Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 248 - Battling a Divine Realm Expert!  

Chapter 248: Battling a Divine Realm Expert!

Lin Feng stood up and walked out the door step by step.

The Lin family, Zhao Dongsheng, and the others hurriedly followed. Zhao Dongsheng, in particular, had a vague premonition. Coupled with Lin Feng’s behavior just now and Lin Feng’s calm expression now, was Lin Feng really a Metamorphic Realm martial artist?

Outside the villa, Shang Yuntao was already standing in the air. His entire body seemed to be enveloped in a layer of violet flames. The violet flames looked a little sinister and strange, as if there were countless voices surrounding his ears. Just the sight of them was terrifying.

This was a true Divine Realm martial artist. Apart from Astral Power, their innate abilities had already been developed to an extremely powerful level. They could even bewitch the hearts of ordinary people by relying on certain special innate abilities.

This was also why in ancient times, many people worshiped deities and treated those Divine Realm martial artists as deities. Apart from their own lack of knowledge and ignorance, the innate abilities of certain Divine Realm martial artists were indeed very strange.

Shang Yuntao clearly had such a strange innate ability. His violet flames did not even feel hot at all, but cold as ice. It was as if Shang Yuntao’s violet flames also emitted a chilling killing intent.

Lin Feng walked out of the villa. At this moment, his entire body was covered in a layer of gray armor. Apart from looking especially ferocious, nothing else was apparent from it.

“Lin Feng, I’ll teach you a lesson even if I have to suffer heavy punishment for it!”

A huge giant made of violet flames vaguely appeared behind Shang Yuntao. He was a dignified Divine Realm expert. In ancient times, he would be a high and mighty deity.

All living beings trembled before the rage of a deity!

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Shang Yuntao extended his hand and pointed. Endless violet flames actually formed a huge palm that blotted out the sky and earth. Then, it suddenly slammed down from midair.

Those who had originally seen the commotion here felt flustered and breathless just from getting slightly too close. They felt fear and palpitated for no cause. This was the rage of a Divine Realm expert. Just his aura was enough to make ordinary people lose their resistance.

At this moment, be it Mr. and Mrs. Lin, or Zhao Dongsheng, a Metamorphic Realm martial artist, as they looked at the huge palm made of violet flames in the void, the thought that it was impossible to resist came up in their minds.

They even felt that they were so insignificant under this huge palm that they did not even dare to have the slightest thought of resisting.

Ordinary people did not think much of it, but Zhao Dongsheng was shocked. He was already a Metamorphic Realm martial artist. Moreover, after fighting with dire beasts at the frontline for so many years, his will was extremely firm. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was stern as steel.

But now, facing Shang Yuntao’s eruption at full power, Zhao Dongsheng could not even think of resisting. How horrifying was this? Even though Zhao Dongsheng already had a high opinion of Shang Yuntao, from the looks of it, he had still far underestimated the strength of this veteran Divine Realm martial artist.

In reality, Shang Yuntao was indeed very strong. He was one of the few Divine Realm martial artists in the Freelance Cultivators Union, and was not inferior to Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi in terms of reputation.

Now that Shang Yuntao was unleashing his power in malice, the commotion was incredibly huge.

As the giant palm slammed down, Lin Feng felt as if the surrounding air had frozen. This was different from Griman’s spatial restraint. That was a true spatial innate ability, utilizing spatial power that was very rare even in the universe.

On the other hand, Shang Yuntao’s violet flames could almost freeze the air. He wanted to freeze Lin Feng completely.

The huge palm of violet flames was very fast. It slammed down almost in the blink of an eye.

The ground was shaking, and violet flames wreaked havoc everywhere. The entire villa area seemed to have gone through a storm. Fortunately, Shang Yuntao had not lost his mind, and had the awareness to control the range of the flames. Otherwise, just the aftershock alone would have killed countless ordinary people.

Even a Divine Realm martial artist like Shang Yuntao did not dare to easily violate the new policy for martial artists!

Seeing the huge palm of violet flames slam down on Lin Feng’s head, Mr. and Mrs. Lin’s bodies trembled. No matter how much the aura suppressed them, it could not suppress their feelings for Lin Feng.


The faces of the Lin family were pale, but as the dust gradually dissipated, they took a closer look. Lin Feng was not dead yet. He was only frozen by the violet flames, like an ice sculpture.

However, this ice sculpture was just too strange. It was actually still burning fiercely. How could flames be cold?

This was actually a rare innate ability that Shang Yuntao had awakened. The Polar Ice Flame was a very rare innate ability, and also very powerful. Even demon generals would be frozen by the Polar Ice Flame.

Looking at Lin Feng, who was frozen into an ice sculpture, Shang Yuntao did not show any trace of joy, because he felt pressure. Yes, a very great pressure. His Polar Ice Flame was actually being consumed rapidly, as if a terrifying power was awakening within.


Suddenly, the ice sculpture shattered, and cracks appeared. Immediately after, the cracks grew larger and larger, until Lin Feng could no longer be frozen.


Lin Feng broke through the Polar Ice Flame. He looked up at Shang Yuntao. Not bad. This Shang Yuntao was clearly much stronger than the three lizards in the ruins back then.

No matter how strong those three lizards were, they were still biomodified beasts with low intelligence. They had only strength and were without skill.

Shang Yuntao, on the other hand, was a genuine peak Divine Realm martial artist. Lin Feng felt that Shang Yuntao’s strength was definitely not inferior to Dragon Rider Hao Shiyi.

Coincidentally, Lin Feng also wanted to see how his current strength was compared to a Divine Realm expert.

“What a strange innate ability. But that’s all it is!”

Lin Feng took a deep breath and stopped suppressing his combat body.

Lin Feng’s body expanded rapidly, like a balloon. He suddenly expanded from about 1.8 meters tall to a height of 10 meters, like a small giant.

Moreover, the 10-meter combat body expanded in all dimensions, and not just in height.

Lin Feng’s entire body was still covered in gray armor. He looked like a deity who had descended to the mortal world, dignified and extraordinary. Even while standing, he was at the same height as Shang Yuntao, who was flying in the air.

“Is this your innate ability?”

For the first time, Shang Yuntao’s expression turned solemn. He did not sense any Astral Power fluctuations from Lin Feng. Hence, this was definitely not an Astral martial art. It could only be a special innate ability.

However, he could not imagine any innate ability that could turn a person into a 10-meter-tall small giant at once.

Moreover, as Lin Feng transformed into a small giant, he could clearly feel the strong sense of threat emanating from Lin Feng. It was as if he was facing the most terrifying demon general, filled with a dangerous aura.

He could not help but doubt if Lin Feng was really just a Metamorphic Realm martial artist.

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