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Chapter 1229 Confronting Nimo! I

Chapter 1229 Confronting Nimo! I

"We were waiting for you to confirm it." Thor said.


"I don't know, try to look for evil or something." Thor shrugged his shoulders.

Felix wasn't too sure how to do that exactly, but he started with the obvious method...He closed his eyes and began thinking of wanting to observe anything related to evil.

When he kept thinking about it deeply, it was like an automatic switch was flipped in his brain, sending the appropriate signals to his eyes.

"I feel something happening in my eyes." Felix murmured at the ticklish sensation in his eyes...Unbeknownst to him, his pitch-black sclera had covered his eyes completely, resembling the true eyes of wisdom!

When it stopped, he decided to open them and view the world again. 

The moment he did so, Felix's hearts almost stopped beating from utter fright at the sight of a towering pitch-black horse-like entity standing right in front of him!

He had crescent-thin red eyes and a flower-like aura on his forehead that was emitting long thin threads around him.

He seemed like he existed and at the same time was never here.

What freaked out Felix the most was the fact that this nightmarish red-eyed entity was manifesting right above Nimo's head!

'The hell is this...'

Felix had absolutely no idea how to react to this situation as he kept staring at the monstrosity before him, feeling like he was a mere puny mortal before a deity.


If Felix was just looking at him, he wouldn't react like this...However, his eye of wisdom enabled him to detect evil at its core and whether it was directed at him or not.

In this case, Felix felt like he would be crushed by the maliciousness aimed at him!

'He really has awakened.' Kraken said with a solemn tone.

'It's not that simple.' Lady Sphinx frowned, 'It seems like Nimo didn't fully awaken yet as there are two different sets of auras and evil intensities.'

When Felix and the others focused back on Nimo again, they spotted the difference immediately.

'It's like two different beings.' Thor raised an eyebrow in surprise, 'Did Nimo just awaken his alter ego?'

'It can't be?' Asna shook her head, 'When I awakened my memories, there was no such thing as an alter ego.'

No one doubted this anymore as it came directly from another Unigin...Who knew best than her?

'This leaves only one option.' Lady Sphinx shared with a serious tone, 'Nimo has refused to awaken so badly, his real personality became his alter ego.'

When Felix heard this, he found that it made the most sense.

'Did he do this to protect me?'

Felix was somewhat touched as he knew that it must have taken a lot for Nimo to resist his awakening to the point it manifested as his alter ego.

The fact that his alter ego never made a move on him made it clear that Nimo was secretly protecting him from it.

'What do we do now?' Asna asked with a concerned tone.

While she was extra strict on Nimo to discipline him, she loved him just as much as Felix...More so when she heard about him ruining Lord Heatiaz's life to avenge Felix.

'We have only two options here.' Lady Sphinx shared, 'First, we can send Nimo on his way or hand him over to Lord Khaos as he is the only one who can handle his alter ego while it was still at its adolescence stage. This will keep you free of mind about him harming you when you least expect it.'

'I can't do that to Nimo.' Felix frowned, not too pleased with the idea.

How could he ditch Nimo the moment something bad happened to him? It was clear to him that Nimo was in a constant struggle with his alter ego, which meant he needed to be more hands-down in helping him go through this predicament.

'Second option is to confront him about it.' Lady Sphinx said, 'Whether you choose the former or the letter, just know that you can't be ignoring him for much longer. Even with us on your side, there is simply no way we can protect you from his sin laws.'

'I will confront him about it.' Felix decided with a firm tone immediately, not giving the first option even a second of his time.

Felix didn't spend so much time with Nimo without considering him already as a family member...He was always there when he needed him and it was time to be on his side.

'We need a plan first.' Felix decided to ignore the red entity for now as he knew that it wasn't posing much of a threat.

He wasn't certain but he was confident that Nimo was currently in control.

If he wasn't, he would probably be having either a much different conversation or lying on the ground.

Thus, Felix walked to the shower and deactivated his wisdom eyes, returning them back to normal...This gave him his colorful vision again as the wisdom eyes made everything appear in black or white besides the evil entities.

He knew that his wisdom eye had many other applications than just being a radar for evil and bad intent...But after this new development, he had no plans to explore his mutations until he dealt with Nimo's urgent situation.


While he was taking a shower, Felix found out that he had lost his hair mutation, which made him emotionally conflicted.

On one hand, he found the mutation quite useful in many scenarios as it helped him win numerous fights.

On the other hand, it was just somewhat disgusting to have tentacles as a hair and even when he spent plenty of time with it, he never really got 100% comfortable.

All in all, it was upsetting to lose it, but it wouldn't be missed as much as his crystallized wings.

Sometime later, Felix exited the shower and went straight to the mirror to cut his long crimson hair that seemed to be dripping with blood.

With his pitch-black horns, grayish skin, and peculiar demonic eyes, he truly resembled the incarnation of a demon deity more than a man.

'Much better.' Felix praised as he looked at his reflection in the mirror with his new hairstyle.

His hair was now reaching his shoulders instead of his ankles like before. If it wasn't for the sake of hiding those big ass horns, he would have cut it even shorter.

When he was done, he wore his void suit and gigantic sun disk earning, keeping it on him at all times even when its content was creeping him out.

Then, he sat on the side of the bed and activated his wisdom eye again with a serious expression.

"Nimo, come here for a second please." Felix requested.

Eee Eee?

Nimo blinked in front of him while his mouth was still gulping down a sea of void energy like there was no tomorrow.

Felix looked at him and couldn't help but show a loving smile, going completely against his demonic cold appearance.

During his shower, he managed to come up with a plan with his tenants that would help them keep Nimo around while at the same time acknowledging the red-eyed entity's existence without being afraid of him acting up on Felix.

This plan was really too risky as it depended on both Nimo and the red-eyed entity for it to work.

Felix took a deep breath and asked with a solemn tone, "Nimo, have you awakened?"


Nimo's expression went stiff immediately, making him resemble a raccoon caught red-handed stealing from a home's garbage can.

"Just tell me the truth, I will never forsake you." Felix promised after noticing Nimo's inability to respond.

He understood from his expression that he wanted to tell him the truth, but he was afraid of the consequences...At the same time, he didn't want to lie to Felix.

Eee Eee...

Nimo whimpered with his head lowered, seemingly agreeing with Felix's question.

"I can already see your alter ego with my wisdom eyes." Felix said as he looked at the red-eyed entity, who seemed slightly surprised by his statement.

"Is it possible to talk to him without giving him control?" Felix inquired.

Eee Eee?

Nimo was slightly confused by Felix's desire to meet that bastard, but he still confirmed it with a head nod.

Before Felix could react, the red-eyed entity disappeared from his vision, seemingly getting sucked back inside Nimo's body.

Then, Nimo's right eye turned red while his other one remained the same.

"We finally meet, puny human."

Nimo spoke with a frigid tone that was filled with condensing superiority like Felix should be honored to be in the presence of his existence.

'Sh*t, I knew Nimo's first words won't be dada or papa, but does it have to be this?'

Felix's eyelids twitched as his fatherhood dream came crashing down like a sand castle against a wave...

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