New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 802 - 802 Why don't I see Princess Wu ning?

802 Why don’t I see Princess Wu ning?

“Hiss ~ heaven immortal golden dew!”

Hearing Jing huanwen’s words, Tang Jinbo was so shocked that his eyes trembled.

He felt like the water in his mouth was about to burst out.

He quickly swallowed his saliva and stepped forward to bow. “Di Fu, this celestial immortal gilded golden dew is too precious. I don’t deserve it!”

As the owner of the largest dew shop in the heavenly Devil World, he had done a lot of research on dew, and had more than two thousand years of understanding.

Therefore, he knew that this heavenly immortal gilded dew was an extremely precious quasi-immortal grade treasure.

Such a high grade, its value was absolutely incalculable!

Tang Jinbo felt that it was not an exaggeration to say that the celestial immortal gilded dew in front of him was definitely worth more than a hundred bottles of celestial immortal illusory dew.

However, even a bottle of celestial immortal’s illusionary dew was so valuable …

Tang Jinbo really did not dare to accept the celestial immortal gilded dew from Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan pointed his finger and injected the celestial immortal gilded dew into a glass bottle at the side.

Instantly, the glass bottle flashed with a golden light. It looked like an item from the immortal world!

Lin Xuan’s gaze then fell on Tang Jinbo, and he said indifferently, ”

“It’s just a bottle of dew, don’t mind it too much.”

Since he could make the celestial immortal gilded dew with the same materials, he would naturally not make it a lower level celestial immortal illusionary dew.

Therefore, in Tang Jinbo’s eyes, the value of this bottle of perfume was heaven-defying.

But in his eyes, it was nothing.

The most important thing was that this bottle of dew could help his daughter compensate for Tang Jinbo’s losses. This was what Lin Xuan valued the most.

Tang Jinbo could not help but look surprised when he heard this. &Quot;

“Di Fu’s words are true! This dew is precious and hard to find, but to Di Fu, it is indeed not worth mentioning!”

Jing huanwen also clapped and nodded.

“Di Fu really has the demeanor of a Grandmaster! This is a true Grandmaster!”

After they said that, all the female customers present admired Lin Xuan even more.

It was unknown how many rich demon ladies had completely prostrated themselves before Lin Xuan’s white robe at this moment.

Tang Jinbo carefully put away the celestial immortal gilded dew. He was prepared to ask an expert to build an indestructible exhibition stage before displaying the immortal dew.

He then took out four bright white Mystic jade bracelets that contained four flames and handed them to Lin Xuan. &Quot;

“Your Majesty, these four Heavenly Fire demonic spirit bracelets are high-grade heaven-ranked spirit treasures that I’ve collected.”

“Their value can’t be compared to the celestial immortal gilded dew, but there are two pairs of them, which are just enough to be distributed to the four princesses. Moreover, they are very beneficial to the body after wearing them, so I want to give them to my Imperial husband!”

“Di Fu, please do me the honor of accepting this!”

Lin Xuan saw Tang Jinbo’s sincerity and nodded his head casually. “Alright,” he said.

After wearing the heavenly Fire demonic spirit bracelet, one could use the demonic fire inside to nourish things and silently burn the impurities in the body, improving and strengthening the body without being noticed.

To the little babies, it was indeed a good treasure.

After accepting the bangle, Lin Xuan prepared to leave with xuanzhu and the rest.

Jing huanwen bowed again.

“Many thanks to Emperor husband’s guidance, allowing me to find the method to mix the heaven immortal illusionary dew!”

“This kindness is already like master’s, and I will definitely remember it in my heart!”

His old eyes were filled with sincerity, and he indeed had the attitude of a disciple facing his master.

Lin Xuan smiled indifferently. &Quot;

“You came to help out of good intentions, so the method of making the celestial immortal’s illusionary dew can be regarded as my gift in return. You don’t have to be so grateful!”

After that, she left with mu youqing and Ning Wu, bringing the four babies with her.

Tang Jinbo, Jing huanwen, and all the women present stood there in a daze as they watched his white figure gradually disappear into the distance.

Under the sun’s illumination, that white glint was as Holy as the light of an immortal!

On the road.

Little baby si Xi held Lin Xuan’s arm tightly, rubbing his head against Lin Xuan’s chest like a little kitten, and said,

father is so kind. Every time we make a mistake, he will help us solve it! &Quot;

Manzhu, Wufu, and mouyou all agreed.

“That’s right, with daddy around, I’m really not afraid of anything!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m not afraid of making mistakes anymore!”

“And me! I’m not afraid of making mistakes now!”


Lin Xuan looked at his daughters lovingly. &Quot;

“No man is a Saint, no one can be without mistakes.”

“Every child will make mistakes as they grow up, and my babies are so smart that many of their mistakes are unintentional.”

that’s why I’ll do my best to help you. This is also my responsibility as a father! &Quot;

Hearing this, Yan Zhu and the others were touched.

“Father, you’re so good!”

Mu youqing looked at Lin Xuan with a smile. after hearing what cousin-in-law said, I’m so envious of Yan Zhu and the others for being your daughters! &Quot;

Wu ning, on the other hand, looked at Lin Xuan shyly.

He was such a good father. The Xuan Bing Empress must have been unable to resist his charm when she first met him.


As the most prosperous commercial city in the Eastern Region of the heavenly Devil World, buluo city was filled with restaurants.

The largest restaurant among them was called full moon restaurant.

At this time, at the entrance of the Moonview restaurant, young men and women with handsome or delicate faces, who were either dressed in luxurious clothes or specially-made Daoist robes, walked into the restaurant one after another.

They all had extraordinary auras, and there were even Mystic lights and demonic Qi of various colors surging around them, attracting countless people on the street to stop and watch.

Someone couldn’t help but ask, ”

“What’s wrong with the Moonview restaurant today? Why are there so many young talents here?”

Someone said, ”

it’s said that today is the 16th birthday of the princess of the chiyan Kingdom in the West. She has booked the entire full moon Pavilion and specially held a Grand birthday banquet here. &Quot;

“These young men and women are naturally her relatives and friends. They were all invited here!”

As soon as he said this, the street burst into a loud noise.

“So it’s the birthday banquet of the princess of the red flame country!”

I heard that the princess of the red flame Kingdom is one of the four beauties of our Eastern Region. No wonder she is so popular! &Quot;

I have a strong feeling that many of these young men are her suitors. Some of them may even have come uninvited just to see the beauty of the princess of the red flame country! &Quot;


Just as the people on the street had guessed, the entire Moonview restaurant had been reserved by Wu ning.

Many of the people who came were her relatives and friends.

There were also some who were not relatives or friends, but they had a certain connection with the red flame Kingdom, such as the royal family of a friendly Kingdom.

At this time, in the main hall of the Moonview restaurant, half of the tables were already occupied.

At the front of the hall stood a young girl of about 15 or 16 years old in a black dress.

Every time there were guests, she would come forward to greet them and arrange for them to take a seat at the designated place.

The young girl’s name was Xiaoxiao, and she was Wu ning’s personal maidservant.

As Wu ning had personally gone to North Mystic heaven to invite mu youqing, she had temporarily received the guests on behalf of Wu ning.

At this moment, a handsome young man in a purple and gold robe with his hair tied up in a high bun came to Xiaoxiao. He opened his folding fan and asked with a faint smile, ”

“Why don’t I see Princess Wu ning?”

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