Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

510 The Next Morning


When I woke up, it seemed that several hours have passed. I ended oversleeping because I talked a lot with Tyr, which I asked many questions. He had his memories lost, but whatever remained of his common knowledge was amazing. Although that was all of it, he didn’t really knew more than that. If I want him to regain more memories, I should find more of his fragments and eat them. That’ll slowly unify his will from each fragment, and it might also help me grow stronger as well… Hopefully.

He also said I still have to evolve a couple times before I could even grasp the concept of being a demi-spirit, whatever that truly means. I guess to grow stronger and surpass what a mortal is capable of, a person must become this sort of “demi-spirit” by channeling their elemental aptitudes and “merging” them with the world around them. Similarly to how gods are capable of representing an element, and the spirits being the pillars and materializations of such elements.

So to reach higher heights, I have to become like… a goddess of death and darkness? Well, death, darkness, poison, and illusion, I suppose. Those four are my elemental affinities, but maybe just sticking with Death would be for the best for now. Ah, not like I even know how to “connect with the world” or whatever, so I’ll have to just wait for an opportunity if it ever arises.

And… do I even want to go that far to begin with? My only plans right now is slapping the vampires to death and getting my little brother back with me, after that, I just want to chill out. But I suppose the Era of Calamity is going to push me into growing stronger if I ever want to survive and protect my village… and well, the places that I’ve grown closer to, such as the Duchy of Affnaria and the Dwarf Country. And maybe Iceland Kingdom too, I mean they’re my neighbors and they don’t discriminate against any race either. Even Majin were not discriminated, just looked “weird upon” mostly due to their rarity.

Tribes of Majin and even less families are very rare after the Majin Kingdom was destroyed in this continent. Most human duchies in the Human Kingdoms ruling the continent hunt them down and don’t allow them to become citizens. Duchess Julia with her new laws and strength has managed to ban discrimination in her duchy but she’s a small exception. There’s also the Iceland Kingdom, small compared to everything else, but that doesn’t discriminate either, probably due to its history of being created by the combination of many unified tribes led by humans.

I guess if I ever want to protect what matters to me, I’ll have to grow stronger and maybe… Just maybe, not so sure, become a goddess. Although I feel like being one would be surely a pain in the phantasmal ass. However, if its inevitable to stop the threats from knocking at my door, I might begin to think that’s my next goal, power-level wise.

For now, however, I want to know if anybody else could be within “demi spirit” grasp aside from myself, so I quickly called Tyr’s will. I discovered I was able to bring him out as a small dark phantom if I wanted, connected to me.

Strangely enough, he had become something similar to a small Darkness and Miasma Spirit and resembled a ball of darkness with a single red eye. I am capable of summoning and unsummoning him at will using my Skills, and as long as I want to, he can even see and hear what I see. But of course I’ll block that whenever I am not asking for his help, I don’t want him to creepily peep at my daily life with my wives and my husband, that would be super weird.

However, for now, as Lucifer and Nyx were still sleeping soundly, I brought him out. He looked angry that I was forcing him to cooperate or something, he’s a grumpy little bastard after all.

“Ggrrr, why do I have to do this?!” He asked angrily.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m “Shut up and just analyze them.” I sighed. “Check if they can be demi spirits yet or something…”

“Nnggh…” Tyr groaned, as his single red eyes shone brightly, analyzing the two in front of him and scanning their bodies using the red light coming out of them. “Ah…”please visit panda(-)

“What?” I wondered.

“That guy, he’s that one dragon, isn’t he? He still needs more levels but he does look promising, he acquired something similar to Hel’s Divine Protection, so he has high chances of grasping the possibility of being a demi-spirit. Ancient Dragons are very powerful and the descendants of the Ancient Dragon Progenitors, the former guardians of the world and the children of Tiamat, the Mother of Creation… They have the potential to become Divine Dragons and regain the power of their divine bloodlines. There’s something called Draconic Records… or something, I can’t remember well, it might be the key for him to grow stronger.” He said.

“And the girl?” I asked.

“She’s… well, the method that was used to make her hatch is incredible, but it seems you and several others transferred part of their powers into her, right? She has a bright future ahead, that little brat…” He said while groaning. “She’ll probably also become a Divine Dragon, maybe even easily than her father.”

“Oooh! Little Nyx might be extremely talented, hehe.” I giggled. “It was as nice plan to give her a lot of Mana and even a piece of my soul when I touched her egg. If I ever have a child, she’ll definitely be the strongest.” I laughed, suddenly waking her up.

“Mwuh… Mama…” She said, looking at me with her beautiful eyes.

“Ah, Nyx, sorry for waking you up…” I sighed, caressing her head.


Ah, right, babies often cry when they feel uncomfortable.

She began to cry and ended waking up her father.


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