Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 791 - 791 Boss Ao, Time to Work!

791 Boss Ao, Time to Work!

Qi Xuan was swift and decisive. He immediately gathered all the remaining experts of the Qi family and began to sweep through the entire faction in Red Phosphorus City. All the factions with profound martial arts or spells in their families were visited by experts.

On the first day, Qi Xuan swept through all the small factions in Red Phosphorus City. These small factions only had one or two cultivators who were half-Chaotic lifeforms. Even with the current strength of the Qi family, they could easily deal with them.

There was a little trouble, but if anyone resisted, Qi Xuan would not hold back. After dealing with some minor obstacles as warning, these small factions all became docile, and respectfully offered their martial arts and spells.

The next day, the Qi family had to deal with those factions similar to the current Qi family. They all had five or six cultivators who were half-Chaotic lifeforms, or even more. Just the Qi family’s strength alone was not enough to make these factions submit.

Hence, it was Lang Da and Ao’s turn to attack, especially Ao’s. Once it attacked, there would definitely be casualties. After teaching a few stubborn factions a lesson, the other major factions no longer dared to resist when they saw Qi Xuan arrive. They offered all the martial arts and spells in their family.

For two days, Qi Xuan collected martial arts and spells. Once he collected them, he sent them back to the Qi family’s library immediately and delivered them to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was basically satisfied with Qi Xuan’s actions. Martial arts and spells were already slowly piling up in the library, enough for Lin Feng to study carefully for a long time.

However, this was not enough. It was far from enough. What Lin Feng needed were the cultivation techniques of Chaotic lifeforms. At the very least, he would need Chaotic martial arts or Chaotic techniques.

Taking advantage of the fact that he had been collecting martial arts and spells for the past two days, Qi Xuan suppressed the major families. At the same time, he expanded the Qi family’s sphere of influence to the entire Red Phosphorus City, obtaining a large amount of cultivation resources for the Qi family.

On the third day, Qi Xuan began to attack the Li family, which had the deepest foundation in Red Phosphorus City. He specially left the Li family on the last day, also because he wanted to bring the momentum to crush the Li family completely and avenge the Qi family!

“Li family!”

Qi Xuan led many experts to the Li family’s gate early in the morning.

The front of the Li family’s residence was empty. However, Qi Xuan knew that the Li family had not left Red Phosphorus City. Instead, they had withdrawn all their forces to the Li family mansion.

“Still trying to put on a struggle?”

Qi Xuan felt a burst of joy. When had the Li family ever fallen to such a state?

In fact, Qi Xuan was very happy that the Li family had withdrawn all their strength and wanted to struggle while nearing death. The more the Li family resisted, the more reason he had to use Lang Da and Ao to completely annihilate the Li family.

“Go, call the Li family out!”

Qi Xuan waved his hand, and a few descendants of the Qi family immediately stepped forward. Just as they were about to knock on the gate, the Li family’s gate actually creaked open slowly.

Many Li family descendants quickly walked out of the door. All of them glared at the Qi family with killing intent.

In fact, four or five experts of the Li family who were half-Chaotic lifeforms appeared in the crowd. This was the only strength the Li family had left, but none of them could be underestimated. Without Lin Feng’s strength, the Qi family could not do anything to the Li family at all.

“Heh, Qi Xuan, who’d have thought a junior like you who can force my Li family into such a state? You’re really ruthless. I didn’t expect you to be such an ambitious person back then!”

In the end, an old man with a ruddy face walked out of the Li family’s door. He was leaning on a walking stick, but his demeanor was hale and hearty.

Qi Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a trace of surprise appeared in them. He said in a low voice, “Li Qingyuan! I didn’t expect an old fogey like you to still be alive. You’ve concealed yourself well!”

Qi Xuan was very wary. This Li Qingyuan was a great expert who had become famous in the Li family a hundred years ago. His strength was already at the peak of a half-Chaotic lifeform.

In the early years, they had heard that Li Qingyuan had failed to break through to become a Chaotic lifeform and died. They did not expect him to still be alive now. It seemed like this news was deliberately released by the Li family back then, to keep Li Qingyuan as the Li family’s final trump card.

Facing the strongest expert of the Li family from a hundred years ago, it was impossible for Qi Xuan not to be wary. However, when he thought of Lang Da and Ao beside him, he could not help but calm down slightly.

In particular, Ao was a natural Chaotic lifeform. As long as Li Qingyuan did not break through and become a Chaotic lifeform, it was impossible for him to be Ao’s match.

“Heh, how prestigious was your Qi family back then? It’s not easy to overthrow your Qi family. For the past hundred years, your Qi family has been declining day by day. I had thought that the best opportunity to destroy the Qi family had come. Unexpectedly, our efforts failed at the final lap.”

