Supremacy Games

Chapter 12 - And So It Begins

Chapter 12: And So It Begins

After dealing with the food situation, Felix sent a message to Leila, explaining to her the details of the shipment and ordered her to take care of it when it arrives.

2 hours later...

Felix and his grandfather walked towards the ballroom, where the banquet was being held, wearing formal suits.

Classical songs were being played, as servants, bodyguards, and maids all enjoyed themselves, dancing, laughing, and sadly drinking juices, instead of alcohol.

Robert kept complaining about not having a decent drink ever since he landed in the Island, but Felix acted deaf.

What Robert didn't know, was that Felix ordered all the alcohol in the storage and kitchen to be hidden. Only Jack and himself knew where the stash was hidden.

So Robert sadly would have to pass his days without a sip.

Afterward, the banquet ended in a good note, and everyone went back to their posts.

Felix headed back to his suite, while his grandfather was following behind him using face cam to talk to his buddies, who were in the bar having the best time of their lives, while he was stuck here until Felix feels better.

"HAHA Baldy, you look like the time you heard about your heart disease." A mocking voice was heard from the phone.

"What do you know?! I am having the best time of my life here with my grandson. We were just at a party, and tomorrow I will head to the beach to sunbathe."

"Make sure to cover yourself with sun cream or your skin would lose its luster, and it won't feel good making you run around the block naked anymore."

"Screw you, Benjamin! What kind of nonsense are you saying, when did I even run naked?! If I knew you would start bullshiting I would not have accepted your call, now fuck off."

Robert hanged up on him and tried to explain himself. "Don't listen to him kid, your grandpa is an honorable elder in the family, why would I do such thing?"

"I believe you, don't worry, just go to bed it's already late." Felix nodded his head.

Robert entered his suite, which was next to Felix's one while yelling. "I really didn't run naked. He is defaming my character. Benjamin that bastard always tries to create trouble for me."

Felix just shushed him with a finger on his lips and pushed him inside, then closed the door.

"I REALLY DIDN'T DO IT; YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME." Robert was still denying it even inside his suite.

Felix entered his bedroom as he thought in pity. 'Grandpa, your love for running nude in public is already an open secret in the family, only you still have not realized it.'

He then mused, 'I doubt it. With your intelligence, you already knew it, but still don't care. Aiyo, so old yet so  perverted, If my mother was alive and saw you like this, she will demolish you.'


Three days later 09:00 AM...

Near the seaport, a large ship carrying a hefty amount of red containers, arrived while honking its horn.

Felix was standing near the dock with Leila by his side.

His grandfather did not accompany him since he binge-watched more than 5 movies last night and was extremely tired, and so Felix left him to sleep in peace.

After seeing everything in order. Felix ordered his servants while clapping his hands twice.

"Go ahead and start unloading the goods. For every box, you unload you get an extra 10 dollars. So make haste and finish this as early as possible."

The downcast servants instantly got motivated as they heard his promise.

They looked at the ship that was carrying twenty containers with greed and rushed to unload as much as possible.


3 hours later...

All the goods had been unloaded on the port. Felix looked at the exhausted servants and said.

"take a one hour break, then pick up the goods and take them to the warehouse. For each box, you deliver you will get 10 dollars as a reward."

He then left Leila to supervise them, as he went back to the hotel.


Days went by slowly, as Felix kept brainwashing his grandpa with information about extraterrestrials by using movies.

Meanwhile, he kept training his body on a daily basis, until he finally conquered the stairs.

As he can now climb up and down with ease, breaking only a little sweat. On the other hand, his plan towards the Island remodel was already over.

The only thing he was waiting for, was the arrival of the great chaos, so he can save his grandfather and start implementing his plan.


2024/06/15 17:50 PM only 5 minutes were left before the transmission begins.

Felix was sitting on the couch in the living room.

He turned his head and glanced worriedly at his grandfather, who became addicted to Alien genre movies.

He somehow already managed to finish more than 18 movies over the period of his stay here.

'I probably overdid my brainwashing. Looking at his face which is filled with joy as he saw aliens slaughter humans, I don't doubt he will feel happiness from the transmission and not fear.'

He peeked at his phone and saw only 5 minutes were left.

"Grandpa come over here, and sit next to me."

Robert just shushed him and pointed at the TV. A clear sign of don't bother me. Felix sighed and went to sit next to him.

Time ticked second by second slowly until only a couple were left.

Felix, who always had a confident expression on his face, couldn't help but sweat from the distress of failing his mission.

