New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 803 - 803 The gathering of the top-notch heaven's pride Qilin son!

803 The gathering of the top-notch heaven’s pride Qilin son!

Xiaoxiao recognized the young man standing in front of her. He was the Crown Prince of the friendly yunmiao nation, Yun Zezhou.

Cloud pool boat was one of the top 30 heaven’s favorites in the Eastern Region. He was powerful and had a strong family background.

He was also one of Wu ning’s most determined pursuers, and his feelings for her were stronger than gold.

Xiaoxiao smiled. &Quot;

Prince Yun, the princess has gone to the North Mystic heavens to invite Princess Xuanzang. &Quot;

Cloud pool boat raised an eyebrow.

Princess Wu ning has actually become friends with the princess of North Mystic heaven. This is amazing! &Quot;

Xiaoxiao nodded. &Quot;

that’s right! I heard that Princess Xuan Yue is the cousin of the Xuan Bing Empress. They are very close! &Quot;

it’s precisely because Princess Xuanzang is so noble that the princess has personally come to the North Mystic heaven! &Quot;

“I should!” Cloud pool boat nodded and then changed the topic. Xiaoxiao, tell me honestly. Is there someone who is more outstanding than me among the guests? ”

Xiaoxiao smiled again. &Quot;

“The yunmiao nation is one of the top ten nations in the Eastern Region, and you, Crown Prince Yun, are a new heaven’s favorite. You’re a hot topic in the Eastern Region’s martial arts world! According to this servant’s understanding, no one should be more outstanding than you, Crown Prince Yun!”

however, our princess’s intentions are hard to fathom, and she’s not that easy to pursue. I’m sure Prince Yun is well aware of this! &Quot;

“Of course!” Yun Zezhou nodded and smiled. however, my desire to pursue Princess Wu ning will never change. As long as no one is more outstanding than me, I will have a chance! &Quot;

Before he came, he had already made up his mind, and that was to take advantage of Wu ning’s birthday to confess his feelings to her in public.

In order to move Wu ning, he even brought the most precious treasures and Saint grade cultivation techniques from his country’s demon Palace.

He firmly believed that with his unparalleled conditions and his sincerity towards Wu ning, he would definitely be able to make Wu ning nod her head at this birthday banquet!


As soon as the two finished their conversation, the entire Hall burst into a loud noise.

hiss ~ two flowers on top of his head and the Demon King’s apparition. Isn’t this the second-ranked genius of the Eastern Region, Shangguan Chang an?”

“That’s right! It’s said that Shangguan Chang ‘an is only seventeen this year and has already cultivated his essence Qi to the Grandmaster realm. He’s also born with the nine extreme Demon King body and is extremely powerful. He’s one of the top heaven’s favorites today!”

that’s right. In addition to his own terrifying strength, he is also the Crown Prince of the number one devil country in the Eastern Region, the grey Frost country. He has a terrifying background and is ranked at the top! &Quot;

“I didn’t expect that even a Qilin son like him would come!”


Some people were amazed, some were in admiration, and some were regretful.

The Crown Prince of the pale frost Kingdom, Shangguan Chang ‘an, was extremely famous among the younger generation.

There were many young talents who originally intended to pursue Wu ning, but after seeing his appearance, they all became very depressed and dejected.

Because it was obvious that Shangguan Chang ‘an had come with such power, not for anything else but to pursue Wu ning!

The cloud pool boat turned around and saw a handsome young man with bright yellow hair, wearing a blue and gold robe, step in.

There were two red and green flowers on his head, and his body kept flashing with the awe-inspiring image of a Demon King, making people feel infinite reverence at first glance.

Cloud pool boat clenched his fists, and his body trembled.

“No way? Even Shangguan Chang ‘an is here!”

He now had a strong premonition that his plan to take over Wu ning today would most likely fail.

Prince Yun, please take a seat. I’m going to receive Prince Shangguan! &Quot;

After Xiao Xiao politely invited the cloud pool boat to take a seat, she hurried to Shangguan Chang ‘an.

“This servant greets Crown Prince Shangguan!”

