Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 980 - 980 Holy Cities!

980 Holy Cities!

“What exactly are the holy cities of Chaos like?” Perfected Lord Ziyuan muttered softly. Even though she was a top-notch Perfected Lord, her heart was no longer calm. Cultivators who had never been to the holy city of Chaos were almost obsessed with it.

There were so many astonishing top-notch Perfected Lords who were even willing to offer their divine abilities and spirit treasures to the Chaotic merchants to trade, just to obtain a spot to enter the holy cities of Chaos.

The holy cities of Chaos were holy lands that countless cultivators yearned for, but no one knew what they looked like.

Although Lin Feng was also very excited, he was not as optimistic as the others. No matter how beautiful something was, it was always only beautiful before seeing it. Once one saw it, they might not be able to help but feel a little disappointed.

Moreover, Lin Feng was still deliberating over which holy city of Chaos to go to.

According to the information of the Chaotic merchants, there were a total of seven holy cities of Chaos in the Chaos, which meant that there were only seven Hallowed Venerables in the entire universe. Although the seven holy cities were all known as the center of Chaos, in reality, any place with a holy city was the center.

The Chaos was so massive. How could there be any truly remote regions? Any place presided over by the holy cities of Chaos would eventually prosper.

These seven holy cities of Chaos were Occult Holy City, Primum Mobile Holy City, Styx Holy City, Nirvana Holy City, Polaris Holy City, Luster Holy City, and Ancestral Tree Holy City.

Among them, the Styx Holy City was where the headquarters of the Fortune Chamber of Commerce was located. Lin Feng naturally would not walk into a trap voluntarily and go to the Styx Holy City.

As for the other holy cities, Lin Feng actually knew nothing about them. He only knew a little about the Primum Mobile Holy City, because that was where Perfected Lord Long went.

These holy cities were all located in different locations. Lin Feng did not know much about the situation in the holy cities, so he could not make the decision easily either.

In the end, Lin Feng still chose to trust Perfected Lord Long. Even though he had only met Perfected Lord Long once, Perfected Lord Long’s actions were open and aboveboard, which was quite to Lin Feng’s liking.

Hence, Lin Feng chose Holy City Primum Mobile in the end. He would go to Holy City Primum Mobile first, and make further plans after understanding the situation in the holy city.

According to the information provided by the Chaotic merchants, the Holy City Primum Mobile was actually quite a distance away. However, Lin Feng controlled the Chaotic spaceship and activated the divine array on the Chaotic spaceship. The speed was unbelievable.

This was a Chaotic spirit treasure specially used for traveling, so it was naturally extraordinary. At this speed, they would probably only need a few decades to arrive at Holy City Primum Mobile.

Traveling was always very boring. In the Chaotic spaceship, the various cultivators also cleared their minds and cultivated in seclusion. Lin Feng was also contemplating over the world lotus seed in his internal universe. He checked the development of the world.

At the same time, he also worked hard to use the Chaotic Origin Stone to comprehend more Chaotic Rules. However, this was not something that could be accomplished overnight. It required slow accumulation over time.

Lin Feng also experienced the feeling of not making any progress for decades or centuries. This was a normal phenomenon. When Perfected Lords, especially top-notch Perfected Lords, began to comprehend the Chaotic Rules, cultivation would be this slow.

Forget about dozens or hundreds of years, even not improving for tens of thousands of years was normal.

However, Lin Feng had the Chaotic Origin Stone and various divine abilities as reference. He was fully confident that he could comprehend the third Chaotic Rule. It was just a matter of time.

As for the third Chaotic Rule, Lin Feng chose the Chaotic Rule of Space!

This Rule of Space was actually very difficult to comprehend, but once one comprehended it, the benefits were the greatest. Once one grasped the Chaotic Rule of Space, even with only preliminary comprehension, they could still tear open the Chaotic space and warp space.

The Chaos was too vast. There was no knowing how long it would take to travel by flying alone. However, if one grasped the Rule of Space, even at only the preliminary level, even if the distance of a one-time spatial warp was not too far, it would still be much faster than flying the Chaotic spaceship.

Lin Feng had the Chaotic Origin Stone, so he was not afraid that he would not be able to comprehend the Chaotic Rule of Space. It would just take somewhat longer. However, no matter how long it took, Lin Feng had to comprehend the Rule of Chaotic Space.

Decades passed in a flash. While Lin Feng was still immersed in comprehending the Rule of Space, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. He felt as if a majestic and vast aura had passed through infinite space and time, stirring up a ripple in Lin Feng’s heart, making it impossible for him to calm down.


Lin Feng opened his eyes and came to the control room of the Chaotic spaceship. He realized that the control room was already filled with people, including Perfected Lord Ziyuan or Perfected Lord Empyrean. Those Chaotic Perfected Persons, on the other hand, did not move at all, as if they had not sensed anything.

“You all sensed it?”

Lin Feng was a little surprised.

“That’s right, we all sensed it.”

Perfected Lord Empyrean was very excited, and Perfected Lord Ziyuan was very excited. All the Perfected Lords were very excited. Only those Chaotic Perfected Persons were still in seclusion, and there was no movement from them.

“All those who have cultivated perfected spirits sensed it. What exactly is it?”

Lin Feng was a little confused.

Perfected Lord Ziyuan said excitedly, “If I’m not wrong, this should be the legendary Supreme Chaotic Rule!”