If he didn't save his grandpa with all of those memories, he could honestly just commit suicide.

Finally, the faithful moment had arrived.

Felix counted backward in his mind ' Three, Two,... One'

And so it begins.


Up in the air, in a public airplane that carried 300 passengers.

An old man sat next to a kid, who was shivering from the dread of flying.

The old man said kindly, "Don't worry child, there is nothing to be afraid of since planes have 99.999% of successful flights. They are even safer than cars. So ju..." before he managed to finish his sentence.

A voice was heard in his head Like a decree from above.

"Dear Primitive humans, we are the scouting and planting crew of The Alexander Kingdom, which owns 10 districts. Each having hundreds of solar systems. We discovered your planet by chance when our Interstellar coordinator device had a small complication."

"Now that we introduced ourselves properly. Let's get down to business. Based on the Supremacy Games Alliance treaty, number 12 in the book of SGA rules. We are obligated to explain the three choices that you have currently.

The first choice is to submit to the Alexander kingdom and swear eternal loyalty to our royal family, thus securing your safety from other invaders.

The second choice is to refuse and get Invaded and looted by our scouting fleet, and based on the primitive level of your technology, our AI calculated your chances of victory are 0.00000000000...1% As the only viable way of you having a draw, is by some chance the sun goes supernova destroying both of us together.

The last remaining choice is to Join the Supremacy Game Alliance, which will ensure your survival if you did not break its rules. For more information about the third choice you can only obtain it in person."

"You have 7 days to send someone to represent your planet to give us your final decision. You can find our temporary base in the middle of Antarctica, here are the coordinates 76.299965 - 148.003021."

"We await hearing good news from you. The mind transmission will turn off now."

The old man froze with blankness on his face for more than 30 seconds.

No one spoke as everyone was holding their breaths deep within. Suddenly, pained coughing resounded loudly in the plane.

"Cough!!!" "Cough!"

A white-haired Elder gripped his chest in anguish, yet his eyes were clouded with trepidation.

That cough managed to awaken everyone from their spell. Just as they wanted to ask about the transmission.

A sudden collision between their plane and another one managed to ripe them all apart, as flames and blood rained from the sky.


A blonde-haired man was driving a track peacefully while listening to country music. Yet, suddenly blankness assaulted him out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, his truck just kept moving forward crushing into tens of cars, who also lost control and started to collide with each other heavily.

Gas tanks exploded, rising black clouds of smoke in the air.

People crying and weeping as they held what left of their family members, begging for help from anyone and calling for 911 to arrive.

Unfortunately, no one answered both their calls of rescue, as the world was turned upside down ruined in flames and destruction.

Who would bother saving others, when they couldn't even secure their own safety?


Every country in the world, whether small or big, was in complete chaos and disarray.

Presidents stood in a daze for hours, after realizing their authority and power over the masses, was going to be lost.

While a few ones who woke up from their daze acted with the speed of light and ordered their subordinates to contain the upcoming chaos.

Not every leader in the world was incompetent.


Sky Pearl Island, at the resort hotel, in the living room of the suite….

Felix rushed to his grandfather's side without waiting for the transmission to finish. He held his wrist and measured his heartbeat.

Just like he feared, it was rising slowly.

But he couldn't do anything yet. Not until the transmission finishes, since Alexander's Kingdom was using a general technique from the Hive race to bypass the human race weaker consciousness barrier, to deliver a message.

And before the process finishes, it must not be interrupted, lest the barrier cracks or in worse cases shatter.

Felix managed to bypass the transmission control since his soul barrier was one of the best. After all, it was created by the combination of two souls, and one of them was from a peak race.

30 seconds later...

The transmission had ended and Robert whose heart pressure was rising during it, started to slowly fall back.

"Felix, I must have watched too many alien movies these days. I even started to hear voices in my head telling me that the Alexander Kingdom is about to invade If we don't make a choice or some bullshit." Robert rubbed his temples with a muddled look.

Felix did not dare to break the news that everything that he heard was real. He would be a fool to waste such a god-sent opportunity.

"Alright grandpa go take a rest, enough movies from now on. They really started to affect your mental health."

"Sigh, I guess you are right. I am really getting old."

Felix guided him to his bedroom and said, "tonight you sleep here no need to head back to your suite. I will sleep in the guest room."

"Alright, good night."

Felix replied with a gentle smile, "good night, Grandpa."

'The first step was successful. Now I just need to feed him a Longevity potion that will cure his heart disease and provide him with extra centuries to live.'

He sighed in relief while taking his phone out planning to call Leila.

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