She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 1504 - 1504 Yu Huang Gets Full Marks

Chapter 1504 - 1504 Yu Huang Gets Full Marks

1504 Yu Huang Gets Full Marks

Clairvoyants who had successfully advanced and stayed behind were all very capable clairvoyants that had empathic abilities. Before they really got close to the pipe, they could already sense the sorrow and indignance of the pipe.

As a Purifying Spirit Master, Yu Huang not only sensed the sorrow of the pipe, but she also sensed some grievous energy.

All the divine artifacts that were destroyed were filled with grievous energy.

Every participant could only touch the divine artifact for five seconds. Therefore, very quickly, all the participants finished touching the divine artifact. When they touched the surface of the divine artifact, some participants with profound divination skills revealed pained expressions and groaned.

Jing Jiaren did as well.


As for some weaker clairvoyants, although they couldn’t sense the pain of the divine artifact, they all revealed uncomfortable expressions.

When it was Yu Huang’s turn, just as she reached out her hand, the power of the universe flashed across her eyes. Following that, an invisible hand grabbed her wrist tightly and suddenly brought her to a forest filled with maple leaves. The orange sunset shone on the maple forest and passed through the layers of leaves before landing on a woman in a black robe.

The woman was lying on a rock. Her sexy and muscular long legs were exposed from under her wide skirt. They were crossed charmingly and seductively on the maple leaves.

She held a black pipe in her right hand and smoked in a leisurely manner.

As she smoked, blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

At this moment, the pipe suddenly turned into a youth in a black silk robe. After the youth squatted in front of the woman and saw the blood at the corner of the woman’s mouth, he could feel the woman’s vitality rapidly depleting. His handsome eyes were filled with tears.

“Luo Yan.” The young man hugged the woman and leaned against the maple forest.

Blood was gurgling out of the woman’s abdomen. She looked at the young man’s pained face with dazed eyes as she said in a pained tone, “Black Bean, I’m afraid I won’t have time to attend your coming-of-age ceremony.” She took out a jade pendant shaped like a maple leaf and hung it around the young man’s neck.

The young man had fair skin and wore a blood-red maple leaf pendant around his neck, making him look even more handsome.

“Black Bean, I gave you your Divine Sense and body, but I can’t teach you to be a real person. This is good too. You, who don’t understand human feelings, won’t understand pain and nostalgia. Black Bean, I’ll be going now. Please take care.”

The woman died in the arms of the black-clothed youth.

The young man cast a barrier into space and isolated them from the outside world.

The young man hugged the woman in black and leaned against the thick maple tree behind him while sitting there motionlessly.

He hugged the woman through the cold winter, vibrant spring, passionate summer, and the heart-wrenching autumn. They spent year after year together, and the maple leaves turned from green to red until the trees withered and no new sprouts grew anymore.

The woman’s black hair had fallen from her skull long ago and landed between the young man’s legs. One day, the young man opened his eyes and lowered his eyes to stare at the white skeleton in his arms. He picked up a strand of dry black hair with his fingertips and wanted to reattach it for the woman, but he couldn’t.

He stubbornly repeated the process, but he kept failing.

In the end, the youth completely broke down. He hugged the skeleton tightly as he wailed in pain. “If I didn’t understand human feelings, how could I have been willing to transform into a mortal for you?”

“Luo Yan, bring me south.”


Due to the death of its master, the divine artifact chose to self-destruct. The divine artifact was divided into two and wandered around for years.

* *

“Yu Huang, it’s time.” The President’s voice entered Yu Huang’s ears and suddenly pulled her back to the real world.

When Yu Huang looked up at the President, tears streamed down her face.

When the President saw the tears on Yu Huang’s face, he was stunned and asked in shock, “What… did you see?”

Yu Huang shook her head and returned to her seat in silence.

When the hourglass began to drip, the participants picked up their brushes one after another. Some drew directly, while others pondered over it. Most of the participants had no idea what to draw.

Jing Jiaren drew a black pipe and wrote the word “black bean” at the root of the pipe.