Shangguan Chang ‘an’s Kingdom of grayfrost was the largest country in the Eastern Region, and he himself was a top-notch heaven’s favorite, so Xiaoxiao did not dare to show any disrespect.

Shangguan Chang ‘an’s double pupils fell on Xiaoxiao, and he nodded slightly. &Quot;

“Why don’t I see Princess Wu ning?”

This time, he heard that Wu ning was holding a birthday banquet in buluo city and invited her friends from all over the world.

The country of grayfrost and the country of chiyan were not enemies. They had met several times before and Shangguan Chang ‘an had also seen Wu ning at the convention of geniuses. At that time, he had been convinced by her unrivaled beauty.

Therefore, this time, he had come uninvited, wanting to take advantage of Wu ning’s birthday banquet to express his feelings.

However, he did not see the fog, which made him somewhat puzzled.

Xiaoxiao smiled and said, ”

the princess has gone to North Mystic heaven to invite Princess Xuanzang to a banquet, so she’s not here for the time being. I’ll receive her on her behalf! &Quot;

“I see!” Shangguan Chang ‘an had heard some rumors that, apart from the Xuan Bing Empress, her cousin mu youqing was the most beautiful in the North Mystic heaven.

Mu youqing’s title was Princess Xuanzang.

Thinking of this, Shangguan Chang ‘an felt that Wu ning should go to North profound heavens.

“Crown Prince Shangguan, please take a seat!” At this moment, Xiaoxiao extended her hand and made an inviting gesture.

“Yes.” Shangguan Chang ‘an followed Xiaoxiao to the main table, his eyes scanning the room.

He saw that the one with the highest cultivation level was the cloud pool boat, who was also sitting at the main table. He was a mid-stage supremacy.

Compared to his cultivation of the Emperor-to-be realm, it was not just a small difference.

Therefore, he raised his chin slightly and his expression became more and more arrogant.

Seeing Shangguan Chang ‘an coming, Yun zexhou couldn’t help but lower his gaze, not daring to look at him.

Shangguan Chang ‘an’s aura was too strong, and the difference between them was too great!

With the arrival of Shangguan Chang an, the other young talents at the main table stood up at the same time to greet him.

The cloud pool boat had no choice but to stand up and bow.

Shangguan Chang ‘an simply nodded in return, obviously not taking the cloud pool boat and the others seriously.

Seeing this, everyone couldn’t help but secretly sigh. At Wu ning’s birthday banquet, Shangguan Chang ‘an was undoubtedly the most outstanding one!


However, just as Shangguan Chang ‘an took his seat, another loud noise came from the door.

“The mystic nether divine sun! Divine light! Even the Saint child of the forbidden sacred land is here!”

“It’s said that in this year’s Convention of geniuses, the Xuan Jin Saint son, Ji Yu, is the number one genius. He challenged six geniuses at the same time and won, which shocked the entire martial arts world of the Eastern Region. Now that I’ve seen it, his aura is indeed boundless!”

Oh my God, it’s said that the Saint child of the forbidden sect has always been reclusive and rarely shows his face except for the convention of geniuses. I didn’t expect him to come here today. It’s obvious that he’s up to something big! &Quot;

“You can just say that he came for Princess Wu ning, we all understand!”


As the crowd discussed, they couldn’t help but think about Ji Yu’s identity. They all concluded that Ji Yu’s appearance this time was probably the intention of the entire forbidden sacred land.

In other words, Ji Yu would most likely invite Wu ning to become his Dao companion and enter the forbidden sacred land for dual cultivation.

One must know that at the convention of geniuses, Wu ning had displayed her nine Yin body, which was the best choice for dual cultivation.

If Ji Yu could obtain Wu ning’s favor and dual cultivate with her, not only would it be of great help to himself, it would also be of great help to the forbidden sacred land.

After all, as a top genius of the new generation of the forbidden sacred land, it was almost certain that Ji Yu would become the next Holy master.

If he could increase his strength, it would only benefit the forbidden sacred land.

Thinking about it this way, all the young talents present who had thoughts about Wu ning couldn’t help but reveal a deep sense of defeat.

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