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Chapter 11 - Successfully Fooled

Chapter 11: Successfully Fooled

Robert, who was just about to lash at Felix for his ballsy phone call, saw his grandson wearing a formal suit with a warm smile.

The image managed to soften his stern expression a bit.

"Rascal, what kind of mess did you do, to call me yesterday and act soft with me? I know for a fact that you did not call me a single time to ask for my well being the past year you were here."

He added while touching his belt gently. "So go ahead and spit it out. Did you burn the hotel to flames, or spent your entire budget fooling around?"

Felix did not dare to bullshit after seeing his grandfather's warning technique.

"Grandpa, you really misjudged me this time, since I truly missed you and wanted you to spend 15 days with me here."

He hugged him firmly and whined with teary eyes. "All I have around me are beaches and servants who won't dare speak out loud in my presence. I have been feeling lonely ever since arriving here."

"I always wanted to call you multiple times over the past year, but I know you spend the majority of your time having fun with your retired friends. I just did not want to be an annoyance to you." He finished his acting with a quick classic tear wipe.

Grandfather Robert stared at his grandson red eyes and said indifferently, "Alright drop the act, I did not rule over Business Empire in my young days with the half brain to end up believing your nonsense."

He broke from his grandson hug and put his weapon on Felix's shoulder and added with a threatening tone.

"Come on, out with it, the truth why you wanted me here. As for your crybaby bullshit keep it to yourself, I am damn certain you chose this island to just idle away from the family matters."

Felix realized his plan was failing miserably, as he honestly forgot the smarts of his legendary grandfather who managed to singlehandedly raise the business of the family to the point it became an Empire.

Suddenly his tears dried up like a magic spell, as they turned solemn. He whispered, "Grandpa, I will tell you in private when we reach the hotel, just trust me on this one."

"Alright, lead the way. Let's see how you managed the hotel over the past year."

"Of course, you will love the changes I did to the place, follow me," Felix replied with a stiff smile.


35 minutes later...

In front of the entrance of the hotel.

Robert pointed with a shaky finger at the hotel that looked like it was about to fall apart any second. " you, you rascal, how did you manage to make it in an even worse state?!"

He took a deep breath and stared daggers at his grandson. "You had 30 million dollars as a budget. If used well, you can at least make it look new and fresh. But what the hell is this?! The fucking hotel does not even have an entrance, it just a wide hole where anyone can enter and leave."

"Are you living in a hotel or a cave?! tell me!!"

Felix was a bit embarrassed being shamed like this in the presence of servants who were waiting to welcome his grandfather.

He said with a cough to defuse some of his grandfather's fury. "Grandpa, this is just the exterior, I spent the majority of the budget in the interior, just follow me in."

As they entered Felix kept introducing passionately the luxury items young Felix bought by wasting some of his budget money.

"Look at this couch, it's made of pure cotton and silk with some gold dust sprinkled on it."

"And this table; it's made out of pure wood, with some silver sprinkled on it."

Felix had no idea what he was talking about. He just kept using famous online words to describe those furniture.

"Enough you bastard, what do you mean by pure wood, is there a fucking wood mixed with rocks or what? And what's all about this sprinkled gold and silver. YOU ARE NOT DESCRIBING A CAKE!" Robert roared with a dark face after he had enough of his grandson bullshit descriptions.

He started stomping hard on the floor as he kept shouting, not caring about his image or his health problem. "I got scammed, fucking scammed I tell you. I am a business genius, your mom is a social Influence prodigy, and your dad is an Investment spider whose senses were never wrong. YET, you inherited nothing from any of us. This is a scam."

"Why can't you be like your cousins who are hard-working lads, trying their best to support their parents, why can't you be the same?"

Felix replied furiously. "BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE PARENTS, THAT'S WHY!"

Then he went to the stairs while huffing. "The elevator on your right, I will meet you at my suite. Jack will lead you there."

Robert instantly froze with a wide mouth, not knowing how to retort.

Since he knew that losing both of your parents young, may either motivate a person to work his hardest or in the case of Felix the total opposite.

He sighed helplessly and ordered, "Jack, lead the way."


Felix, who was acting angry just a while ago, was grinning evilly while climbing the stairs.

He was certain that he wouldn't be able to fool his grandfather to stay on the island without giving him the real reason, but now by adding his parents to the mix.

He could act angry with his grandfather until the great chaos arrives. Robert would not dare to leave the island without fixing his relationship with his grandson.