Then, she pressed the green button.

Seeing that Jing Jiaren had become the first to complete the mission again, the surrounding family members nodded in admiration. Old Madam Jing, who was sitting on the second floor, also revealed a satisfied look. The president took Jing Jiaren’s painting and saw that the painting was exactly the same as the correct answer provided by the elders. Even the words “black bean” on the pipe were exactly correct. He nodded in satisfaction and praised, “This generation of the Jing family is very impressive.”

When they heard the President praising Jing Jiaren, the expressions of the other heirs of the divination families turned ugly.

At this moment, everyone couldn’t help but look at Yu Huang.

However, they saw that Yu Huang had not started.

Could it be that she had not successfully foreseen the complete appearance of that pipe?

However, when they saw Professor Song with his arms crossed in front of him and his calm expression, they calmed down.

Perhaps it wasn’t time yet, or perhaps Yu Huang wasn’t impatient.

Gradually, a few more powerful clairvoyants gave their answers.

When there were only two-thirds of the hourglass left, Yu Huang finally finished drawing. With a few strokes, she outlined the appearance of a black pipe. Just like Jing Jiaren, she also wrote the words “black bean” at the end of the pipe. However, unlike the answer given by Jing Jiaren and the others, there was something else in her drawing.

She added a red maple leaf pendant to the tail of the pipe.

Yu Huang pressed the green button in the last few seconds.

The President heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Yu Huang finally press the button.

Fortunately, she was on time.

The President came to Yu Huang’s side and lowered his head to glance at Yu Huang’s drawing. When he saw it, he revealed a stunned expression. “This…” The President hesitated for a moment and said to Yu Huang to wait a moment before taking the drawing away. Then, he turned around and revealed the drawing for everyone to see.

On the second floor, when Old Madam Jing saw Yu Huang’s painting, a shocked expression appeared in her eyes.

After Professor Song saw the full drawing, he smiled mysteriously. That smile was filled with indescribable smugness.

“Yu Huang.” Old Madam Jing couldn’t help but ask Yu Huang, “Are you sure you don’t want to change your drawing?”

Yu Huang nodded firmly. “No.”

Upon hearing this, Old Madam Jing and the other elders exchanged looks before glancing at Prime Emperor Divine Miracle. Old Madam Jing asked Yu Huang, “Can you tell us why there is this maple leaf pendant on your pipe?”

As Jing Jiaren stared at the pendant, she frowned.

She had also seen the appearance of the pipe, but she didn’t see the maple leaf pendant.

Was she mistaken, or was Yu Huang mistaken?

Yu Huang stood up and looked at the pipe in the void as she said sorrowfully, “This pipe is called Black Bean. Its owner was called Luo Yan. Before Senior Luo Yan died, she gave a maple leaf pendant to Black Bean. Later, Black Bean dispersed all its spiritual energy and returned to the form of a divine artifact. At the end of the divine artifact, a maple leaf pendant appeared.”

When everyone heard this, discussions broke out in the hall again.

The participants questioned Yu Huang’s answer.

Only Old Madam Jing, the elders, the supervisory referees, and the powerful clairvoyants sitting in the audience remained silent.

This was because a small number of them had also foreseen Black Bean’s appearance before he died.

Among the many participants, Yu Huang was the only one who had foreseen Black Bean’s final appearance before he died.

One had to know that Yu Huang was a participant who had been deemed to be a Level 1 Wizard by the Divination Eye. However, her performance surpassed that of all the other participants, even Jing Jiaren, who was hailed as the number one divination genius in the Divination Continent.

Yu Huang was indeed not as simple as she seemed.

Seeing that her father and grandmother didn’t say anything, Jing Jiaren realized that Yu Huang was the winner of this round.

Old Madam Jing suddenly laughed and said, “Yu Huang gave the most perfect answer for this round. She should get full marks.”

Full marks was 10.

On the other hand, Jing Jiaren and the others only had a score of eight, which was the passing score.

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