Stealing Spree

Chapter 1459 Irony

As soon as Aoi got filled in with the current circumstances as well as the suggestion I made, it only took a heartbeat for her to hop on-board the plan to help her older friend.

As she's someone who cared a lot about Ohori-senpai considering helping the girl was the first time she turned to me for help, Aoi's anger towards the guy was near-insurmountable. She even shakingly expressed her rage and vowed to ruin him for turning her friend as an outlet of his fetish.

Uh. That sounded a little ironic, didn't it? I also used her as an outlet for my desire, after all. But then again, even if someone pointed it out, I doubt Aoi would be bothered with that irony. Circumstances have changed for us and our relationship has already evolved to something far deeper than before whereas Ohori-senpai had just started becoming subjected to something she didn't ask for from someone she devotedly put her heart on.

"Argh… I'll cut his head off if possible… But if Ohori-nee doesn't want to expose him, what about making him believe that he doesn't have the right to feel that way?" After expressing her rage into words like that, Aoi soon raised another suggestion.

Something different than what we already talked about before her arrival.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?"

The same as Ohori-senpai, I couldn't help but be a little puzzled with the way she worded it.

I probably overlooked something from all the facts and details presented.

Before answering that, Aoi threw me a side glance while her lips curved up into a smirk. "Simple. Renounce your love for him and… declare that you're already in love with darling."

"Eh? Why…? How will it help? Won't it just make him more depraved. We told you… he thought we're in a physical relationship because we went into that love hotel and that's what's fueling his delusion." Ohori-senpai expressed her confusion.

"She's right, Aoi. Care to explain it to use why you think it's that simple?" And likewise, I also expressed my doubt.

Judging from how confident the girl was at bringing that up, I may have truly overlooked something.

"Tsk tsk. Looks like you're sleeping on the obvious hints here… But okay. I'll have you two understand what you're missing. Especially you, darling…" Aoi turned to me and poked my forehead before giggling. In a way, she's enjoying this situation wherein I was also a little clueless.

It might not be the first time but… My girls do love being ahead of me even if it's something trivial.

"That guy, he proclaimed his love to you and you reciprocated it. Am I correct, Ohori-nee?" Aoi started.

Her friend nodded timidly, confirming it.

"He cheated on you on the premise that he's pushing you to cheat on him as well. Possibly, because you never really snapped even after finding out what he's doing, he believed that your love for him was that strong. Like, nothing could topple it down no matter how much he cheated on you."

"Uh… I can't deny that. I was still holding onto the glimmer of hope that he'd change… Until I realized what he really wanted me to do…"

Ohori-senpai lowered her head in shame. When she glanced up again, she looked at me while feeling a little apologetic. Most likely, she's sorry for involving me in her mess.

In any case, that's not important for now. Since I was also trying to understand what Aoi was trying to tell us here… I somehow managed to grasp the essence of it.

It's Ohori-senpai's love or affection.

"And there it is… Ohori-nee, because he still believed that you love him and that you went to the love hotel with darling while still feeling that way, his fantasy kept on getting fueled by it. Moreover, he interpreted all of your attempts to talk to him as you, chasing for his love."

"That… I don't understand…"

"Uh. Let me help you with that, senpai. He's in that delusion because he believes you still love him despite doing it with me. His mind was closed off to that fact. That's why… he kept on bringing that up when you're alone. If I have to guess and if I consider your desire to talk to him first, you have yet to tell him the state of your feelings for him."

"Correct! So, Ohori-nee. Let us ask you. Do you still love him?"

"I… I honestly haven't processed it yet. All I know is… I don't want him to misunderstand my relationship with Onoda-kun. He's there only because I brought him in. I dragged him into my mess."

"I love that you're concerned for darling, Ohori-nee." Perhaps deriving another meaning from what her friend said, Aoi giggled in satisfaction. "That aside, even if you haven't processed it yet, you said you're going to break up with him. My suggestion still stands. Even if it's a lie, if you renounce your love for him and present darling as the one who you hold dear at the present, his source of depravity would disappear."

In other words, if Ohori-senpai stopped loving him, no matter who will be linked to the girl, he'll become no more than an outsider or a past relationship to her. His fetish was close to having the girl he shares mutual love with being embraced by another guy.

Aoi only added that Ohori-senpai has to declare it to be me to double down in crushing the cuck.

Since Ohori-senpai was taking a while to fully digest Aoi's words, my unruly girl turned to me and whispered, "Do you get it now, darling? Unlike you who initially didn't care whether you love us or not, that guy is bound to only satisfy his desire if the girl remains in love with him. I know it. You're looking at their situation through the lens of someone who did something worse. But let me tell you this, you eventually won our love while he's always bound to lose the girl he loves even if it's not Ohori-nee."

Yeah. Right. While she's right on all of that, she's also looking at this situation through the lens of someone who suffered a close to similar experience… I ordered her to return to her ex after I conquered her before and she kept at it even after I cut her off… She probably found this eerily similar just that, I also ordered her not to be intimate to the guy while Ohori-senpai's cuck boyfriend wanted to hear or see her being ravaged by another.

Haa. In a way, this became a lookback on our own experience.

"Yeah… You handled this better than me. It's really the right call to tell you to come."

"Heh… I expect a reward, darling. Also… I won't ask you to take Ohori-nee in but I hope you remain friends with her."

"Mhm. I sure will." 𝚋𝚎𝚍no𝚟el.𝚌om

Even without her saying that, I already saw the girl as another friend that I could help out given that I already involved myself with her like this.

As for whether she would fall for me… I'd leave that up to fate. What's important is… to pull her out of her miserable situation.

Soon afterwards, Ohori-senpai eventually agreed with Aoi's suggestion. And before doing so, she turned to me with imploring eyes, confirming my stance on it.

I nodded right away which earned me another look of gratitude from her.

Around five minutes later, the three of us walked out of the café, Aoi remained stuck on my side while Ohori-senpai took my other side, still holding onto the hem of my clothes.

Whether that was a conscious action or not, I had no idea. But with this, I walked them back to that same alley before separating from the two girls. Naturally, I didn't forget to reward my girl with more of my affection.

Since she somehow watched that from the side, Ohori-senpai found difficulty in meeting my gaze right after.

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