'Hehehe, what a joke I am not a child anymore to throw tantrums like a crybaby over the death of my parents. I already accepted their death long ago and moved on.'

'I certainly know my mother will be proud of me and clap her hands off when she sees how I played my grandpa to save him.'

'Rest in peace mom.'

He kissed three fingers and pointed them in the air warmly.


Half an hour later...

Felix was sitting in the living room couch with his grandpa, watching a movie called 'the Invasion day'

Robert on the other hand was sitting like he was on nails, shifting from place to place while opening his mouth to say something, but then he sighs and closes it off.

He kept doing this until Felix shouted, "Stand still and watch the movie damn it, it's very important to me."

Robert started paying attention to the movie obediently, as he did not want to upset Felix again.

'Sorry grandpa, it's for your own good.'


Two hours later...

The credit scene was rolling down the screen, marking the end of the movie.

Robert tried to strike a conversation by taking advantage of what they had just watched.

"This is a good movie. It shows that humans should never let their guard down, as no one knows what's out there. Hell, tomorrow at this point in time, we could be invaded and killed. You never know."

Felix answered back indifferently. "You are right; you never know what's out there. That's why a person must always keep his emotions stable and calm; to not bring harm to oneself, in case something like this happened."

Robert nodded his head in agreement then asked, "So what are you going to do now?"

"I am going to make some phone calls; the food storage is getting empty."

Robert smiled. "Alright go do your work, I will stay here watching TV."

Felix took his phone and jacket, then left the suite.

Robert took the remote control and clicked on the Netflix menu.

Afterward, he entered Felix's playlist to see the movies that his grandson decided to watch.

"What the hell, there are more than 20 Alien invasion movies here; this must be his new favorite genre."

He exclaimed in shock after seeing the staggering number of alien movies that were prepared for his brainwashing. Yet he had no idea about that.

"To bond back with him I need to understand his taste of movies, so we would have a lot to talk about."

He then chose a random movie and started binge-watching the playlist with interest.


Felix was truly not lying to him about the shortage of food in storage, as Leila sent him a message reminding him to bring new supplies.

He suddenly thought about the Great Chaos that is about to arrive, and the food prices that are going to rise to a staggering sum for a couple of months during it.

Felix realized that this a quite good opportunity to take advantage of.

As he can buy the food now cheaply and later use it as fee payment when the island remodels begins.

Felix believed that during the chaos no one would mind, heading to an empty island where food is abundant and guaranteed security during the chaotic looting.

And so he quickly decided to do so. But in a discreet way, as he does not want to make too much of a disturbance, lest his cousins notice and start spying on every move he does after, either to hinder him or to steal his ideas.

This is a normal occurrence within the family tradition since it is a sort of hidden competition between the juniors.

One must not only focus on his revival plan but also take caution against his cousin's interference.

Afterward, he took his phone out and called his mother's best friend.

Ring, ring,... cluck

A sweet voice answered warmly, "Hello little Felix, how are you doing, I missed you dearly."

Felix replied politely, "Hi aunt Marry, I am doing fine currently. I was just calling to check on your well being, as well as ask a small favor from you."

Aunt Marry laughed sweetly and said, "How thoughtful of you little Felix. As for your favor, just ask ahead you know there are no walls between us."

Felix immediately lied with a straight face.

"Aunt Marry, I think I inherited my Father's Investment senses. As now they are tingling, to buy a large amount of food. I don't know why, but I trust my father's gift." He quickly added, "And even If my investment did not succeed I have nothing to lost since it is just a couple million dollars of food."

"Kid, you are not lying to me, are you? You know your father's investment senses were never wrong, not even once. If you claimed that you had the same senses as him, I will take a risk and invest in whatever you put your money in."

"Trust me Aunt; I am not lying or deceiving you, as I have nothing to earn from doing so."

"Alright tell me how much food you need, and the type."

"I need 2 million dollars of ration foods, wheat, rice, beans... you know the rest. Try to send them discreetly, as I don't want to alert my cousins."

"Okay, think of it as done. Three days from now you will receive the shipment by a boat. I will also buy a couple of millions of food."

She continued gently, "If you truly have your father's senses, this will turn into a great profit, but if it was just a normal hunch. It's just a couple of millions lost, nothing serious."

"Thanks, aunty, you are the best. I will wire the payment to your bank account now. Have a good evening."

"Bye Bye little Felix, keep in contact with me."

Felix then hanged up and wired 2 million dollars from the 26 million that was left after young Felix wasted 4 million over the past year buying those luxury items.

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