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Chapter 1231 Force Absorbtion!

Chapter 1231 Force Absorbtion!

Sometime later, Felix could be seen sitting on the floor of his room while Nimo was napping on the bed...Since his growth was halted, there was no point in entering the void realm to eat void energy.

As for his alter ego? Felix gave him a break after spending more than two hours fooling around with Nimo.

"So, you have made up your mind to etch the advanced soul passive right?" Elder Kraken asked for confirmation.

"Yes." Felix nodded.

Felix had made up his mind a long while ago to keep that passive since it allowed him to split his consciousness into multiple wisps.

This was a massive advantage as he could use those wisps to continue cheating his way into mastering complex runic spells.

If he had a connection to the UVR while he was in the Elemental Galaxy, he would have at least mastered multiple greater-grade space spells by now and even branched out to time spells.

Going through that grilling gride made him realize how desperately he needed this passive in his life.

On the other hand, he would be losing Kraken's ultimate ability that would enable him to keep his memories intact even if he died.

It was a great way to start a new life in the spirit realm after death by using one's memories...But, Felix had no plans for such an early retirement.

As usual, the etching process ended in a split second with a primogenitor's involvement.

"It's done. How do you feel?"

"An unreal level of force going through my veins..." Felix murmured with an astounded tone as he watched his boiling hot blood coursing through his veins.

He felt like he was being cleansed from within as the all-rounded enhancement was taking a greater effort to strengthen his body at a noticeable pace.

Usually, Felix either barely felt a change or was slightly different after each etching process, but this time?

He knew that the enhancement numbers must be insane to leave such an effect on him! 

Without delay, Felix logged in to his UVR's room and went straight to the physical strength testing machines.

Felix stepped up to the red punching pad, his fists tightly clenched and his muscles coiled like springs readily to release their energy. He took a deep breath and focused his gaze on the target in front of him.

With a sharp exhale, he launched his right fist forward, striking the pad with a resounding boom that echoed through the room akin to a thunderclap!

The force of the blow sent a shockwave through his arm. However, instead of getting pushed away from the force, he held his ground akin to an unmoving mountain!


Felix looked at the cracks on his right arm's skin turning slightly brighter while it was shaking akin to a raging blender.

A split second later, his arm stopped shaking, but the brightness remained on his skin's cracks.

"Is this the doing of your new destruction passive, *Force absorption*?" Asna uttered with a look of wonder as she scanned his arm.

"Must be." Felix replied as he swung his arm around, feeling like it was packed with new untapped force.

Since Felix replaced his bloodline with 20% straight, he ended up unlocking two destructive passives.

They were *Destruction Immunity* and *Force Absorption*...They replaced his *Water Immunity* and *Water Walking*.

Due to having perfect water manipulation, all of his water abilities were quite useless now, so he didn't mind having them replaced.

While destruction immunity was self-explanatory, force absorption was a new type of passive as he never heard of it before.

It was understandable as it was plausible only with individuals possessing destruction immunity!

Based on the passive's general description that he read, it enabled Felix to absorb almost any type of force whether it was mechanical, nuclear, or chemical instead of just resisting it.

For example, if he suffered through a nuclear explosion, he would be able to absorb the force that was trying to obliterate his body...Then, he could release it back out!

This made it plausible to make his opponents fall into the despair of getting f*cked silly with their own powers!

Unfortunately, the universe balanced everything...

"It's fading away through the cracks."

Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise after noticing that the stored force in his arm was losing its intensity rapidly like a balloon getting sucked out of air.

In less than a few seconds, the cracks became dim again and Felix's arm returned to normal.

"I guess it's impossible to keep the force stored inside like lightning." Felix remarked.

This was quite a brutal limitation as it push him to use whatever stored force within him the second he absorbed it so it wouldn't lose out most of its value.

Though, it wasn't too bad since the passive itself was immensely great.

"I have to test out the difference. But first..."

Felix turned to face the testing machine and looked at the result screen of his previous punch with a curious expression.

690,074 BF!

It wasn't disappointing in the slightest as Felix wasn't even able to read the number properly without double-checking it twice!

"Jeez, almost 200k BF increase after a single replacement. This is almost half your entire strength after six bloodlines and tons of other modifications." Asna remarked with an astounded tone.

Even Felix was left at loss for words as he didn't expect the number to be this massively high...Especially when he struggled for almost a thousand years to just increase his physical strength by 20k BF!

"This is understandable as with higher body limitations, you will obtain much higher overall enhancements." Thor stated, "If it wasn't for your bad foundation, you wouldn't have wasted the real potential of at least four enhancements from your first primogenitors' bloodlines."

Felix knew that was all true, which made him feel slightly upset that he needed to reach the end of the road just to start seeing some real numbers.

Still, it is what it is, and he had no plans of complaining about it.

Without further ado, Felix got into his punching posture and struck the red pad with everything he got...Only this time, when he absorbed the force of his punch's recoil, he smashed the red pad again before it could even cool off!


The resounding explosion was much more deafening as Felix had utilized his original strength plus the force of his previous punch in one hit!

The most shocking part was the fact that Felix's arm was absorbing the resulting force yet again and it was clear that it was much, much more than before!

However, he allowed it to fade away to see the results first.

"730k BF...Dear lord." Felix mumbled with a floored expression at his punch's result.

It was a mere 40k BF increase, which didn't seem that high, but Felix understood one fact.

He could continuously absorb force after each punch, allowing him to keep increasing this number until he absolutely obliterate whatever was in front of him completely!

In addition, this was merely the result of force absorbed from his own punches.

During fights, he would be absorbing force after each confrontation unless soft elements were utilized like charm, poison, light, and such.

In other words, Felix's physical strength might be at 690k, but in real fights? It could keep increasing almost infinitely!

"Imagine combining this with your size manipulation and absorbing nuke-level explosions?" Asna grinned wickedly, "Even Elder Dragon would end up getting one shotted with a single punch."

"It's really been a long while since I have been satisfied with the first passives unlocked." Felix smirked as he tightened his fist, "If this is just one passive from the destruction bloodline, I really can't wait to unlock the rest."

I guess it was fair to say that Felix was completely satisfied with his decision to integrate with Lord Shiva's bloodline.

"Let's test the rest of the enhancements."


"When you finish, you need to check your 1% human bloodline." Lady Sphinx interjected with a solemn tone.

"I understand." Felix gave a slight nod with a serious look.

He understood that this was finally the moment of truth.

The moment when he would find out whether his bloodline path ends here like every other human, or he would be able to keep integrating with new bloodlines.

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