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Chapter 1092 The Bicker Between Chiefs

Chapter 1092 The Bicker Between Chiefs

Before Leon could open his mouth to accept Chief Blackbeard and his people's allegiance, Chief Silvertooth and his people came rushing over after discovering another group of warriors was one step ahead of them.

"Your Excellency, I, Chief Silvertooth of the Mighty Whitewolf Tribe, and my people would also like to submit to you! Please accept our allegiance too!"

"Chief Silvertooth, huh? I see you also had the same thoughts as I. Unfortunately, you came late. Hmph, you better wait in line for your turn. We were first!" Chief Blackbear snorted after Chief Silvertooth interrupted at the crucial moment when the supreme being was about to accept them.

"Mim-mim-mim-mim-mim-meh. What are you, a child? Who cares if you came first or not. It's not up to you to decide the order. The supreme being will decide whether to accept us or not," Chief Silvertooth responded cynically yet immaturely.

"You…!" Chief Blackbear felt his blood boil after listening to Chief Silvertooth's mockery.

Nevertheless, Chief Blackbear forcefully calmed himself with a deep breath before asking Chief Silvertooth in a low tone, "Do you dare challenge to a life-or-death battle right now?"

"O-ho, such bloodlust. I'm scared~!" Chief Silvertooth reacted exaggeratedly before shaking his head.

"Why would I want to fight you? If the supreme being accepts all of us, we'll be on the same side. You are directing your killing intent at a potential fellow subordinate under the supreme being. I question your usefulness because it seems like you'll be a problem instead."

"I'm not sure if the supreme being would want to accept a problematic person like you into the ranks. Who knows if you would start killing everyone you bear a grudge against in their sleep or not?" Chief Silvertooth added.

"How dare you question my integrity as a warrior, Chief Silvertooth! You've gone too far with your words!" Chief Blackbear barked furiously.

"Chief Blackbear, please calm down! Chief Silvertooth is intentionally trying to provoke you!" a High-rank Battle King from the Black Warbear Tribe quickly tried to appease his chief.

"You think I don't see that?!" Chief Blackbear snapped before saying, "But how can I endure these insults? Chief Silvertooth is purposely trying to alienate us from the supreme being!"

If they weren't on the same side as the supreme being, they wouldn't be able to sleep in peace at night!

Meanwhile, Chief Ironshield glanced at the two King-rank tribal chiefs bicker with amusement.

Chief Ironshield never thought there would be a day when he would see two great people fight over their submission to the Lord.

Nevertheless, Chief Ironshield didn't find it too surprising. The Lord's power could bring the world to its knees, let alone two King-rank tribal chiefs.

"That's enough, both of you. I will accept everyone," Leon coolly said, having seen enough.

"However, I do not condone any more killing. Enough human blood has been spilled on these lands. I don't care if you verbally abuse each other or beat the sh*t out of each other. But once you are done, I expect you all to hold hands and work together."

"Since you have pledged your allegiance to me, your lives are all mine. Without my permission, you are not allowed to kill each other. Is that clear?"

"Yes, my Lord!" Chief Silvertooth and Chief Blackbear answered along with their people.

"Good! Then you may all rise."

"Thank you, my Lord!"

Eventually, everyone from the Black Warbear Tribe's faction and the Mighty Whitewolf Tribe's faction stood up again.

Afterward, Chief Ironshield stepped forward and said, "With the addition of the Black Warbear Tribe and Mighty Whitewolf Tribe's forces, you now have control over half of the Infertile Plains, my Lord."

"All that is left is the Battle God Palace, Holy Sunfire Tribe, the Northern Region's tribes, and the Eastern Region's tribes. Once you bring these remaining powers under your rule, the Infertile Plains will be unified again."

"Hold on a minute," Chief Silvertooth interrupted before saying, "I can understand the Divine Tortoise Tribe and Western Region's tribes being included, but what about the Southern Region's tribes?"

Chief Ironshield, Chief Sar-Rakshi, and Chief Sul-Dahki glanced at Chief Silvertooth weirdly, causing the person to be taken aback. 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝑜𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝑚

"What?" Chief Silvertooth uttered with surprise.

"You pledged your allegiance to the Lord without knowing who he was, didn't you? Chief Silvertooth?" Chief Ironshield inquired with a particular look.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Because if you knew who the Lord is, you wouldn't mention the Southern Region's tribes, Chief Silvertooth," Chief Ironshield stated before introducing Leon, "Our Lord is the alliance leader of the southern tribes, Young Master Leonhardt."

"But given the Lord's power and the forces under his command, we've already started referring to the Lord as Hegemon Leonhardt," Chief Ironshield added.

"Y-young Master Leonhardt? The Divine Doctor who can cure Demonic Possession?" Chief Silvertooth was startled to learn Leon's identity.

Although the Mighty Whitewolf Tribe was situated in the northern parts of the Infertile Plains' Central Region, Chief Silvertooth had still heard the rumors from the Southern Region.

Chief Silvertooth didn't expect Leon to be as young as he seemed.

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"Such power and capabilities at such a young age… Such envious and heaven-defying talents… This is totally inconceivable…" Chief Silvertooth muttered in his shock.

Suddenly, Chief Silvertooth dropped to one of his knees in front of Leon again and said, "Allow me to pay my respects to you again, my Lord. I do not doubt that you were destined to lead us all."

"That's fine. You may rise."

"Understood, my Lord."

Meanwhile, Chief Blackbear was frozen in shock after learning about Leon's identity as the Divine Doctor from the Darkmoon Tribe.

There had been some friction between the Black Warbear Tribe and the southern tribes. After all, Chief Blackbear had sent warriors to secretly cut off the southern tribes' water supply.

Furthermore, Chief Blackbear had even sent people to bring the Divine Doctor back to the tribe.

Although nothing happened in the end, it wasn't wrong to say that Chief Blackbear had offended the Lord on multiple occasions.

Chief Blackbear wasn't sure if the Lord would punish him for those offenses.

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