Chapter 298 Secret

"Wait?! You want to run in his trap?" Yasmine asked stupefied as she looked deeply at Kyle, who nodded his head calmly.

Kyle had just announced that he wanted to go to the Cave of the Lost Arc, whether the Guild Master was following them or not. 𝚋𝚎𝚍𝚗o𝚟𝚎𝚕.org

It didn't really matter to Kyle because he figured something quite interesting,

"What stage do you think the Guild Master is at?" He asked in return.

"His Cultivation stage…no idea, probably Peak of the Malyr stage?" Yasmine didn't know the answer but she didn't think that the Guild Master was much stronger than the Malyr stage.

"At most, at the stage above, otherwise, he would have long since averted his focus from the Shalivra valley. He seemed to be too focused on the Sadorla forest and the potential enhancing flower to be much stronger…" Yasmine stayed honest with her thoughts and revealed them without hesitation.

"I thought about the same. If he is at the Peak of the Malyr stage, he will require quite some time to pass through the Shalivra valley. That is a somewhat important side-note to the fact that we can test out a few things about the Lost Arc when we reach it before the Guild Master. The Quetzalcoatl shouldn't be that hard to handle. It's just a legendary beast at the Mid or Peak Acerta stage.

As long as we lead it to a beast at the Malyr stage, they will wrestle it out," Kyle said, waving off his hand. The more Kyle spoke, the weirder his reasoning seemed. His words didn't really make sense, which was mostly because he forgot to mention one particular fact, a fact that would change everything.

"Furthermore, there is a beast that exceeds the Malyr stage under the forbidden forest. If the Guild Master tries something funny, the beast will probably appear and tear him apart. Then he is done for good and we are happy," Kyle said quite nonchalantly while everyone else looked at him in stupor.

"Since when is there such a powerful monster below the forbidden forest?!" Yasmine exclaimed in surprise, staring daggers at Kyle for hiding such an important fact.

"Oh? I didn't tell you guys? The entire forbidden forest is swept through by the hues of development of a single beast that habituates near the center of the forbidden forest, below it to be precise," He said while smiling faintly. It was almost as if Kyle didn't think that this was something important. However, that was not the case. He was fully aware of how important that fact was.

"And….why are we still here then? That beast could be waiting for someone, or rather, you, to activate the Lost Arc?!" Selene joined the complaints and stared at Kyle with a gaze that caused his entire body to feel itchy and as if he had to hide from Selene. However, he could only nod his head, agreeing with Selene's comment.

"I guess it's in a hibernating state right now. At least, that monster didn't move a single inch since we entered the forbidden forest," Kyle shrugged his shoulders as if it was not important as he added, "...and that beast I just mentioned is probably the black dragon from whom we got the scales, either way. So we are lucky, yay…"

"WAIT. A. DAMN. MINUTE!" Beatrice suddenly shouted out, her face flushed red.

"You fucking know that there is a black dragon below the forbidden forest, and you tell us about it now?? Who cares whether that black dragon was able to talk to you once when you were brought to the flying island, or that we found a second scale that turned out to be a map…You are talking about a fucking BLACK DRAGON!" Beatrice shouted out, visibly enraged. For the first time in her entire life, she felt like punching Kyle in the guts.

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She clearly knew how dangerous black dragons were. If one were to face one, running was the only logical solution. Try to fight it, and you may as well use the last second you are alive to create you own grave.

"That Black Dragon is an Old Soul, and she seemed nice when we talked…so I'm not really scared… Our pursuer worries me more than the black dragon…" Kyle tried to excuse himself. He honestly didn't really care much about the black dragon below the forbidden forest.

After all, their pursuer's strength was manyfold higher than the black dragon's. He could tell that just by looking at her paths of development.

"You are….unbelievable…" Beatrice declared with a deep sigh. She couldn't handle Kyle right now because she felt betrayed that Kyle didn't tell her and the others about the black dragon. It was obvious that his words made sense in a certain way.

He talked to the Black Dragon once, she brought him to the flying island to make him stronger. Beatrice should be thankful for the Black dragon because she had allowed her to meet Kyle. However, that didn't change the fact that a black dragon…was a black dragon.

Whether Old Soul or first born a Black Dragon on Shima didn't matter to Beatrice. She had heard more than enough stories about black dragons to tell that their instinctive behavior was filled with creating chaos, terror and destruction.

"Can someone hit him for me, please?" Beatrice asked with fury in her eyes. Because of the Blood pact, she couldn't injure him. In fact, even her current thoughts of injuring him caused Beatrice tremendous pain.

"I gladly do that," Selene suddenly said as darkness shrouded both of her arms. She stepped forward with anger in her eyes, ready to beat Kyle to a pulp.

She was just to punch Kyle when he revealed something else the women didn't know about.

"I told Jaden about it, and Aurora knows that the black dragon lives before the Cave of the Lost Arc!!" Kyle issued at once before he acted quickly using the winds to push himself in the air. He created the Wings of Ilusia to disappear in the woods where he sealed his cultivation base at once.

"Beat up Jaden and Aurora first, if you want to release your stress at someone, Selene!" Kyle shouted before he hid away.

He felt a bit childish right now but his life was more important.

[You messed up big this time…] The voice of the devouring tree seedling resounded in his head to which Kyle could only grumble,

"Shut it, or I will give the black dragon a big more healthy food to gobble down…"

The devouring tree seedling turned quiet after Kyle threatened it, but it had already voiced its opinion so it didn't really matter.

Yasmine emerged behind him all of a sudden with a faint smile on her face. However, this smile looked extremely devilish as she said,

"It looks like you forgot that my eyes are a bit special. Did you really think that you could hide away from me?" She asked in her most gentle voice, causing Kyle to feel shivers run down his spine.

"Not really. I just wanted to tell you that the Black Dragon will definitely not attack us and that we won't really have any problems with the Guild Master. So let's just go to the Cave of the Lost Arc and see how everything unfolds.

Nothing will happen to you guys!" Kyle said in a serious tone. He didn't act like he was acting nonchalant anymore. In fact, he sounded extremely confident that nothing would happen to the others.

"You are really weird but you know that, right?" She asked with a stiff smile.

"Of course, I know that. But that's my charm!" Kyle said proudly before he looked down to the others as he added in a seemingly light tone.

"Nothing will happen to you guys, I bet my soul on that! Just trust me"

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