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Chapter 22 - Grandfather Care

Chapter 22: Grandfather Care

Seven days later.....

Ships arrived in the port completely packed with men and women, wearing vacation outfits. Craftsmen, construction workers, managers, electricians, plumbers, logistics managers, escorts, and many more different types of careers and jobs, all in ships coming to this unknown island in the middle of nowhere.

They came searching for a place where they could do their crafts and jobs properly without being harmed from the chaos outside.

They were promised free housing and food during the duration of the construction, as well as good pay. Not as good as they were being paid before, but at least they would get paid instead of hiding in their homes doing nothing but eat, sleep, and shit like some poop generator.

They accepted the invitation because they did not know what's the future was holding for them, and the world leaders refusing to share Intel, made it even worse.

As they thought there were only two reasons why. One, the leaders did not dare to do so, since the information was too horrible for them, and if it gets leaked the chaos might turn even uglier. Two, the news was too good and the leaders made a pact to hold it as much as possible until they benefit from it, then release it to the public.

Both of those reasons had no benefits for their future. So it's better to just take a step forward and brave the unknown than to hide like cowards.

Felix watched the people he hired disembark one by one, holding their suitcases with them.

All of those people either did not have families, or they did, and just didn't care leaving them behind, since the first condition of coming here was to arrive alone, as there was not enough space to hold everyone, plus their family members.

Slowly, the ships started to get empty. Everyone who disembarked, stood in the dock, making two groups. One for men and one for women.

Felix's eyes suddenly brightened a bit as he glimpsed at two beautiful ladies, lining up last.

'Aunty really sent some talents here. To even be able to hire those two beautiful escorts; the men would work harder to earn money just to get a night with them. what a good plan to force them to do their best.'

Soon everyone landed on the port and lined up neatly. Jack stood in front of the men, while Leila in front of the women.

"Alright, I will call the jobs you were hired to do one by one. If you hear your job come line behind me, understood?" Jack instructed them sternly while holding a list under his armpit. Leila told the women to do the same.

Then they began calling job after job, and people got behind them obediently, making different lines. Each for a specific work.

After they finished the list, those two women were the only ones left. Leila instructed, "State your jobs and why you did not respond."

One of the girls lowered her head and said shyly, "We were hired to work as interns in the hotel. Madam Marry told us to follow young master Felix to assist him in his work."

Leila immediately froze, as she realized that Madam Marry sent those two for Felix to play with. Her expression soon morphed to jealously, but she quickly hid it.

"Oh is that so? You are still young and need training first, so you will follow me to learn the basics. After I see that you guys earned some experience I will send you personally to young master to assist him, Am I clear?"

Both young ladies bowed theirs heads lightly, "Yes Madam, thank you for your care."

Felix watched this situation unfolds with a relieved expression. He was glad that Leila intervened, as he really had no time to play around.

This period was crucial for the hotel and his future. He needed to be at his best state, and those beautiful ladies would cause his teenage hormones to annoy him to death, by their presence.

"Good, take your time training them, I don't want burdens. If you think that they are not ready, don't send them."

He waved his hand and left Jack and Leila to handle those workers' rooms in the hotel. He was not worried about the lack of space. As the hotel had 400 rooms and 24 suites. Each room had two beds and a comfortable couch.

That meant, each room could hold three people, which was not bad, considering the total manpower that arrived was just 1020.

The hotel could handle their housing, but it would be the last one to be remodeled since they couldn't start constructing the hotel while everyone was living in it.

So it was much better to start with the other buildings. The moment they finish them, they could send those workers home. This will relieve some of the burdens on the housing as well as their daily consumption.


Next morning 09:00 AM...

Felix decided to eat breakfast this time in his room since it got pretty wild inside the cafeteria with all of those people flooding in to eat.

He called Jack with his phone, "I want you to round up all the craftsmen who deal with making chairs and tables and all the furniture that requires wood and ask them to come to my suite. I need to discuss their jobs with them."

"They will be in your suite, in 30 minutes, young master."

"Good, stay in contact." He hanged up.


25 minutes later...

Felix was sitting on a couch in the living room, while over 30 wood craftsmen gathered around him in a circle.

"Listen up, I have bought a huge quantity of all types of expensive wood, and I want you all to turn them into furniture that will make this hotel smells like wood. You hear me?"

