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Chapter 2126 - 2126 All-Purpose Plot, Omnipotent Cash

Chapter 2126 - 2126 All-Purpose Plot, Omnipotent Cash

2126 All-Purpose Plot, Omnipotent Cash

At the end of the countdown, more than ten of Earth’s battleships attacked Thanos’s warship at the same time.

This was also very deliberate.

The stronger the attack on the warship’s protective shield at the same time, the more likely it was to be broken.

Thanos’s warship looked a little like a thicker version of a manta ray with longer wings.


To use one word to describe it, it was ‘sturdy’; it was hundreds of meters bigger in diameter than the donut battleships.

There was enough room inside to install an energy system for the numerous energy cannons as well as for the protective shield.

In fact, it had two protective shields and separate energy systems.

When the first shield was broken, the second shield would be activated, giving the first protective shield enough time to recharge.

However, it had been a long time since Thanos had needed to activate the second protective shield.

Whether it was the vibranium ore, Skye’s fully developed Vibranium ability, or the portals of the Kamar-Taj sorcerers, they were extremely rare in the universe.

The three parties cooperated well on Earth, and Earth’s fleet, which had just barely reached the level of the Chitauri, was able to counterattack.

On top of that, Thanos was confident in himself and his warship, so he didn’t choose to retreat for the time being.

To describe things in terms of an online novel, a fragment of an XX supreme treasure had appeared. After plotting for so many years, a dark overlord had finally obtained most of the fragments.

Now, there were only two fragments left. Once he gathered all the fragments, he would be able to summon a god, no, he would fulfill his ‘population control’ plan.

If he failed and retreated for the time being, all of the martial arts world would definitely come looking for information, because any treasure that could make the villain take action couldn’t be an ordinary one.

Next, other villains would definitely come to grab the fragments of this supreme treasure which had been left on Earth.

Orthodox sects might also work together to ‘righteously’ punish and execute the overlord, and fight over the fragments which this villain had collected.

Of course, it was completely possible for non-orthodox sects to switch targets and attack Earth at the same time.

At that time, Thanos might have to deal with an endless stream of robbers as well as worry about the Infinity Stones on Earth being looted.

If some troublesome existence took any of the Infinity Stones beforehand, the chances of getting them back were next to zero.

Previously, when the Stones were on Earth, Thanos had never dared to make a move.

It was because that terrifying old woman, the Ancient One, had still been on Earth; he really didn’t have the courage to snatch the Time Stone from her.

There was also Odin; on the verge of death, he could explode and take Thanos down with him.

On top of that was the Bifrost, which was in fact a lethal weapon that could destroy stars. Hence, Thanos had only dared to indirectly provoke Loki and wait for Asgard to self-destruct in Ragnarok.

Now that the Ancient One was gone and Odin was dead, Earth no longer had any protectors that Thanos needed to be wary of.

Using more trash battleships to take down his escort fleet was a small trick that wasn’t even worth mentioning.

With a buzz, the first protective shield of Thanos’s warship started to twist and shatter.

But before it shattered, the second protective shield, which was slightly smaller, had already been activated to block the gunfire from Earth’s fleet.

Skye, who had never experienced a battle, couldn’t help but turn to look at Knight. “This…”

Knight took out a weapon that was 80% similar to the vibration cannons on her arms.

The difference was that it had an energy storage device and a vibranium warhead.

Knight’s voice rang out in the team’s earpieces. “The protective shield will only be down for a short period of time. Everybody, you will need to enter ASAP.”


With a low thud, a vibranium warhead hit the light blue protective shield.

The protective shield slowly caved in under the warhead. As the warhead sent out stronger and stronger vibrations, the shield finally couldn’t take it, and a small hole opened.

Knight, along with Skye, instantly darted inside.

Thor, Big Dipper, Selina and Wade went through one after another.

This time, even Wade, who liked to mess around, didn’t do so.

Knight had said that as long as they killed Thanos, the participants would get at least 1,000 credit points.

If Deadpool got more serious, it wouldn’t be hard to get 3,000 to 5,000 credit points.

If he was willing to risk his life, he might be able to get 10,000 credit points.

Wade had already gotten Bobo, the Bat Squad’s A.I., to do the math for him many times. He confirmed that 10,000 credit points were worth a billion dollars on the black market, and the supply didn’t meet demand.

He had been doing small assignments every now and then for the past few years, and could still earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The only thing he was depressed about was that his wife, Vanessa, was determined to keep all his credit points in reserve in order to purchase the products and services on offer in the secret business enterprise.

But… Wade liked money.

More specifically, he liked the solid and rough texture of the bills in his hands.

Just looking at the numbers in his credit account couldn’t excite him at all.

Knight knew him very well.

This time, he had thrown out a huge box of one million dollars as an advance.

More than that, it was in 20-dollar bills — Knight said that this was more satisfying to touch.

Wade couldn’t agree more.

Before he had a wife, his biggest hobby was to sleep on a huge pile of cash.

The main thing was that back then, he hadn’t been making that much money.

Then, he fell in with the Bat Squad, and also had Vanessa.

It wasn’t that money was dirt; Vanessa just felt that cash was no more hygienic than dirt, so Wade was strictly prohibited from touching any part of her body with his mouth after he kissed the cash.

Wade, who had come alone to complete this mission, finally got his wish to sleep on a pile of cash.

As someone who worshiped the dollar, he listened to whatever Knight said.

After passing through the protective shield, they flew toward Thanos’s warship and arrived at the agreed location.

In 2023, this warship finally fell into the hands of the Avengers.

As someone who had contributed significantly to the battle, Luke had also gone to have a look around, and had made a point to learn its weaknesses.

Of course, this mega warship didn’t have an absolute weakness. It couldn’t be destroyed with a single casual blast, but there were still some relatively weaker parts.

For example, the metal hull in front of Skye was built largely to withstand heat and pressure.

Beyond it was a passage that wasn’t too big.

After breaking through the outer hull, they would naturally be able to enter.

Naturally, they could enter the warship through the hangars from which the fighter planes and small battleships took off, but they would have to fight Thanos’s troops first.

That would give Thanos too much time to react, and Thanos would be alerted to the presence of intruders, which would greatly reduce the chances of an ambush.

If they entered from here, Thanos would at most notice that the ship was damaged, and wouldn’t immediately become vigilant.

After Knight projected a red circle on the ship, Skye, whose vibration cannons were charged to the max, hit the center of the red circle with both hands.

Dong! Buzz!

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