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Chapter 26 - The Green Light is On

Chapter 26: The Green Light is On

Felix, who was taking a shower and humming a song joyfully, had no idea that his actions affected the timeline greatly once again.

In his previous life, not a single junior in the family managed to take advantage of the chaos and earn profit from it. That's why the family did not bother meting punishments, since all of them performed the same.

But now with Felix meddling, everything had changed. Because now there was a junior that did something great, something that any of the other juniors could have done, But they didn't, either because they were lacking, or something stopping them from performing the same.

The Elders thought it was fear that affected their mental strength not allowing them to think properly like businessmen. So they had to be punished to curb their fear, so they wouldn't miss such an opportunity again.

In the Elders' minds, If Felix could do it, why couldn't they do it as well?

When there was a comparison, everything changes, and due to this comparison, Felix unknowingly earned a free AP bracelet and brought disaster upon his cousins at the same time.


After Felix finished showering, he began studying the designs of other buildings, which were on the table.

The residential area construction was on full swing. Now he just needs to pick the other buildings designs from those prototypes they handed him and gives his approval.

"This one is quite genetic for an airport, there is nothing unique it. Just a good looking airport, but what I want is for the tourists to feel regret leaving the airport. And this one does not deliver."

He shook his head and carried on appraising the other designs.

Shortly after, his eyes shone with delight after seeing a baggage carousel that was inside an artificial waterfall. The baggage enters through it from one side and leaves from the other side.

He didn't know how they were going to achieve it, without affecting the integrity of tourists' possessions. But that was for them to find out. As for him, he could only give them the green light.

After studying the entire design, he was pleased by it greatly. So he decided that this one was going to be used for the Airport remodel.

He marked approved on design and moved to the seaport. He was quite excited to open it, as Barry bragged that he owns 10 seaports around the world under his belt.

"What the fuck is this? There is absolutely nothing new added or removed from the old design, the only difference is the paint color."

The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment, Felix immediately lost it after seeing the only difference was a dye color from black and red, to Yellow and Red.

"Did I hire that baldy to do me a dye job?"

"Jack, order him to be here within 10 minutes. If not he can pack up and scram."

Furious, Felix instructed Jack who was standing behind him.

After all, he gave them more than one month to hand him the designs, as well as any materials they ask for. Yet the only different thing about this design was the paint job, something even a toddler could do.

"Alright, young master it shall be done," Jack replied while dialing in his phone.

Felix spent those 10 minutes studying the other designs.

8 minutes later...

"Young master, did you call for me?"

Barry entered the suite casually not knowing that he was in deep shit.

"Come here Barry, and look at this design you gave me. If you are going to only change the color you should have at least told me so I can assist you in picking a color more fit for the seaport. After all, it is an extremely difficult task, and I don't want you to suffer too much." Felix replied sarcastically while showing him the Seaport design.

Barry started to sweat after realizing that his design did not please Felix. He rubbed his sweaty palms together and explained, "Young master, it's not that I am lazy and don't want to remodel the seaport, It's just that there is actually no need to do so. The previous design was perfect without flaws. The only downside the port had was the rust on the equipment, as well as some that need either to be replaced or repaired."

He rubbed his bald head embarrassed. "So I did not want to waste resources on remodeling something that was already good enough to be part of this island. It's purely a waste of resources that could be used on other buildings. So I did a paint job on it, without touching the core design."

"I have already scouted all the equipment that is faulty for replacement and put them in this notebook. Please take it there is a quite few." He took a small notebook from his pocket and handed it to Felix.

"Alright, you do make a point, no need to waste resources on it then. Transfer the budget to the hotel or the airport; they need as much as possible."

Felix's fury quickly decreased after understanding his reason. Then he opened the notebook and saw tens of equipment, which were written in red, and next to them was written 'need replacement'.

"What the fuck is this? Why do we have more than 20 equipment that needs replacement? Weren't they just fine a while ago, when we were using them to unload heavy containers?"

"Young Master, the machines were already faulty and needed desperate repair, but with continued use during last month. They finally gave in and broke totally. The repairmen said they can't do much to them anymore, and you need new ones." He sighed helplessly. "This is also why I didn't bother to make a new design since it will be costly to just change the machines alone, don't even mention remodeling it as well."

"Then don't bother giving the budget to others, I will use it to replace those machines. Leave it to me, thank you Barry for the hard work, you can go now." Felix excused him politely and dialed his aunt's phone number.

Ring Ring Ring... Cluck.

"Hello dear Felix, it's been such a long time since you called me, probably since the moment you received those two flowers. I am sad, you forgot me the moment you started playing with them." Aunts Marry answered teasingly.

"Aunty, I am sorry but I was really busy with the constructions. Problems kept arising each day, I need to supervise them. Just now I received news that more than 20 seaport machines had gone offline. And I don't have enough budget to buy them. So I can only call you to trade the seaport materials with machines."

He sighed. "This is the only way I can do it without breaking the rules of the family tradition."

"I see, well you don't have to worry about it, I will sell you brand new ones using a premium discount of 80% since the chaos is still ongoing and no one bothers to ask for transportation like before. I will send them in 3 days, and you can put the resources that you wish to trade in the ships."

"Thank you, aunty, this is perfect. My cousins won't be able to use this against me since it is a mutual trade. Alright, I have a second call, it's probably Leila. Bye Aunty."

Felix quickly hanged up the phone without waiting for her to ask about the fate of the two girls she sent.

'Sorry Aunty, I will make it up to you with a gift later.'

He then called Leila and gave her the green light to start whenever they felt they were ready.

"It's finally time to begin the full makeover of the island."

He chuckled. "The Sea pearl island is going to prove to the world that she deserves this beautiful name."

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