Chapter 299 You Are Dead???

Kyle's weird behavior was accepted by everyone after they were allowed to beat him to a pulp. Nobody really hit him hard, and Jaden didn't even think about hitting him but it was obvious that the girls were frustrated that he had been silent about a few things.

First of all, there was the fact that a powerful beast was likely to hibernate below the Cave of the Lost Arc. Second, that beast was the Black Dragon, which Kyle figured owing to the paths of development that were in resonance with the dragon scales in his possession.

Kyle trusted the Black Dragon, who was an Old Soul and he believed that it would never ever injure him. This was weird, especially because another Old Soul was likely to be on his way to find the Lost Arc, the key, and the key-wielder.

Kyle was the individual, who could wield the key, so he was the key-wielder. He was also in possession of the key, and was on his way to the Lost Arc.

Thus, the Guild Master was likely to find him soon enough. The only advantage they had was the fact that the Quetzalcoatl shouldn't be able to deal with some of the strongest beasts in the forbidden forest. It didn't dare to approach the forbidden forest too close, which was a good sign.

That was why they didn't leave the forbidden forest. After all, the Quetzalcoatl could follow them the moment they left the forbidden forest, which would result in Kyle getting caught and the others probably burned to death.

Instead of avoiding the Cave of the Lost Arc, Kyle trusted that the Black Dragon would save them, or that their pursuer would do something to rescue them if necessary.

In the worst case, Kyle would just open the Lost Arc for the Guild Master, and close it once the Guild Master entered it. Rather than dying, he would sacrifice a golden opportunity if that was necessary to survive. The forbidden forest in its entirety was already exceptional, especially with Kyle's abilities.

The three women noticed that it was not necessary to be too scared. Nonetheless, they felt that Kyle acted a little bit odd, almost as if he knew what was going to happen.

Something didn't add together and they wanted to figure out what it was. To their misfortune, Kyle said that nothing was wrong and he was perfectly fine, which was even weirder. Kyle was one of the few people who was the most worried if something didn't go according to his plan.

However, it was not as if they could force Kyle to speak. Almost two months passed before their group reached their final destination, the Cave of the Lost Arc.

The entrance was almost exactly in the center of the forbidden forest. It was well hidden under numerous huge trees that towered above everyone else. The oak trees were humongous but that wouldn't be a problem for the devouring tree seedling.

"Buddy, I will plant you soon. Let's just comb through the cave first, to make sure that we will be safe. Afterward, the surface is all hours!" Kyle simply decided without giving the devouring tree seedling the chance to complain.

[Okaayyyy] The devouring tree seedling answered in Kyle's head.

"Why does it look so simple?" Selene asked in confusion. She expected something grand, like a ginormous entrance or a huge gate that locked the gate. The interior of the cavern entrance was supposed to be built and renovated in an elegant way that screamed 'special place', or something like that.

However, the reality was different because the entrance of the cave was three meter high and five meter wide, ordinary entrance. Ordinary stones and the least special dirt could be seen within. There were not even crystals inside or any ore deposits.

"It basically says 'here is nothing special'... Are we really right here?" Beatrice asked. Even she was confused and thought that they may be wrong.

However, Kyle smiled as sweat trickled down his temples. He could clearly sense the Black Dragon's presence. In fact, her voice reverberated through his head a few days ago.

[Finally, you are here, youngest of the Old Souls! I've been waiting for you for a long…a very long time!] She said, and Kyle could clearly tell that her voice only resounded in his mind.

Everyone else looked at the entrance of the Cave in doubt while Kyle felt the heavy pressure of the Black Dragon weighing on him.

His body felt like giving in and collapsing to the ground but Kyle didn't want to accept this.

'What do you mean, you waited for me? That doesn't make sense, especially not that you waited for me for a long time….why are you even underground? Shouldn't you rule your territory, whether it's land or air instead of staying underground?!' Kyle had so many questions but he quickly noticed that speaking in his mind didn't mean that his voice reached the Black Dragon.

[Don't even try to speak with me, You won't reach me through voice transmission. My physical body died a long time ago. I can only speak to you because it's you…the youngest of us, the one, who can see and control souls…]

"Huh??? You are dead?" Kyle blurted out in doubt. His face paled and he felt as if someone had hit him hard on the head. 𝙗𝒆𝒅𝙣𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝒏𝙚𝙩

"Who is dead?" Yasmine asked as she emerged next to him.

"The…the Black Dragon below the Cave of the Lost Arc….She is already dead…" Kyle mumbled quietly before he heard her voice in his head once again.

I think you should take a look at 𝑏𝑒𝘥𝑛𝘰𝑣𝑒𝑙.𝘤𝑜𝘮

[Don't worry, my Soul is still well preserved inside my body. You can take my heart and devour it…or something like that. It will strengthen you. As for my soul, please devour it as well…I want this charade to end, thanks!]

Kyle's lip twitched when he heard this because it looked like the Black Dragon was a nonchalant and easy-going woman.

There was only one problem; there was nobody who would defeat the Guild Master for him…

"That has to be a fucking joke…was my premonition correct?"

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