Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 1745 - Chapter 1745: Invitation Letter Delivered by a Sevencataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign!

Chapter 1745: Invitation Letter Delivered by a Sevencataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign!

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Soon, a tall Chiliocosm Sovereign with an extremely rich aura that surpassed even Lin Fengs entered the hall. Moreover, Lin Feng immediately looked at him.

“Welcome, Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light. Excuse me for not coming out to welcome you in advance! ”

Lin Feng was the first to speak.

Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light naturally saw Lin Feng as well. Although Lin Feng did not go out to welcome him personally, with Lin Fengs current identity and status, he was almost no different from a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign. Hence, Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light naturally did not hold it against him. Moreover, Chiliocosm Sovereign Rock Light had come with a mission this time.

“It’s said that the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign is extraordinary. Seeing you today, it’s true.”

Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light was also sizing Lin Feng up carefully. It was also very difficult for him to believe that a Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign could actually make such a name for himself, and a name so illustrious and ferocious at that. To a certain extent, even he, a dignified Seven-cataclysm overlord, was inferior.

Lin Feng was also sizing up Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light. This was a Seven-cataclysm Sovereign who had been famous for many years. Of course, his most famous identity was not actually a powerful Seven-cataclysm

Chiliocosm Sovereign, but a former follower of one of the three great Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns, Chiliocosm Sovereign Mythical Tree.

This was a Chiliocosm Sovereign with a powerful background!

“May I know why Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light has come from afar?” Lin Feng pondered for a moment and asked slowly.

He knew that Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light would not visit unless there was a major matter. A dignified Seven-cataclysm overlord would not casually “visit” him, a Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign.

Even if Lin Feng was currently in the limelight, he could not attract a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign to come specially to visit.

Hearing this, Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light smiled and said, “Chaos

Chiliocosm Sovereign, I’m indeed here for a matter. I’m under the orders of

Chiliocosm Sovereign Mythical Tree to specially send Chaos Chiliocosm

Sovereign an invitation to the Myriad Origin Conference.”

With that, Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light waved his hand. A red light flashed, and something appeared in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye.

Lin Feng reached out gently and grabbed it easily. It was an invitation letter with the location of the Myriad Origin Conference, and carried traces of a

majestic aura. This aura far exceeded that of the Small Chiliocosm Sovereigns. Even those Seven-cataclysm and Eight-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns did not have such a majestic aura.

Only a Medium Chiliocosm Sovereign had such a majestic aura. It was impossible for him to be faking it.

“Myriad Origin Conference…”

Lin Feng had never heard of the Myriad Origin Conference. Of course, the fact that the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns personally sent out invitation letters for it was enough to show that this Myriad Origin Conference was not simple.

As if he knew that Lin Feng knew very little about the Myriad Origin

Conference, Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light explained, “Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign, you have yet to become a Seven-cataclysm Sovereign, and the time you’ve cultivated is relatively short. Hence, it’s normal for you not to have heard of the Myriad Origin Conference. Invitations to the Myriad Origin

Conference are personally sent by the three great Medium Chiliocosm

Sovereigns. Only those above the Seven-cataclysm are qualified to participate.

The venue of the Myriad Origin Conference is different every time. The three

Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns would determine the location. As the name ‘Myriad Origin Conference’ indicates, the three Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns would offer a reward of 100,000 complete portions of small chiliocosm origin! As long as you get first place in the Myriad Origin

Conference, you can obtain 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin!’ “What, 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin?”

Lin Feng was extremely shocked. Even though he had already seen many grand scenes and was quite knowledgeable, the sight of 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin at once was still extremely stunning.

How terrifying was 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin?

Up until this point of Lin Fengs cultivation, the small chiliocosm origin he had consumed to become a Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign probably did not even reach 50,000 portions, let alone 100,000 portions. How generous was this?

Only Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns could easily take out 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin.

“There’s no need to be so surprised. You haven’t become a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign yet, but since they’ve given you the invitation letter now, it means they’ve made an exception and invited you, treating you as the Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign. There’s no harm in telling you some rules. Once you become a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign, there are actually some restrictions. For example, you can’t attack Chiliocosm

Sovereigns below the Seven-cataclysm at will unless they offend you first. Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns are not allowed to fight among themselves in the medium chiliocosm, and can only fight if they go to the void.

“These rules are actually to protect the Chiliocosm Sovereigns below the Seven-cataclysm, and also to protect the medium chiliocosm. Otherwise, with how powerful Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns are, the medium chiliocosm would have long been torn apart, or even shattered. You also control small chiliocosms, so you naturally know how difficult it is to obtain a portion of small chiliocosm origin. How many portions of small chiliocosm origin would the eighth Epochal Cataclysm require? It would probably be more than 100,000 portions. The eighth Epochal Cataclysm would be even more terrifying.

“If not for the Myriad Origin Conference, more than 99% of those

Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns would have lost all hope. It’s only due to the Myriad Origin Conference that we Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns have a trace of hope, but it’s only a trace of hope.”

Lin Feng understood now. With Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light’s explanation, he understood the goal of the Myriad Origin Conference. Perhaps it was related to some considerations of the three Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns.

However, one of the goals was actually to give those Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns some hope. The eighth Epochal Cataclysm required a massive amount of small chiliocosm origin, and even 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin were not enough.

However, if one obtained 100,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin, the pressure would be greatly reduced. If one worked hard and strove for it, with enough time, they still had a chance of becoming an Eight-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign.

As long as there was hope, people would not go insane.

Of course, for every Myriad Origin Conference, there was also the possibility that no one could obtain the small chiliocosm origin. Whether they could obtain it would depend on the opportunities of the Chiliocosm Sovereigns.

“So, I was made an exception and invited?”

“That’s right. This is the affirmation the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns have for the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign!’

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled weakly. “Is this an affirmation? This is clearly a restriction. If it’s affirmation, the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereign wouldn’t have sent me into a group of Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns to compete.”

Lin Feng might be the undisputed dominator below the Seven-cataclysm. with strength even comparable to a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign. However, that was all.

Among Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns, Lin Feng would be rather ordinary. In fact, even relying on the principle of spacetime, he was only slightly below average among Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns.

There was not much chance of winning if he fought for the small chiliocosm origin with such strength.

Rather than affirmation, it was more like a restriction.

This was because with this invitation letter, Lin Feng knew very well that he would lose his identity as a Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign from now on, and could not casually attack other Chiliocosm Sovereigns below the Seven-cataclysm. Otherwise, the three Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns would have to implement the “rules”.

It was obvious that Lin Fengs strength and performance had already broken the balance. The three Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns could only maintain the balance this way, and Lin Feng had become the tragic “sacrifice”.

However, even if he knew the reason, how could Lin Feng not accept this invitation letter?

Looking at Chiliocosm Sovereign Roc Light’s half m smile, Lin Feng knew that he had no right to refuse..

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