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Chapter 21 - The First Discoveries

Chapter 21: The First Discoveries

Felix entered his suite and took a quick shower. After finishing, he ordered dinner from room service, while changing his clothes.

"Asna, stop playing dead and tell me your opinion about the current situation since if this hotel turned successful, it might bring us a quite tangible authority within the World Council."

Asna lay sideways on a couch made of mist while hugging a popcorn bucket, watching a movie from Felix's memories.

"Didn't I tell you to not bother me with your problems? I don't care how your hotel manages to perform, I am not your babysitter to watch over your actions and correct them. If you got a bloodline and wanted to awaken, notify me. Before then, let me watch my drama movies and series in peace." She replied lazily, uncaring about the fate of the hotel.

Asking Asna was truly a lost cause, as she only cared about two things; freedom, and enjoying her time.

So he dropped the matter entirely and stopped bothering her. It's not he would actually use her opinion even if she decided to help. After all, how could someone who was sealed for twenty million years know anything about architecture and construction?

"Are you calling me lazy and stupid indirectly you bastard? You have no idea, the number of constructions and buildings I saw during my life. Just one of them can give you a heart attack. If you asked me again politely I might have given you some inspiration for the design, but now get lost from my sight."

Asna fumed as she threw the remote control at the TV, turning it into a cloud of mist.

Felix realized that she was right, as even though she might have been sealed for a long time, he had no idea the amount of time she lived before being sealed. And so, he apologized with his thick skin like he never insulted her.

" Come on my dear Asna, you know we are partners and I will never insult you like this. So how about you forgive me, and share some of your memories of those constructions you mentioned."

Asna humphed and created a second TV, while saying, "Now that you know my worth, you come back begging? Well even if you begged I can't show you, since if you want to see my memories you need to first access your consciousness."

Felix expression that was fawning over Asna instantly turned disdainful, "Then aren't you still useless? You can't do this and you can't do that. Everything that you said will help me cannot be used now, you are living in my consciousness at least pay rent by sharing some of your memories. But no, you can't even do that. And you dare not think of yourself as unproductive."

"How is it my fault that you can't even get a bloodline to merge with? I already gave you the methods. It's not my problem you are too weak to use them. Now leave me alone, so I can finish this movie already." She yelled in irritation and disconnected the link between them to watch in peace.

He shrugged his shoulders after realizing that he can't hear her thoughts anymore. 'Well that was absolutely pointless. I won't call her again until the assessment day.'


Next Morning in the cafeteria...

The 5 engineers sat around Felix, each with their own breakfast. However, only Felix was eating as the rest were informing him of their first discoveries during yesterday's scouting.

"I did a quick survey around the hotel exterior and interior, and all I can say is that the hotel will need a lot of work just to repair the broken stuff inside it." Harold The hotel engineer pulled his own notebook and showed Felix the results of his survey.

"So I suggest replacing everything that needs maintenance, with a luxurious version of it. Such as the elevator, must be fully replaced with a new one made of gold and ornamented with gems in an artistic design."

Felix loved the idea and nodded his head in approval. He wanted the entire hotel to scream with lavishness, that even the richest people on earth would have their jaws dropped after seeing it. If not else, what's the point of wasting all that money on those materials?

The Dibs man whose name was Gabriel began talking about his own experience after Harold finished. "A bodyguard called James, guided me towards the middle of the island, where the area is supposed to be used for residential apartments. It turns out, that it is the perfect land for the project. The only issue I have is the trees are too many in the area. They must be removed to give us a large open space to build the apartments."

"Consider it done, we are only waiting for the construction equipment to arrive." Felix replied.

He then turned his head towards the elegant lady and asked. "What you think of the island only hospital Madam Abigail?"

Abigail slowly cleaned her mouth with a handkerchief and answered, "Honestly, it is more like a small clinic, than a hospital. Even though it was built large enough to be called a hospital, the interior of it is empty of nursing beds and doctors."

She paused for a second and said seriously, "Plus the inside is quite stuffy like the air conditioner pipes pathways are either not working properly, or just installed wrongly. So the first step I am going to do is to fix it, since we are going to expect some patients when we start the construction process, and it's going to be a horrible thing, putting them in that environment."

Felix nodded and said, "Good thing you noticed it, I was too busy to fully investigate the hospital and just left it for later." He suddenly asked her after remembering Kled. "Tell me will the patient who's getting treated inside, get affected as well?"

"No need to worry young master. He is getting clear oxygen from a tube, and since he is in a coma, he does not feel the stuffy atmosphere. But other patients who will arrive later will notice it, and start complaining. It's one thing to smell the nasty medicine in the hospital and another thing to smell it and not be able to breathe properly."

"Alright, I give you full authority to handle any problems that arise from the previous design and fix it as you see fit."

"Thank you young master for your trust." she bowed her head slightly.

"Now share your thoughts about what you discovered in the airport and seaport." He asked the Bald man Barry and the airport engineer Eddie.

"The seaport is still in good shape. The machines are working properly and the port is not too shabby, The only thing I can do to improve it, is to change its basic exterior to look more befitting of being part of this island."

"The airport condition is the same as the seaport. The interior foundation is solid. But its appearance is quite basic and to remodel it, I would need a quite large amount of materials. I believe the budget is going to be only a little bit less than what the hotel remodeling needs." Eddie offered his own views on the Airport condition.

"Understood, you can take 10% from the hotel budget and use it as you see fit." Felix promised.

Harold almost slapped Eddie in the face when he heard his budget was to be given to him. So he just sat there fuming as he glared at Eddie.

Unbothered about his look, Eddie gave him the middle finger when he rubbed his ears with a smirk. He was not worried about getting caught by Felix, as they were sitting at the side of the table.

Harold almost fainted from anger after being insulted like that without the ability to retaliate.

'You want war, then war it is; I will make sure you receive the shitiest batches of resources. Let's see if you are going to give me the middle finger again.'

Eddie kept his smirk on his face as he mused, 'This moron has all his emotions written on his face. I don't doubt he will give me the worst batches of precious stones, since all of them will head first to the hotel for filtering. Then the leftover will be given to us. Too bad for you, I will plant my subordinates within the workers who manage the resources and switch the batches. Let's see your face when you use the worse materials to remodel the hotel.'

Abigail looked at the evil smirk of Eddie and the angry Harold and thought, ' If you don't take your jobs seriously and kept fooling around like this. Don't blame me when I report it to young master later. Let's see at that point how are you going to ease his fury at both of you.'

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