Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

509 The Powers Of The Soul Scape & The Era Of Calamity


After that talk I had with the Evil God Fragment, of Tyr, I quickly asked him a few more things before leaving and waking up. One of them was what the fuck is a Soul Scape, and why there is a tiny space inside of my soul.

“A Soul Scape is a special realm within the interior of anybody’s soul…” Tyr said. “Usually they’re underdeveloped and not many can even detect their existence. Only beings of… great power that have at least surpassed what common mortals can do might be able to detect it, but not many even then can use it.”

“Oh? So I am super amazing, aren’t I? Where did all that talk about me being a pathetic mortal went?” I asked with a smirk.

“You’re still a pathetic mortal!” He said angrily. “And well, I suppose you’ve been developing your Soul Scape for a while now. As a Necromancer, you have the innate ability of forming contracts with souls of the dead, this strengthened your Soul Scape, as your soul is directly connected with all the souls of those that serve you.”

“What? So it is because of my friends?” I wondered.

“Not completely because of them, but your “friends” do help in strengthening your Soul Scape. This concept is ancient and this world’s people had barely been able to develop their Soul Scape compared to other worlds within the endless cosmos.” He sighed. “But that’s as much as I can remember around the concept. As a Ghost, you were capable of evolve your soul into this powerful demi-spirit form which gives you an incredible ability no other mortals could achieve within their souls.”

“So because I lack a physical body, I’ve been strengthening my soul with each evolution more than anybody has ever done before? Is that it?” I wondered.

“Indeed, usually, mortals are born with Level Caps to inhibit their growth. However, mortals with certain Heroic or Divine Bloodlines were all able to have higher level caps and grow stronger, some nearing the stage of Demi-Gods. Amongst mortals, monsters are a different thing altogether.” Said Tyr. “I haven’t seen their growth in its totality, but seeing you and your allies, it appears monsters cannot be restrained through Level Cap like the humans and other races can, and can evolve as long as they kill foes and earn more Experience Points through their Soul Books… The only thing I remember well was that my foolish father feared the mortals of the world because they might one day dethrone him if he let them grow too strong, the Level Cap was made to stop this.”

“Wait, what? But Level Cap is horrible, how will people be able to deal with monsters’ ever-growing population? Loki keeps pouring them around the world with the Dungeons.” I sighed.

“There was always a balance from what I remember.” He said. “Nonetheless, about the Soul Scape, this is it. This place, this large piece of realm, it is your Soul Scape.”

“Can I bring people here?!” I asked.

“Only within your dreams, so solely a part of their souls which is named Soul Projections, or Astral Avatars.” Tyr said. “Soul Scape realms are not physical realms, but realms of the mind and subconscious. Nonetheless, you can bring physical things here, but they’ll disappear in some time, completely consumed by the realm and turned into magic power to fuel it.”

“I see… Wait, I can feed my Soul Scape?!” I asked.please visit panda(-)

“Certainly…” The Evil God Fragment said. “If you feed your Soul Scape with high quality items or materials filled with magic essence and elemental essence, the Realm will slowly grow bigger and vaster. Only those that awaken as Demi-Spirits can do this, you’re a pseudo demi-spirit, I would say.”

“Pseudo demi spirit?!” I asked. “There are so many confusing concepts…”

“It is similar to the small spirits you’ve seen floating around. To become a spirit is to become a part of this world’s elements and nature, a way to grow stronger even beyond mortals. But you… No, you’re still lacking too much in power. You need to evolve a few more times before you can grasp this concept.” He said. “Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“Huh, there’s this whole Aether stat in the Status, is this related to it?” I wondered.

“Yes… I guess the path you must take now is feed your Soul Scape with high quality materials while leveling and evolving as much as you can. The Calamity I took over was just a weakling that had yet to fully mature. But there are stronger ones about to be born, there are often times more than seven. The Great Calamities are Seven, representing each Sin, but there are also these in-between Calamities. If they are all wakening and being reborn, it means that they Era of Calamity will soon begin. Monsters will begin pouring from every dungeon in existence and flood the continents, throwing the world into Chaos. This is all Loki’s doing.” Said Tyr.

“Why does he wants to do something so horrible? Is Odin okay with this?” I asked.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m “Odin? My father is the one that suggested this to begin with.” He said.


“Didn’t I tell you? Population grows too much in this vast world filled with vast resources. Therefore, in fear of one of these mortals growing strong enough to overtake him, the Era of Calamity begins once every a few thousands of years, throwing the world into darkness. Monsters become twice, thrice, or even ten times as strong as they used to be, the Calamities awaken within their Grand Labyrinths, and mortals die by the millions.” Said Tyr.

“This is… one of the things I was always against, my father’s atrocities go beyond what a god should truly do. Instead of killing his creations like a barbarian, he should guide them… My father was always traditionalist, too conservative to take new ideas. Perhaps this was a reason why he disliked me and wanted to get rid of me before I became too much of a threat against his kingship.”



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