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Chapter 2125 - 2125 Running Out of Fighter Planes, the Battle Begins

Chapter 2125 - 2125 Running Out of Fighter Planes, the Battle Begins

2125 Running Out of Fighter Planes, the Battle Begins

At Thanos’s order, his warship finally exploded with terrifying combat ability.

The energy cannons opened fire and destroyed 11 of Earth’s battleships in just a minute.

Two of them were Wakandan vibranium battleships, which had been trying to break through the warship’s protective shield, and weren’t far from succeeding.

At the same time, a large number of fighter planes flew out.


These were the bodyguards on Thanos’s warship, who had only just officially been mobilized.

Then, big worm battleships roared out from behind the fighter planes.

As they fired wildly at Earth’s fighter planes, they quickly approached Earth’s battleships, greatly disrupting their firepower.

In just a minute, the upper hand which Earth’s allied forces had fought for after more than two hours disappeared.

If this continued, they would be completely defeated in an hour.

However, the Justice League reserve members were still fighting valiantly.

The Avengers were also gradually approaching the battlefield in space.

Frank watched coldly as the damage they were taking continued to increase. He finally sent a message to Knight. “It’s time for us old fellows to take action. Otherwise, you’ll be discovered before you get inside.”

Pondering for a moment, Luke agreed.

The situation was similar to what he had expected. These remaining battleships which Earth had hidden wouldn’t change the situation on the battlefield.

But as long as Thanos’s fleet was thoroughly routed, there would be many ways to deal with Thanos’s remaining warship.

It was just like how the four-armed monsters could wear down the superheroes.

Thanos’s warship was still very formidable without help, but there would be many weaknesses.

So, this was the final battle.

Giant portals opened again, and ten quasi-first-class battleships charged out.

Frank, Damon, Ivan, Angel, Alice and Splinter each piloted one battleship.

Joseph and Carrie, on the other hand, piloted two battleships each. One was good at logical calculations, and the other had extraordinary Mental Strength. They were far faster at piloting the battleships.

Ursa Minor’s battleships already could no longer be used. Joseph and Carrie had given up control earlier, and had rested for more than ten minutes, waiting to take action with the veteran team members.

These ten new battleships were already the most advanced battleships that Luke could mass produce, and the firepower was especially powerful.

After charging out of the portals, they didn’t fire at Thanos’s warship at all. Instead, they bombarded the donut battleships that had just caught their breaths.

Thanos’s warship was very fast. It immediately noticed the ten quasi-first-class battleships, but the situation on the battlefield didn’t change.

Thanos’s warship chased the ten battleships, but they in turn chased the remaining ten or so donut battleships, as if to say, “You fight yours, we’ll fight ours.” They would see which side could last longer.

Ursa Minor’s battleships fired recklessly to keep the remaining donut battleships occupied and provide strong support to their side’s elite fleet.

Another ten vibranium battleships entered the battlefield, but their target was Thanos’s warship.

They had the ability to break through the protective shield around Thanos’s warship, and were enough of a threat to force the warship to turn a small portion of its firepower toward attacking them.

Neither side retreated.

Whoever took a step back first might be the first to be defeated.

From that moment on, the battle entered the most dazzling and cruel stage.

Countless energy cannons, fighter planes and battleships exploded, allowing Earthlings to see an even bigger meteor shower.

In the VR gaming hall on Earth, players took off their helmets and shouted in frustration, “D*mn it, how did that happen?”

“What is this competition doing?”

“Wait, what is up with running out of fighter planes?”

“Right? How can a game run out of fighter planes?”

“Even if this is supposed to be realistic, it’s a little too realistic!”

The staff continued smiling. They had seen too many gaming nerds, and knew that the best thing to do at this moment was to not defend themselves.

All sorts of cold drinks and snacks were brought over. In addition, all sorts of relaxation techniques like massages, saunas, singing and dancing were on offer.

Beautiful big sisters (staff members) could be seen everywhere, dispelling the players’ resentment.

The truth was that these staff members didn’t know why this game was so realistic either.

Only the managers and key personnels of the various gaming halls knew that it wasn’t that there were no fighter planes in the game.

This was because Earth’s allied forces, who were fighting a battle in space above them, didn’t have any more fighter planes left.

For a moment, these PDD executives were worried about the future of Earth, but there was nothing they could do.

They didn’t have the ability to create fighter planes.

Luke was the only person who could still create some more fighter planes, but he wasn’t in a hurry to do so at the moment. Instead, he paid close attention to the situation.

Then, he took a deep breath and said, “We’ve won.”

On the virtual screen, the last two donut battleships that had been under siege by five of Earth’s battleships exploded one after another.

At that point, Thanos’s fleet had lost all its large battleships, leaving behind only Thanos’s mega warship and smaller battleships like the big worm battleships.

On the other hand, Earth only had 2,000 fighter planes left.

Without a follow-up, in the face of more than 8,000 of Thanos’s battleships, their destruction was a matter of minutes.

Luke swiftly placed the 800 or so fighter planes that were in his inventory in the public space. He then had Pietro find Strange and take them out.

Strange decisively sent these fighter planes, along with more than 1,000 Wakandan fighter planes, to the battlefield in space.

At this point, Luke only had a dozen special models of the fighter planes left.

The hundreds of fighter planes he had just taken out were new goods that had just come off the production line a moment ago.

At the beginning of the battle, the Level 1 clone on the lawless planet had gone to the manufacturing base on the barren planet through the Monolith.

In the end, two battleships and hundreds of fighter planes that had been completed in a hurry were sent over through his inventory.

As long as Earth’s fighter planes could hold out for a while longer, the remaining 30 or so battleships in Earth’s fleet would help them take down most of Thanos’s fighter planes.

Without interference from enemy battleships, the large battleships would be very efficient at cleaning up the fighter planes.

So, Thanos’s fleet of 10,000 fighter planes was like a mosquito after autumn — they wouldn’t be able to dart around for long.

Knight focused and started to give the raid team orders. “Heavenly Crippling Hands, take note: Cover fire will commence in ten seconds.”

Skye: “Copy that.”

In stealth mode, she slowly raised her hands and listened to the A.I. program count down: “10, 9… 3, 2, 1.”

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