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Chapter 20 - The Gentlemen Pact

Chapter 20: The Gentlemen Pact

Two days later...

Felix showed his notebook, which was filled with details of the island, to the five architectural engineers who have just arrived.

"Look here, the foundations of the hotel, airport, seaport, and hospital are all in good condition. When my family decided to invest in this project, they used everything to solidify the foundations without future problems. This makes the remodeling much easier and cheaper. We need to remodel the exterior and the interior without worrying about the foundation of the building not handling the load."

He said while pointing at the first page of the notebook. He then instructed them politely.

"There are five of you. Each one of you will handle the design of a building. The last one will create a design for residential apartments for the employees who will get hired after we finish the remodeling."

"take note here. This is the outline of the entire island. The northern side will be for the resort hotel, the western side is for the airport, the eastern side is for the seaport, and the southern part will hold the warehouses. And finally, the middle of the island will be used as a residential area for the employees, and that's where the hospital shall be as well." He pointed at a small made map in his notebook.

"Feel free to read my notebook while I go search for some sketches I made." He said while heading towards his bedroom.

An engineer was sitting on the left side of the couch, took the notebook, and read it carefully, searching for any useful information.

He pointed at one sentence and said to the others, "Look here, he noted that the roads between the resort hotel and the airport are not in a straight line since there is a forest between them, which forces them to take a longer path, near the hills using jeeps."

"This means we need to create a high way between the two, or probably even between all of them. But now it's better to focus on the airport highway since the tourists will come from there. I suggest we call some of our subordinates to come here and handle those issues that may pop off like this, so we can focus on creating a design that will please young master Felix."

An old man with grey hair and a beard responded, "I shall give them a call then, and one more thing. DIBS ON THE HOTEL!"

The other four instantly realized what this shameless bastard meant and rashly called as well, "DIBS ON AIRPORT!"


"I WILL TAKE THE SEAPORT; I will fight anyone who tries to rob it from me." A middle-aged man with a bald head threatened with a clutched fist.

"F*ck you, I already called dibs on it, respect the gentleman pact, or you are not a man."

"I heard jack shit, stop spewing lies. The seaport is mine. I already have ten seaport designs around the world under my belt. This project is perfect for my talents." The bald man retorted.

A quiet middle-aged woman was sitting on a chair drinking tea said calmly, "I will take what's left; you guys choose what you want since no matter what you pick, my design shall be the best of them all."

A sudden silence covered the living room as the others focused their eyes on her weirdly like they were looking at a strange creature.

"You are truly delusional if you believe so. My hotel design will be best. After all, the island's existence is to support it."

Another one mocked her. "What a joke, the hotel was picked, the airport was picked as well, and the seaport is being fought over. The only thing left is the residential area and the hospital near it. What can you design to make them better than ours?"

"The seaport is not being fought over, It already mines. The only thing left is those two projects. They can fight it over them, as long as they stay away from my seaport." The Bald man corrected him.

"You degenerate, Baldy. You own shit, I called dibs on it, stop being a child, and respect the dibs agreement like a man."

Just as the bald one was about to insult him back, they heard Felix's indifferent voice.

"What's all about this ruckus? I left you for one minute, and you guys are already at each other throats?"

The moment they heard his voice, they instantly behaved properly.

"I wanted the seaport project since I have tremendous experience when creating their designs; I believe I will make one that will bring pride to the upcoming 6-star hotel." The bald man promised.

The man who called dibs on the seaport did not leave it to rest and fought back. "You donkey, I clearly called dibs on it, but you acted shamelessly and wanted to ignore the gentlemen's agreement. I can't let this blasphemous action bypass me."

Felix did not want to listen to this farce anymore. So he ordered them indifferently, "You have three seconds to decide who will receive the seaport project. Use rock, paper, scissors. I don't care. After three seconds, if you don't handle it, I will give the seaport to that elegant woman drinking tea. Now decide."

Before one second passed, they both yelled out loud, "ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS."

The bald man used paper, while the dips man used rock. The result was clear.

"Alright, you will get the seaport, and you will get to the hospital or the residential area, make haste and choose." Felix hurried him.

"I will go for the residential Area then," he said in an upset tone.

"Good, now that everyone has a project, I expect you guys not to disappoint me and create solid designs for them."

He then rolled down some large sketches of the building that he made and said, "you can use those as inspiration for the creation process. I will leave them here with you. For today take a look around the area, and chose a room where you will stay. There is still an open suite unused."

Before anyone could even take a breath in, the old man with grey hair called out loud, "DIBS ON THE SUITE."

The rest who were slower cried in despair as they thought, 'This bastard dibs calling is a gift from birth. It got to be.'


Near the port, ships kept docking and get unloaded. Then leave hastily for a refill.

The handyman kept unloading those heavy boxes, which were sealed tight without a single opening. No one knew what's inside them. The only thing known to them was that those boxes were heavy as hell, like they were carrying rocks.

Leila was updating Felix on the current situation while reading from a small notebook.

"Currently, over five hundred large containers filled with precious materials and artifacts have been unloaded and secured in the warehouses. Madam Marry called me earlier and informed me that five hundred more are arriving tomorrow, and those will be the last ones packed with precious materials. The next shipments are going to deliver the construction materials, and the period needed to receive all of them is estimated to be ten days more or less."

"good, keep up the hard work, and notify me of anything out of place happens, and I assume that aunty informed you of the date the ladies are going to arrive?" He asked.

Leila replied with a blush, "yes, she did, it will be seven days from now, and they will arrive together with the manpower needed to construct the buildings. She also told me she is preparing a surprise for you" she looked at him confused about what his aunt meant.

Felix's palms sweated after he realized that his aunt truly went and sent him personal girls to enjoy. Yet, his face was as indifferent as ever.

"I see, don't worry about it. It's probably just some talents, who were hard to be convinced, changed their minds, and decided to sail here."

"I really hope so. We are getting slowly overwhelmed here. Jack is having some difficulties handling those men, who went out of line, without beating them too badly." She said.

"All of those problems will be fixed when the workforce arrives. Just hold it tight for now as seven days later they will be here." He stood up and said lastly, "Alright, I have seen enough. I am heading back to take a rest, stay in contact." He then departed swiftly, leaving her to continue her job.

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