“Supreme Rule?”

Lin Feng was slightly stunned. He did not understand what the Supreme Chaotic Rule was.

The other Perfected Lords also looked at Perfected Lord Ziyuan expectantly. In terms of knowledge, probably no one in the Chaotic spaceship could compare to Perfected Lord Ziyuan. After all, Perfected Lord Ziyuan had roamed the Chaos for tens of thousands of years, and had heard of some secrets.

Perfected Lord Ziyuan took a deep breath and explained, “Everyone should have heard of the Chaotic Rules, right? As long as a cultivator cultivates a perfected spirit, they can rely on the perfected spirit to slowly comprehend the Chaotic Rules and become a Perfected Deity. What comes above the Perfected Deity is the Hallowed Venerable. Strictly speaking, the Chaotic Hallowed Venerable is actually also a Perfected Deity. However, the Hallowed Venerables place their perfected spirits in the Chaos. As long as the Chaos still stands, Hallowed Venerables will not die. They can be considered great and immortal entities.

“If one wants to place their perfected spirit in the Chaos, it’s useless to rely on comprehension alone. They still have to rely on the Chaotic Origin Stone. This is because only the Chaotic Origin Stone can manifest the Supreme Rule. Only by comprehending the Supreme Rule can one place their perfected spirit in the Chaos. The Supreme Rule governs all Rules and power in the Chaos. Hence, there’s a saying in the Chaos that all below Hallowed Venerables are insignificant. Even those powerful Chaotic hallowed beasts can be easily killed by a Hallowed Venerable.”

Hearing Perfected Lord Ziyuan’s detailed explanation, Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat.

He heard about the Chaotic Origin Stone again. Previously, he had obtained some vague information about the Chaotic Origin Stone. He knew that only by possessing the Chaotic Origin Stone could one have a chance of becoming a Hallowed Venerable. However, he did not know what was so special about the Chaotic Origin Stone.

Now, Lin Feng finally understood. It was the Supreme Rule. It turned out that the Chaotic Origin Stone contained the Supreme Rule. Only by comprehending the Supreme Rule could one be considered to have obtained the recognition of the Chaotic Origin. Only then could one place their perfected spirit in the Chaos, and become an undying and indestructible Chaotic Hallowed Venerable!

The Chaotic Origin Stone was equivalent to a certificate. Only by obtaining this certificate could one have a chance to obtain the recognition of the Supreme Rule. And only by obtaining the recognition of the Supreme Rule could one have a chance of becoming a Chaotic Hallowed Venerable, undying and indestructible!

Since ancient times, once a Chaotic Hallowed Venerable appeared, they would not fall. They could be considered truly undying and indestructible. Even a Perfected Lord might have their perfected spirit obliterated and turned into ashes, resulting in a true death.

Who wouldn’t want to become a Chaotic Hallowed Venerable, and become undying and indestructible from then on?

Therefore, once there was news of the Chaotic Origin Stone, even a Perfected Deity or some ancient entities who were aloof from worldly affairs would not be able to help but fight for it.

This was the opportunity to attain mastery in their cultivation. No cultivator would let it pass easily.

Lin Feng became even more cautious. There was a Chaotic Origin Stone right there in his internal universe. Even though it was very safe and secretive in his internal universe, it was hard to guarantee that it would not be discovered.

Hence, Lin Feng had to be more cautious in the future. Otherwise, once the news was leaked, even if Lin Feng was ten or a hundred times stronger, he might not be able to protect the Chaotic Origin Stone.

The other Perfected Lords naturally did not have any thoughts about the Chaotic Origin Stone. Such a supreme treasure could drive even supreme Perfected Deities insane. They did not dare to have any extravagant hopes at all.

However, they were still very excited. The reason was very simple.

Since they could already sense the supreme Chaotic Rule here, there was only one reason. They were probably not far from the holy city of Chaos!

As expected, after another month, everyone saw a continent filled with infinite light stretching across the void in front of them.

It was as if it was filled with an incomparably divine, supreme, great and powerful aura. It felt like the beginning of all, but also the end of all, filled with infinite mysteries.

The holy city—this was the holy city!

It was unlike any Chaotic continent. This holy city of Chaos could not even be considered a continent. It was a city floating in the Chaos, like the center of the myriad worlds, emitting a holy aura.

It was just a city larger than a Chaotic continent, and it was completely constructed from a majestic power.

This was the power of a Hallowed Venerable. It was a holy city of Chaos, built by a Hallowed Venerable with supreme power. Countless Chaotic Rules surrounded the holy city. One of the Rules hung high above the holy city, causing many Chaotic Rules to retreat.

That was the Supreme Rule, the Supreme Rule that drove countless cultivators insane!

“What a huge city. Is this what the holy city of Chaos is like?”

“Yes, it must be the holy city of Chaos. This is our destination, Holy City Primum Mobile!”

“I heard that Holy City Primum Mobile is presided over by Hallowed Venerable Primum Mobile. I wonder if it’s true?”

“Of course it’s true. Can’t you sense an aura that’s unique and presiding above all the Chaotic Rules? That’s probably the Supreme Rule…”

Many people were exclaiming about the majesty of the holy city, and the vastness and profundity of the Supreme Rule.

Lin Feng was the sole exception. After sensing the Supreme Rule in the holy city, the Chaotic Origin Stone in his body suddenly shook violently without warning.

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