She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1503 - 1503 Second Round of the Preliminary Competition, Connection

Chapter 1503 - 1503 Second Round of the Preliminary Competition, Connection

1503 Second Round of the Preliminary Competition, Connection

Everyone saw Yu Huang’s hand grab towards the void above the isolation bottle. She grabbed something and seemed to have sensed something. Soon, Yu Huang released her fingers and pressed the green button without hesitation.

Seeing this, Jing Jiaren raised her eyebrows.

Jing Ruge said thoughtfully, “Could it be that Yu Huang completed the assessment so quickly?”

Out of curiosity, the President personally walked in front of Yu Huang and asked her cautiously, “Rank 1 Wizard Yu Huang, have you completed the assessment?”

Yu Huang nodded.


She said, “I don’t know the language of the Divination Continent, so I’ll tell you the answer directly.”

This wasn’t against the rules.

The President nodded and said, “Please speak.”

Yu Huang nodded slightly. Then, she said calmly, “The demon beast in front of me is a level-three demon beast, the White Fish Witch. It was born in the Quiet Night Spring 150 years ago. Three days ago, it was successfully captured by a man in a black suit with a yellow fishing net. Ever since then, it has been trapped in this isolation bottle.”

After a pause, Yu Huang’s gaze swept across the surrounding staff. Then, she suddenly pointed at a young male cultivator in a black suit and said, “The staff who caught the White Fish Witch is that man.”

Everyone was in an uproar.

Everyone looked at the young male cultivator in the black suit at the same time.

The male cultivator looked at Yu Huang in shock and swallowed hard.

He was extremely shocked.

The President asked the male cultivator, “Is what she said right?”

The male cultivator nodded as he said, “She’s right. I did use a yellow fishing net that day and was indeed wearing a black suit.”

Upon hearing this, all the participants became shocked. Jing Jiaren looked at Yu Huang in amazement.

Clearly, she was stunned by Yu Huang’s performance.

Even she was unable to see the details of her demon beast’s past. She could only see the general process. However, Yu Huang could accurately reveal the birthplace of the demon beast and the appearance of the staff who captured it. She even knew what clothes he was wearing and what tool he used.

They were using divination to sense the information of the item, while Yu Huang was ‘seeing’ the information of such an item through the power of a clairvoyant.

The information they could sense was limited, but what Yu Huang could see was clear and vivid.

The information card only said that the White Fish Witch was born in the Quiet Night Spring, but Yu Huang could tell the White Fish Witch’s past. Yu Huang’s performance stunned everyone.

The President suddenly laughed softly. “Very good!” He affirmed Yu Huang’s performance in public.

After Yu Huang stood up, she nodded at the other participants in the same group and went to Jing Jiaren’s side quietly. Then, she sat with her as she waited for the second test to be held. At this moment, all the surrounding family members focused their attention on Yu Huang.

At this moment, the same word flashed across their minds—


No wonder such a genius became a follower recognized by Prime Emperor Divine Miracle.

Jing Jiaren tilted her head and said to Yu Huang, “You’ve really been hiding your strength.” These words were an affirmation, not mockery.

Yu Huang smiled and said, “I didn’t hide my strength. In fact, I don’t know why the Divination Eye determined that I’m a Level 1 Wizard.”

After Jing Jiaren thought about it, she frowned and concluded with an impassive expression, “There might have been an error.”

Yu Huang chuckled.

Soon, a few younger participants passed the test one after another.

Jing Jiaren told Yu Huang, “The 12 young clairvoyants who pass the test first will be the strongest opponents I need to pay attention to the most.” After a pause, Jing Jiaren added, “They will also be competitors you need to pay attention to. Of course, so am I.”

Yu Huang understood what Jing Jiaren meant.

Just based on her outstanding performance in the first round, Jing Jiaren classified her and the other 12 young clairvoyants as powerful clairvoyants worthy of her ‘vigilance’.

It seemed like she couldn’t keep a low profile even if she wanted to.

Forget it, forget it. With her looks, she was destined to be unable to keep a low profile.

Since she couldn’t keep a low profile, then…

She would shock the entire venue!

* *

After the first round of testing ended, nearly half of the five thousand participants were eliminated.

When Yu Huang returned to team 100, there were only five participants left in the team.

They sat around the emptiest table present. However, because of Yu Huang, Team 100 was destined to become the center of attention.

“Attention, the second round of assessment is about to begin. Please send your Spirit Tool into the arena.”

A Grand Master cultivator escorted a mysterious item covered in a red cloth into Hall 1. The item was placed beside the President, who President flew into the sky again. He wrapped the thing in the red cloth with boundless spiritual energy as he shouted, “Rise!”


The red cloth was sent flying, and the thing hidden inside rose up. It was held up by the President with his spiritual energy and floated in the sky above the hall without moving.

Yu Huang and the others raised their heads as well and finally saw the appearance of the Spirit Tool clearly.

It was a broken black pipe. The shaft of the pipe was broken, leaving only the pipe holding the cigarette.

As soon as she saw the pipe, Yu Huang’s heart suddenly ached.

This thing…

Yu Huang clutched the table in front of her silently. Then, she heard the President say, “This item was salvaged from a mud beside the Wei River 300 years ago. What it was, who its owner was when it was alive, and what kind of battle it had experienced when it was alive are all unknown. The Cultivation World’s Cultivation Heritage Research Institute has studied it for 300 years and concluded that this is a divine artifact. Before it was destroyed, it probably belonged to a certain Divine Master.”

“Everyone, in the first round, we tested your ‘comprehension’.” The clairvoyant had to comprehend the object through the power of divination, but couldn’t actually touch the item.

This was the basic ability of a clairvoyant.

“In the second round, what we are going to test is your ’empathic abilities’.” The President stared at the pipe sadly as he said, “If you can successfully communicate with it through touch, you can predict its complete appearance before it breaks. If you can draw the appearance of the divine artifact you predicted within the specified time, you will pass.”

“Now, all participants, please take turns coming forward to touch it.”

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