Li Qingyuan held his walking stick, and a trace of vexation appeared on his face.

They were just a little bit away from completely destroying the Qi family. He did not expect the Qi family to be so lucky that there would actually be a turnaround. On the other hand, the Li family was now in imminent danger instead.

Qi Xuan’s bearing was not to be outdone in the slightest. He took a step forward and sneered, “Li Qingyuan, so what if an old fogey like you is still alive? When you see your Li family destroyed later, you’d probably wish you were dead, haha.”

Qi Xuan threw his head back and laughed aloud.

“Heh, the final winner is still undecided. Qi Xuan, you’re still a little too juvenile to fight against me.”


Qi Xuan was a little surprised and uncertain, not knowing what Li Qingyuan had to rely on.

However, Li Qingyuan turned slightly and said to his back, “Young Master Zhao, the main character has arrived. Please show yourself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, another person in a blue robe walked out of the Li family’s door. He had a noble bearing and a proud expression. The aura on his body was elegant. It was obvious that he came from an extraordinary background.

Moreover, standing in the crowd, his aura was like a crane among a flock of chickens, impossible to ignore.

“Young Master Zhao?”

Qi Xuan stared intently at Young Master Zhao. There were actually nine powerful cultivators behind Young Master Zhao. When they emitted their auras, all of them were half-Chaotic lifeforms, and all of them could even be considered half-peak Chaotic lifeforms!

Even Young Master Zhao was a half-Chaotic lifeform!

Any half-peak Chaotic lifeform might be able to sweep through the entire Red Phosphorus City. Now, nine of them had appeared at once, and there was an unknown Young Master Zhao.

“Who are you? Are you trying to interfere in the matters between the Qi family and the Li family?”

“So what if I interfere? Is there anything I can’t interfere with in a mere Red Phosphorus City?”

Young Master Zhao’s tone was cold, as if he did not take the Qi family seriously at all.

Li Qingyuan laughed loudly and said, “Haha, that’s right. Young Master Zhao can naturally do whatever he pleases in a mere Red Phosphorus City.”

Pausing, a cold glint flashed across Li Qingyuan’s eyes. He said coldly to Qi Xuan, “Qi Xuan, I’m afraid you still don’t know, right? This Young Master Zhao is the Young Master of the Zhao family in Shangyang City!”

“What? The Zhao family of Shangyang City?”

Qi Xuan was shocked. The Qi family had been in Red Phosphorus City for a thousand years. How could they not have heard of the Zhao family of Shangyang City? That was a famous family of a Perfected Person. A peerless Perfected Person, who was a true Chaotic lifeform, had once been born among their ancestors!

Even though that Perfected Person from the Zhao family seemed to have gone missing, and was rumored by many to be dead, the Zhao family could still dominate the surrounding cities and become one of the top families with the various top-notch martial arts, spells, and terrifying Chaotic artifacts left behind by an ancestor who was a Chaotic lifeform!

Compared to the Zhao family of Shangyang City, the Qi family and the Li family were like ants before an elephant. There was no basis of comparison at all.

“That’s right. Since you know the reputation of our Zhao family, why didn’t you be good and offer that Chaotic dire beast that’s a natural Chaotic lifeform?”

Young Master Zhao’s gaze was already scanning the Ao.

Qi Xuan’s heart skipped a beat. He immediately understood. The true goal of the Zhao family in Shangyang City was Ao!

All powerful factions would covet natural Chaotic lifeforms. The Li family must have informed the Zhao family of this news. Through some exchange of interests, the Zhao family could take action, and each would take what they needed.

“What a cunning old fox!”

Qi Xuan looked at Li Qingyuan for a long while. He knew that Li Qingyuan must have come up with this nefarious scheme. Compared to that old fogey Li Qingyuan, Qi Xuan was indeed a little inexperienced.

However, so what if it was the Zhao family of Shangyang City?

Now that Qi Xuan was already tied to Lin Feng, they were bound together for good or ill. There was no way out at all.

Hence, Qi Xuan gritted his teeth and bowed respectfully to Lang Da beside him. “Lang Da, please help!”

“Heh, no problem, no problem.”

Lang Da grinned. He knew that Qi Xuan was not asking him to attack, but Ao. As Ao was not very intelligent, Qi Xuan and Ao could not communicate well, so Lang Da relayed Qi Xuan’s requests.

“Boss Ao, time to work.”

Just a moment ago, he had still been acting arrogantly, yet when facing Ao, Lang Da instantly humbled his attitude. He humbly and almost servilely “pleaded” Ao to attack.


Ao opened its eyes. Its three heads shook slightly, and its gaze instantly locked onto the ten people from the Zhao family.

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