Power and Wealth

Chapter 41 – Second confession!

Chapter 41 – Second confession!


9 am.

Drip, drip, drip…… The needle of the drip was injected into Dong Xuebing’s wrist. It was excruciating. Qu Yunxuan had nothing much to do in the ward, and she took his keys. She left for his home to help him bring his towels, underwear, socks, etc. She also needs to help him bring a set of clean clothes. The newly bought suit and shoes were all damaged in the fire.

After Qu Yunxuan left, the nurse who was inserting the drip laughed: “Your aunt is so pretty.”

The old man also said: “That girl is so nice to you.”

Dong Xuebing felt proud. It was as if they were praising him.

Qu Yunxuan returned before 11 am with a small suitcase. She had brought clothes, toothbrush, shampoo, plates, etc. along with her and packed everything into the small cabinet beside Dong Xuebing’s bed. She was sweating and panting. But she did not stop. She lifted Dong Xuebing’s blanket and change his socks for him. After that, she took a plastic basin and soap to the washroom to help wash his dirty socks.

Dong Xuebing was touched. ‘Aunt Xuan, rest for a while.”

Qu Yunxuan turned and smiled. She still had foams on her hands. “I am not tired. You stop moving about. You are still on a drip.”


Aunt Xuan was squatting down washing the clothes, and her back was facing Dong Xuebing. Her clothes were pulled up slightly, exposing her lower back. Dong Xuebing’s eyes were glued to her back. Maybe he was imagining something naughty and suddenly had the urge to pee. He looked at the bottle of drip hang above him. There were at least half a bottle more. It will last at least half an hour more. He tried to control the urge, but could not stand it anymore. He endured the pain in his shoulders and legs and slowly got off the bed to wear his slippers.

Qu Yunxuan who had finished washing his socks was shocked. “What are you trying to do?”

Dong Xuebing smiled. “I need to go to the toilet.” He reached out to grab the drip.

“Stop moving. You are not allowed to move.” Qu Yunxuan hurriedly washed her hands. “The drip is attached to your moveable hand. You cannot carry the drip with that hand.”

It was hard for Dong Xuebing to visit the toilet yesterday. Today, it was harder with the drip. Dong Xuebing also knew that he was not allowed to move. But it was embarrassing for him to ask Aunt Xuan to help him. “It’s fine. I will be out in a minute to help you.” Dong Xuebing ignored her and pressed the drip’s valve, stopping the drip. He carried the bottle and limped towards the toilet.

Qu Yunxuan walked towards him angrily. “Why can’t you listen to me? You want me to hit you?” She took the bottle from him and helped him to the toilet. “Don’t try to be a hero. Come, I will help you.”

Dong Xuebing replied embarrassedly: “It’s okay. I can do it myself.”

Qu Yunxuan waved her hand: “You want me to hit you? Hurry up and go!”

“Ok……” Dong Xuebing knew he could not win against her and limped into the toilet.

Usually, the toilets in the hospital will have hooks for hanging the drip bottle. But Dong Xuebing and Qu Yunxuan looked around and did not see the hooks. It was embarrassing, and both of them paused for a second before Qu Yunxuan closes the door behind her and lifted the toilet seat. She raised the bottle of drip above her head and turned towards the wall. “Hurry. I will not look at you.”

Dong Xuebing almost died from the embarrassment. “Errr…… I…… You……”

“What are you shy of?” Qu Yunxuan turned and stared at him. “Hurry!”

Dong Xuebing almost cried when he saw Qu Yunxuan turning and looking at him. He slowly untied his hospital pants but did not lower it.

“I will count to 3, and I will really hit you.” Qu Yunxuan said with her back facing him. “1…… 2…… 3…….”

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth, lower his pants and start to pee.

The was the first time Dong Xuebing felt that the splashing sounds of peeing were so embarrassing.

After the splashing sounds stopped, Qu Yunxuan helped him flushed and helped him back to his bed. “Aunt had bought some bananas and apples on the way here. Which would you like to eat?”

Dong Xuebing who just laid down replied. “It’s fine.”

“How can you not eat fruits? You need the vitamins.” Qu Yunxuan helped him peeled a banana and turned it to him. “Listen to me and open your mouth. Ah…….” Dong Xuebing thought to himself. This was also not the first time he embarrassed himself in front of Aunt Xuan. He ignored the looks of the old man and his son and took a bite of the banana. Qu Yunxuan laughed. “Good boy. Take one more bite. Ah……” Aunt Xuan had one leg kneeling on the bed as she moved closer to Dong Xuebing to feed the banana.

Qu Yunxuan’s knee which was covered in her skinned colored stockings moved under the warm blanket.

Dong Xuebing could feel something warm and smoothed touch his hand. It was Qu Yunxuan’s leg!

Dong Xuebing’s mind started to wonder and said out the words again. “Aunt Xuan, I really like you. Can you be my girlfriend?”

Qu Yunxuan was stunned and her hand, holding the banana, froze in mid-air.

With the previous experience, Dong Xuebing was more confident this time. “I have never met anyone as virtuous as you. I had fallen in love with you the first time we met. Aunt Xuan, I know I am not good enough for you. But I really hope you will give me a chance.”

Qu Yunxuan blushed and placed the banana on the table. “It is too sudden. I…… I am not prepared at all.”

Dong Xuebing was overjoyed. Aunt Xuan did not say that he was not her type this time. Hahaha. Seems like becoming clean and tidy works. This was one more step to success. “I know it is sudden. But I really like you. Can you be my girlfriend?”

Qu Yunxuan kept quiet.


After a while, she sighed. “I’m sorry Xiao Bing. I have no intentions of dating now.”

Although Dong Xuebing knew that he will be rejected, but he can’t help feeling disappointed. “Why? Am I not good looking enough? Is it my character or something else?”

Qu Yunxuan shook her head and looked out of the windows. “There is nothing wrong with you. It’s my problem. You are a good person.” She paused for a second. “Do you remember what I said to you on the day you fetch me from work? I still have dreams of setting up my own company. I had been working hard for years for this dream. I do not want to be distracted by being in a relationship.

Dong Xuebing asked: “Setting up your company? You should need at least 1 million RMB as capital? Is your salary at the newspaper agency enough?”

Qu Yunxuan kept quiet.

Dong Xuebing continued: “You will not date if you did not accomplish your dream?”

Qu Yunxuan nodded. “That’s what I decided. Sorry.”

“Then after you have your own company will you be my girlfriend?” Dong Xuebing asked.

Qu Yunxuan’s face turns red and got up. “I will ask the doctor about your condition.”


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