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Chapter 1230 Confronting Nimo! II

Chapter 1230 Confronting Nimo! II

"Will you look at this little asshole." Asna sneered, "Daring to act haughty before me?"

Without an ounce of hesitation, Asna used the ghosting feature in her bracelet to make an appearance in the real world as a holographic image.

The moment Nimo's alter ego saw her disgruntled expression, his heart skipped a beat as memories of Asna's disciplinary beatings were installed too deep in Nimo's memory.

"It's nice to meet you, M'am." Nimo's alter ego attitude changed drastically to a respectful one.

Before another Unigin who was much more mature than him, he would never dare to project his superiority on her.

"Listen you little sh*t, as long as you talk to my man, you better fix your tone." Asna threatened him coldly.



Nimo's alter ego seemed to be annoyed with her order as it made him feel deep down that he was considering a mortal as his equal.

Still, one cold look from Asna made him drop his displeasure and act slightly more polite to Felix even if he was faking it.

'I know that Unigins are supposed to have a superiority complex, but I didn't think they care to show it in this manner?' Felix thought as he stared at Nimo's alter ego whose nose was touching the sky in haughtiness.

'It is weird.' Asna nodded, 'Unigins never act like this as they see it as beneath them to flaunt their status.'

'There is a simple answer to this.' Lady Sphinx remarked, 'Nimo's personality represents the peaceful, calm, kind, and almost all other positive emotions. His alter ego represented his other extreme half. If Nimo awakened and became one, he would have a balanced state of mind...But, since he didn't, this was the result.'

'Makes sense.' Felix nodded in understanding.

This realization made Felix understand that there was no way he would be changing Nimo's alter ego to like him since those emotions were stored in Nimo.

So, without any pleasantries, he went straight to the subject.

"I understand that you want to be freed and gain control over Nimo's body...But, I also know that Nimo doesn't want to leave." Felix stated, "Hence, the only way forward here is to make you guys merge back again and complete the awakening process."

Felix knew that if Nimo had just awakened normally, there wouldn't be such an issue.

After all, he would be a clear-headed Unigin who understood that Felix was his benefactor and would never rebel against him.

However, because of his fear of getting ditched by him if he was awakened, Nimo caused his extreme alter ego to surface.

"Like hell I want to merge with this softie."

Eee Eee!

Unfortunately, both Nimo and his alter ego rebelled against Felix's statement, showing utter dislike and anger at each other.

They might share the same body, but their personalities were on both extreme ends, making them unable to agree to anything!

"Guess what? I don't think you have much of an option." Felix frowned, "You guys can't function properly by yourselves. Now that I know about your existence, I will make sure that Nimo will never let you get control even if it meant stopping his growth completely."

It was clear to Felix that Nimo's alter ego was the strongest as he was capable of manipulating his laws much better than Nimo.

Meanwhile, Nimo was considered the steering wheel, and as long as he didn't give permission, his alter ego could only observe from the passenger seat.

In his eyes, it was best to keep Nimo as a lovable and somewhat useless idiot at his side by halting his growth if it meant sealing his alter-ego forever.

"You dare to threa..."

Before Nimo's alter ego could finish his infuriated statement, he felt a strong killing intent directed at him from the side...When he glanced at the source, he saw Asna staring daggers at him.

He went quiet immediately, swallowing his frustration back.

"Listen, I know that both of you fear getting consumed and losing your personality to the other. But, you should understand that both of you are one and when you merge together, you will realize that you haven't really lost anything." Felix comforted.

Felix knew that he only needed to convince Nimo's alter ego to make amends and try to actively merge back with Nimo instead of seeking to completely remove him from the equation.

Nimo was much easier to convince since he only feared being ditched by him...If he made him feel comfortable that this wasn't happening, he would have no other reason to avoid his awakening.

'Sh*t, sh*t, is there no other way to avoid this?' Nimo's alter ego thought to himself with an irked expression.

He understood that Nimo listened to Felix's orders like they were decrees from his god...So, if Felix ordered him to stop his growth, he would most definitely do this.

Nimo's alter ego knew that he needed laws to awaken faster but void energy did help him slightly and gave him hope for the future...But now? Even that slight hope would be stripped away from him.

Eee Eee!

As expected, Nimo soon nodded in agreement to the merge after his worries were pacified, leaving only his alter ego.

"I am proud of you."

Felix patted him with a faint gentle smile, making Nimo squeal in happiness...Meanwhile, his alter ego's red eyes turned brighter in fury as he felt humiliated by suffering through this treatment.

The fact that he would be going through it every single day if he rejected the merge made him feel suicidal.

As the extreme personality of Nimo, such degrading actions were just too much to handle.

"I will think about it."

In the end, Nimo's alter ego gave Felix an answer. Though it wasn't an agreement, Felix still nodded in understanding.

He knew when to push and when to stop.

Still, for his safety, he requested Nimo to halt his growth process until his alter ego come to his senses and be a team player with them.

Eee Eee!

Nimo promised with a high-pitched squeal, causing his alter ego's expression to turn for the worst.

'I just have to be patient, a day will come when this idiot will need my help to save his master...It will come eventually with the sorts of enemies he has...' Nimo's alter ego thought to himself as retreated back into the shadows.

'What a strong wave of malice.' Felix narrowed his wisdom eyes at Nimo's alter ego.

He realized immediately from this wave of malice that he wasn't really going to think about it and that he still hoped to consume Nimo completely.

That was plausible if Nimo's alter ego had gained control over the body and mind, making him able to erase Nimo's personality.

This would leave just the worst and most dangerous version of Nimo roaming through the universe. Felix would never allow that to happen.

'Heh, let's see how patient you will be when I shower Nimo with unconditional love.' Felix smirked faintly as he picked up Nimo and started rubbing his belly while looking directly into his alter's ego.

As he expected, Nimo's alter ego seemed to be boiling with fury as his pride and dignity were being assaulted nonstop.

Felix's plan was to torture him like this until he give in to merge with Nimo!

Eee Eee!

Uncaring about the ongoing silent war between his alter ego and Felix, Nimo merely kept giggling in enjoyment, not caring if the entire world was burned if it meant getting his belly rubs.

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