in an uproar.

Jing huanwen, Tang Jinbo, and all the female customers present looked at Lin Xuan with burning eyes.

“So, this is the husband of the Xuan Bing Empress!”

“Hiss! No wonder he’s like an immortal with a glance and has such an extraordinary aura. He’s the North Mystic heavenly Emperor’s husband!”

Oh my God! I’m so lucky to meet the man of the Xuan Bing Empress! &Quot;


All the girls had long been mesmerized by Lin Xuan’s good looks.

After hearing his true identity, she felt like she was in a dream.

Tang Jinbo quickly stepped forward and cupped his fists.

“So it’s Your Majesty Di Fu. I was actually discussing the matter of compensation with you just now. I’m really guilty, please forgive me!”

He was truly shocked.

When he saw the celestial immortal illusionary dew being broken, he was so anxious that he only wanted compensation and did not investigate Lin Xuan’s identity.

When he heard that the person standing in front of him was the Empress’s husband, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine.

Although the celestial immortal’s illusionary dew was rare, the Empress’s husband could not touch it.

Combined with the various rumors he had heard about Lin Xuan, Tang Jinbo was really afraid that Lin Xuan would blame him. The consequences …

He didn’t dare to think about it!

Lin Xuan smiled warmly. &Quot;

the children have done something wrong. As parents, they should compensate according to the price. What crime have you committed? ”

When Tang Jinbo heard this, he clenched his hands and was speechless.

The women present all looked at Lin Xuan with adoration and admiration.

In their eyes, Lin Xuan’s words were gentle, but he had his reasons.

It not only showed his love for his children, but also his responsibility as a parent.

This kind of man was brimming with a charming temperament from the inside out. It was really a once in a lifetime mistake!

Jing huanwen stepped forward and saluted.

“Di Fu’s words just now hit the nail on the head. Di Fu’s attainments in the Dao of incense must have reached an astonishing height!”

“I would like to ask Di Fu to continue giving me pointers. What exactly did I do wrong just now to make such a mistake?”

Initially, before he knew Lin Xuan’s identity, he thought that Lin Xuan was the inheritance of some expert.

However, when Lin Xuan’s identity was revealed, he determined that Lin Xuan was a peerless expert in the path of incense.

It was because his identity was so noble, and his temperament was so immortal-like.

If such a person didn’t have vast knowledge and attainments, how would he open his mouth to give pointers?

Hence, even though he had a lifespan of hundreds of thousands of years longer than Lin Xuan and could be called the evergreen tree in the world of perfucians, Jing huanwen was still very humble and placed himself in an extremely low position.

The moment he asked this question, everyone’s eyes were once again focused on Lin Xuan’s face.

The female customers ‘eyes were all shining, and they were deeply attracted by Lin Xuan’s intelligent star-like eyes.

He heard Lin Xuan say, ”

“On the path of incense, recognizing, identifying, and appreciating fragrances are the key prerequisites to making high-grade perfume dew.”

“Just as I said, the celestial immortal illusionary dew’s spice changes colors rapidly. Even though the octupole eyes can capture their changes, they are still a bit slow.”

“By the time you make your move, the color will have changed. Even if you did it in advance, the Octagon pupils can’t grasp the timing of each change of the 322 spices. If you follow this method, you’ll inevitably make more mistakes!”

After hearing Lin Xuan’s explanation, Jing huanwen stroked his beard and nodded. &Quot;

“I see!”

“It seems that I’ve been relying on the eight extreme pupils all this time, but it’s actually a hindrance to me!”

Mu youqing blinked his big beautiful eyes and asked, ”

“Then, cousin-in-law, what should I do to make the real celestial immortal’s illusionary dew?”

The little girl had thought that her cousin-in-law did not know the way of incense, but she did not expect Lin Xuan to be able to suppress the great master of incense once he spoke.

This made her deeply realize that her cousin-in-law was truly an all-rounded talent. He was indeed worthy of being the Empress’s sister’s man!