"But first you need to draw me a set of furniture that will be used in each room. Then draw me a set that will be on the suites."

"The ones that please me will be used as models for you all to work on. The creators of those two sets will live in a suite for the period of constructions." He tempted them with a smile.

"As you wish young master, we will start working on our creations as soon as possible, be at ease." One of the craftsmen bowed his head respectfully.

"Good you have a month period to provide me with your final creations. And you are allowed to use precious materials in your design, just don't overdo it." He clapped his hand twice and stood up.

"Now go ahead and start brainstorming."

Afterward, the craftsmen left one by one, until the suite door got closed by James.

Felix wore a practice outfit and headed towards the gym to lift some weights. It's been a long time since he did so.


Two hours later…

Felix took a cold shower, after returning from the gym.

After a while, he finished and stepped outside of the bathroom. Immediately, he noticed his phone ringing.

'Ring' 'ring' 'ring'..

'Who is calling me at this period? It's probably aunt to ask about the two young ladies she sent.'

Yet he was completely wrong as he saw the one who was calling him was surprisingly his grandfather.

"Hello Grandpa, what's the occasion of your call." He chuckled as he accepted the call.

"Little bastard, I am glad you are still alive. Can't you call to check on me from time to time?"

"Gramps, I don't have the time to accompany you. I am working my ass off to revive the hotel and win the approval of the board; your grandson is doing his best here". Felix said with an annoyed tone.

"Hehehe, working hard, it's been over 8 years since I heard you say those two words seriously. And it was when I give you the mission to pee on Benjamin's shoes" He chuckled, "I still remember your cute solemn face as you promised that you will do your best."

Furious and embarrassed, Felix responded. "Baldy, did you call me to humiliate me or what? If so I will hang up now."

"Little Felix just relax. I brought you some news that will give you a slight advantage over your cousins later."

Robert's playful tone quickly changed to a soft whisper. "I was sent as the family representative two days prior to attend a meeting made by all of the current business families around the globe, and I heard some shocking news there. It seems a president from a country has leaked all of the information that happened in the United Nation meeting to a business family he owned a favor to."

He paused for a long while until Felix thought that the connection had been cut off. But a couple of seconds later, he continued on at a faster pace.

"They were the Diagos's family from South America. And they were the ones who sent invitations to all of us to attend the meeting, so they can sell that information."

Felix felt his heart skip a beat, as he realized his actions began to alter this timeline. Because he had never heard of such thing happening before. Or, it did happen but he had no one to relay the information to him, since his grandfather the last person who backed him in the family, died during the chaos. But because he saved him, he managed to get it firsthand.

"I see, are you even allowed to share this classified knowledge with me, grandpa?"

"Are you stupid? what can they do to me, I am only sharing it to my grandson, nothing major." Robert scolded him.

"Now shut up and listen carefully. First of all, I heard that we humans can gain abilities using the bloodline of beasts, and the family is going to hold assessment 6 months from now to help you juniors use those powers efficiently."

"But the rank of the beasts which will be given is going to be decided by the amount of work you did to revive your project." He suggested sternly. "So you should spend your entire budget on the hotel as fast as possible to show at least that you are taking the tradition seriously. This is my advice for you now. Use it kid, as all your cousins have no idea about this knowledge."

He soon stopped whispering and said in irritation. "That's all I can share without being punished heavily for breaking the family rules."

"Alright Grandpa, even though I understood absolutely nothing for what you just said, I will follow your advice and spend all my budget on the hotel, That's a talent I was born with." Felix laughed out loud, trying to act dumb.

"You rascal, the only thing you do well is waste resources. But this time I allow it. Use everything to make the hotel shinier, to improve your chances of being favored a little bit by the board."

"I need to go; I am being called for a meeting. Bye son." Without waiting for Felix to replay Robert hung up. He must be really rushed.

Felix stared at the black screen of the phone and smiled happily. He did not care about the information shared, since he already knew about everything beforehand.

He smiled because this showed how much his Grandfather cared for him. As the family punishment waiting for his grandfather, for sharing such a classified secret, was the confiscation of all assets, as well as serve 6 months imprisoned in his home.

a Punishment inescapable for anyone. Not even an Elder.

If he got caught though.

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