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Chapter 19 - The Shipments Arrival

Chapter 19: The Shipments Arrival

Three days after the United Nations joined the Alliance...

Felix stood near the port, observing the ships that were docking, and later get unloaded by the handyman who arrived two days prior.

Then the ship heads back to the USA to load more packages and travel here again.

This process will keep happening until the twenty million budgets that he gave to his aunt, runs out.

Felix read the leaked news from the United Nation meeting from his phone composedly.

The news entailed with solid evidence, that the world leaders came to an agreement and chose the 3rd option, which was joining the SGA.

Unfortunately, that was everything that was leaked. There were no details on the process itself or information about the alliance.

This lack of Intel caused the citizens to remain in their houses, not daring to step outside. They already bought or plundered months of necessities stock.

So they found no reason to risk heading outside during this chaotic period that froze the police system and even the governance.

After all, the streets were now filled with rapists, thieves, murders, and all kinds of psychopathic individuals, who took advantage of the society crash to let their inner madness reign freely, pushing some citizens to even build a small-sized bunker to hide in.

Before the system gets back on track, no one will step outside, causing the economical crash to remain for a long period.


Felix sighed in relief after seeing the commoner's reactions.

As this meant, that the timeline was still heading towards the right direction, and his actions did not make a huge difference, since the twenty million dollars would only buy him some precious materials to remodel the island, nothing more or less.

On the other hand, those rich whales were the ones who were going to shake everything up when they throw hundreds of millions at once to devour as much as possible of the flood of jewelry that was in the market.

This would result in a herd of sheep, following their steps, and doing the same, just because the whales did so.

But this wouldn't affect Felix much, because he made the first move with every preparation possible to hasten the shipments process. By the time the sheep and hyenas who smelt profit late, flood the market.

They would only find crumbles left behind by the whales and his aunt, who was planning to invest at least 300 million dollars on this gamble.

As long as Felix kept his actions small and miscellaneous in the bigger picture, he would keep earning profits until the day everything goes haywire and diverge from the known timeline.

Satisfied with the smoothness of his operations, he raised a megaphone to his mouth and encouraged the hard-working handymen.

After seeing that no one was paying attention to his encouragement he stopped for second and searched in google for good motivational quotes and read them passionately.

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

"Never limit yourself."

Leila and the other supervisors were quite speechless at Felix's antics. But what else could they do? He was the boss.


8 hours later the sun started to set west.

"That's enough for today guys, you did well. Give yourself a round of applause, and come dine in the hotel and take rest. We have enough rooms to host everyone."

The handymen started to clap with red hands, over their efforts and then headed towards the hotel. The lucky ones went on jeeps, while the majority had to walk since there were not enough vehicles to carry everyone.

Felix got a light headache after seeing this issue.

As he knew that bringing cars and trucks as well as renting construction vehicles was going to be a pain in the ass.

Since he needed a huge load of them to start the construction of all the buildings at the same time to finish early.

But when he asked his aunt about it, she replied that even though the renting prices have fallen to the limit. They still would need a huge amount of time to be sent here if they were going to keep acting discreetly.

'Fuck it, after the resources arrive and the manpower, we can drop the act and just go all out and use as many ships as possible to bring the vehicles.'

Felix decided to do so since it won't matter much at that point if anyone sees what they were doing. It would be too late to hinder them.

He then called his aunt and informed her of the current plan. "Aunty, for the shipments of vehicles, just go ahead and use everything you got to bring them here ASAP. But wait for the materials to arrive first."

He quickly added after remembering an important detail. "And send some architectural engineers here as well. I need them here for the designs."

His aunt replied unhurriedly, "As you wish dear, you can expect the engineers to reach the island in two days. I will give you a call when they sail."

"Thank you, aunty. I will leave you to it now, goodbye."

"Bye, dear."


Inside the hotel...

People were everywhere, some entering their rooms to take a rest while others were heading towards the ballroom where a party was being held there.

Drinks, food, and music filled the atmosphere with energy for drunk adults to dance to.

The only downside about the party was the lack of females.

As only sweaty men kept dancing and shaking their bodies to the beat, with no women to grind to.

The image left Felix horrified, as he swiftly escaped to his suite without bothering to bond together with them anymore.

'This can't go any further, I must create a brothel in the island here for them to let off their pent up desires. Or else during this two years period, every female on the island will get raped. And when they are done with them they will turn to each other. Fuck I can't let this happens in my presence or my honorable image in the family will go to drain.'

Without further ado, He called his aunt again who was the only one he could trust and rely on, without breaking the rules of the test.

He then explained to her that the ratio of men and females in the island was outbalanced by a huge margin.

And If left this way, a disaster will strike sooner or later. It's better to nub the bud right now, and just build a brothel for them. It will keep them at ease and not have any wild thoughts, which would help them focus on their jobs honestly.

His aunt giggled lightly and teased him, "Dear Felix you really have grown up to notice such a thing. I was planning to inform you about this issue later since the handymen have just arrived and still tamed. But since you found out about it yourself, consider it done."

"I will send all types of girls for those men to enjoy, and some for your personal use as well." She added without feeling awkward at her proposition.

"Aunty, feel free to do so. But whether I use them or not, you will never know. Alright, I'm hanging up now, tons of paperwork awaits me." Felix responded indifferently and hanged up quickly before she could reply back.

'Sigh, I have no problems letting off some steam, but in the eyes of my aunty, I'm still a seventeen years old virgin kid. So I have to properly act as one, at least for now.'


Currently in California, America, in a mansion nears the beach…

An elegant middle-aged lady, that had a short curly dark hair, Blizzard blue eyes, and wearing a red sleeping gown, was lying on a sofa with her arm supporting her head.

"That rascal is really quick to hang up on me like this. Huh, trying to hide your embarrassment behind that expressionless tone?" she chuckled at his antics.

"I will never know if you used them or not? Lad who are you trying to act manly for. Aren't you just a brat? But you are already seventeen years old, you should start learning about this stuff, since your parents are gone, let your aunty take care of this."

She dialed a number on her phone and after a few rings, the call went through. Without greetings, she laid out her orders unhurriedly.

"Sophia, go bring me, two ladies, with the age of seventeen to nineteen. They should be smart with high education, thoughtful, and most importantly beautiful. Tell them they are going to an Island for an internship in an upcoming 6-star hotel. If they refused, leave them be."

She paused for a bit, so Sophia can note down everything properly. After a few seconds, she carried on.

"And also hire escorts and send them to the island. The boys need them. And lastly, go find out where that stupid adrenaline-junkie husband of mine current location. I just found out that he removed my GPS chip from his phone." she said the last part with an annoyed expression.

"That should be all for now, make it happen fast."

"As you command, Madam Marry," Sophia answered dutifully.

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