Jing huanwen’s old eyes shone brightly as he cupped his fists and said,

“Di Fu, please give me some pointers!”

He had been thinking hard for over 30000 years, but he still couldn’t find the method to make the celestial immortal illusionary dew.

However, he was now certain that if he could obtain Lin Xuan’s guidance, he would definitely be able to achieve a true breakthrough in the celestial immortal’s illusory dew!

Lin Xuan smiled and said, ”

the three hundred and twenty-two spices used to make the celestial immortal illusionary dew have to go through ninety-eight thousand and six hundred fusions before it can become a golden finished product. &Quot;

if I use the octupole pupils, I need to see every change and make a move at the 98599th time. &Quot;

“If I rely on my sense of smell, then at the 98599th time, the half-finished celestial immortal’s illusory dew will overflow with a faint rose fragrance. That’s also the time to attack!”

With the extreme Saint book, Lin Xuan had a complete grasp of the changes in the spices during the production process.

If he was the one doing it, he had at least ten ways to complete the celestial immortal illusionary dew.

As for guiding Jing huanwen, he only needed to be well-prepared and give the two simplest methods.


Hearing Lin Xuan’s words, Jing huanwen lost his cool.

He had spent more than 30000 years researching the celestial immortal illusory dew, but to date, he had yet to grasp the gist of it.

Lin Xuan gave the final answer the moment he opened his mouth. This was simply heaven-defying!

Jing huanwen could not help but put his hands together and bow to Lin Xuan. He raised his hands above his head and saluted, ”

“Emperor husband’s words are truly better than my 30000 years of study. It is truly admirable!”

“Please accept this one’s bow!”

Lin Xuan told him the answer, and he didn’t even need to use his brain. He just had to do what a fool would do to succeed.

In Jing huanwen’s eyes, this was already a great favor from the heavens!

Seeing Jing huanwen bow, Tang Jinbo couldn’t help but open his mouth wide and stare at Lin Xuan with trembling eyes.

“What kind of monster is this!”

A group of female customers cupped their fists in front of their hearts and stared at Lin Xuan with infatuation.

“Oh my God, this man really makes people love him to the point of madness!”

The group of demon race women were passionate and unrestrained to begin with, and now that they had personally witnessed Lin Xuan imparting the way of incense, their blood boiled even more, and they were bathed in fire.

“After receiving Di Fu’s guidance, I really can’t help but want to try again!” Jing huanwen laughed out loud.

He lowered his head and saw that there was not much spice left.

After some thought, he turned around and cupped his fists at Lin Xuan. &Quot;

although I’ve received your guidance, I’m not 100% sure. Now that I don’t have many spices left, I’d like to ask you to help me! &Quot;

“Sure.” Lin Xuan nodded casually.

With a wave of his hand, he rolled up 322 spices and the water of the magic spring and mixed them in the air.

Then, he flicked out a connate Spirit Fire, which turned into a fireball and wrapped up the spices and the water of the demonic spring, burning them.

Everyone then saw two sharp golden lights flash in Lin Xuan’s eyes as he stared at the spices in the spiritual fire like a god.

Three breaths later.


With Lin Xuan’s command, the connate Spirit Fire burned! It exploded.

A bright golden light suddenly shone, illuminating the entire fragrant dew Pavilion.

Everyone looked over and saw a ball of pure golden dew floating in the air.

The water in the dew was boiling, and at the same time, there were golden stars flashing.

An extremely fragrant aroma filled their nostrils, causing everyone’s pores to open up in an instant, and they felt as if they were floating in the air.

“It smells so good!”

“This ball of fragrant dew is really too beautiful!”

“Di Fu actually concocted such a top-grade celestial immortal illusionary dew empty-handed!”


Tang Jinbo and the rest of the people present were so shocked that they shouted repeatedly.

Jing huanwen’s brows and beard trembled, and his eyes were filled with fear.

this is not only celestial immortal illusionary dew, but also the highest grade of celestial immortal illusionary dew, the Golden dew! &Quot;

“Magnificent, Di Fu!”

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