Power and Wealth

Chapter 42 – Must make money!

Chapter 42 – Must make money!

Aunt Xuan’s rejection did not disappoint Dong Xuebing. Aunt Xuan’s attitude had surprised him.

Dong Xuebing noticed that he did not have enough time and immediately shout BACK!


“Good boy. Have one more bite. Ah……” Qu Yunxuan was holding the banana towards his mouth.

Dong Xuebing took a bite and slowly chewed on the banana.

Qu Yunxuan took a napkin and helped him wipe his mouth. “Look at the foolish smile. What are you thinking?”

“Errrr, nothing…… I just feel like smiling. Hahaha.” Dong Xuebing was still not very satisfied with himself. That’s why he still has to use his powers. He still cannot let Aunt Xuan knows that he likes her. He does not want her to feel uncomfortable. He wants to wait until Aunt Xuan have a good impression of him and have a perfect confession. This way, the chances of him succeeding will be higher.

But there was a massive hurdle in from of Dong Xuebing.

Setting up a company…… even if Aunt Xuan could get a commission for every advertisement sale, how long will she have to wait to save enough?

After thinking for the whole afternoon, Dong Xuebing decided to help Aunt Xuan. If he had the money to help her set up her company, then will the chances of him succeeding higher? Dong Xuebing also wanted to make more money to have a better life. If he could earn 1 million RMB, he would have a better life and might also have a girlfriend. That’s right. Money was also very important in the government sector. Sometimes, he will need to give gifts to his higher-ups. Yes…… This will be killing 3 birds with one stone.

Must make money.

Target: 1 million RMB

One day……

Two days……

Dong Xuebing was recovering well under the care of Qu Yunxuan. Most of the bandages on his body were removed, and he could move his arm and legs better. Other than strenuous exercise, Dong Xuebing could walk and climb stairs without limping. He asked the doctor when he could be discharged as he was bored staying in the hospital. The doctor told him that he still needs to remain hospitalized for 2 more days for observations. Dong Xuebing wondered if the hospital wants him to say for a few more days was to make money from him.


After eating the hospital lunch, Dong Xuebing listlessly took his medicine.

The food at Jiangong Hospital was very cheap. 3 meals for 10 RMB. But the food was only for the patients and not for the family members. Qu Yunxuan had to take her lunch at the nearby restaurants. After her lunch, she bought a packet of yogurt back to the ward and saw Dong Xuebing staring and blowing at the empty plastic lunch container.

Qu Yunxuan laughed and placed the yogurt on the table. “Are you retard? How old are you?”

Dong Xuebing rolled his eyes. “I am bored.” The past two days, Dong Xuebing had been thinking of ways to make more money. But there was nothing he could do in the hospital, and it made him bored.

“If you are bored, then drink this yogurt. Here.”

“Aunt Xuan, I have recovered. Why don’t you return back to work?”

“Your hand still cannot touch the water. If I return back to work, who is going to help you wash your face? Who is going to wash your food containers?” Qu Yunxuan said as she inserts the straw into the yogurt drink. She held it up for Dong Xuebing. “Drink it. If you are really bored, I will accompany you for a walk near the hospital. Where do you want to go?”

Dong Xuebing was delighted to hear that. “Ok. We will just take a walk nearby.” Dong Xuebing does not mind where they were going as long as Aunt Xuan was with him.

Half an hour later.

Dong Xuebing stood at the west entrance of Jiangong Hospital. He looked at the skies and sighed. “I finally see the skies again.”

Qu Yunxuan was holding onto him, helping him to walk. Both of them strolled slowly towards the north direction.

There was a couple in front playing badminton with their child along the pavement. Qu Yunxuan helped Dong Xuebing walked towards the left of the sidewalk to avoid them. But as they were walking past the family, footsteps were moving closer to their right and knocked into Dong Xuebing’s right shoulders. “Ouch!” Dong Xuebing shouted. He could feel the pain in his shoulders, and he turned towards his right. “Watch where you are going!”

The middle age man did not apologize and continued his way.

“Xiao Bing, are you ok?” Qu Yunxuan nervously asked.

Dong Xuebing rubbed his shoulder and replied with a frowned. “I’m fine.”

Qu Yunxuan was furious. She shouted at the middle-aged man: “Hey you! Stop right there!”

The middle-aged man turned. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?” Qu Yunxuan angrily replied. “You had knocked into my brother and can’t you even apologize?”

The middle-aged man who was carrying a leather bag replied impatiently: “I only touched him lightly, why should are you making a fuss?”

“My brother’s shoulder was injured, and you had hurt him.” Qu Yunxuan stared at him and said: “I want you to apologize to him now.”

Dong Xuebing felt this man looks familiar. He tried to recall who this person was and where did he see him before.

The man frowned: “Are you crazy?”

“You are the crazy one!” Dong Xuebing was pissed. He points at the man and shouts: “I dare you to say it one more time!”

The man snorted and walked away quickly.

Dong Xuebing was furious and walked faster to chase after him. “Stop right there!”

Qu Yunxuan also wanted to chase after that man. But Dong Xuebing had not recovered. She stopped and pull Dong Xuebing back. “Forget it. It is pointless to argue with that man.”

Dong Xuebing looked at the man’s back and suddenly remembered who that man was. “Aunt Xuan, I remember who that ma was. I had seen him on TV. He is an antique authenticator from a TV program. His surname is Cheng. The host and guests of the program call him Teacher Cheng. He is an expert in authenticating ancient notes and coins.” Dong Xuebing had worked part-time in the Antique City for some time and was interested in antiques. He often watches these programs in his free time.

Qu Yunxuan shook her head. “Such a rude person can also be an expert?”

Dong Xuebing also snorted. “He looks so decent on TV. I didn’t expect his character to be like this in real life.”

Qu Yunxuan’s phone rang, and she answered. “Hello…… hmmmm…… yes…… there is a problem? How come? Then you can speak to him…… me? I am on leave…… What did he say? Cannot?” Qu Yunxuan looked at Dong Xuebing. “How about tomorrow? I will speak to him at his company…… ok…… ah….. must it be today? Wasn’t the project approved?”

Dong Xuebing knew that it was her work. He said: “You should go. Your work is more important.”

Qu Yunxuan hesitated and said: “Fine. I will go back to the office in a while. Bye.”

“Is it your work at the Advertising division?”

Qu Yunxuan nodded. “There are some issues, and they need me to go back and settle it. Sigh…. I can’t even have a peaceful rest on my leave. Let’s go back. I will send you to the hospital first.”

“No. What if you fall down again?”

“Eh, I am not a kid anymore.” Dong Xuebing walked a few steps quickly. “See, my leg has healed. You should go now.”

“But……” Qu Yunxuan looked at him and swiped Dong Xuebing’s fringe to his side. “Then I will go off. You must take care on your way back. Watch out when you are crossing the roads and watch where you are going. When you are walking up the steps, you must walk slower. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, yes, yes…….”

After Qu Yunxuan left, Dong Xuebing rubbed his aching shoulder.

All antique authenticator experts were wealthy, but what’s the use of being wealthy if their characters are like this?

That’s right!


The risk of trading is too high. But I can make money from antiques!

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