Supremacy Games

Chapter 27 - Five Months Later.

Chapter 27: Five Months Later.

Five months quickly passed by, as the world had changed completely during this period.

It all started two months after the transmission when the presidents and kings of each country came out of their shell and announced the boggling news about the creation of The World United Council.

The Council's existence was the same as the previous United Nations, but with a few twists on it.

The first rule the Council operates with was that every country had the right to vote, and only had one vote at the start. And to raise the number of votes higher, it depends on the number of representatives each country sends to fight in the upcoming Planetary Supremacy Games, one year and a half from now.

This meant the more representatives a county had the more her opinions during the Council meeting would be seen with high regard.

Since a country that had only one vote was merely a side character during the decision making, while countries that would have twenty or more votes under their belts, were going to be the true leaders of the world.

The reason this voting system had been upgraded to be like this, was simply because it wasn't fair for a country to send their juniors to represent them during the Supremacy Games, where they could die in their first game, without being compensated properly.

And extra vote for each representative was the compensation they agreed on that would fit as a reward for their efforts.

This new voting system that relied on the number of representatives, managed to offset frenzy within each country to start training camps designed specifically to assist their juniors into awakening successfully and training them to use their powers efficiently.

So they could be part of the winners during the World Representatives Battle.

The first decision they made after announcing to the public the creation of the World Council, was the release of all the information they obtained about the universe for them to see, by using the AP bracelet streaming feature.

They used it to stream all the knowledge throughout TV channels, the Internet, videos, social media, and more.

They wanted everyone to learn what the future of Earthlings looks like, and especially to make them accept the fact that a new Era was upon them.

The moment the news reached the public, it created a Hysterical madness and excitement within each country.

After all, who wouldn't be filled with fervor when he realizes that he can gain superpowers and control elements just like in a movie or a game?

Who wouldn't feel the heat when he sees that he could enter a Virtual Reality that has 100% simulation while seeing and meeting with different types of subhumans and other races they never knew they existed before?

The Internet went wild with people sharing clips and parts of videos that showed old games from the Supremacy Games Platform.

Humans calling storms and raising tsunamis to attack each other in a brutal fashion, hundreds of people dropped on an island where only one can survive and more games with different types that please everyone's fantasies.

[Holy shit, this dude turned into a sub dragon and started breathing fire from his mouth, so cool, I want to do so as well.] commented by I Have DragonDonger.

[I believe we can all do the same as them. My country president today made a speech, saying that all of us have the potential to use the same strength as the other humans in our galaxy, and it all depends on the affinity of our elements. He also said that in 7 months they will open assessment centers for the public to scan their element affinity for a small fee.] Replied Saber6969.

[True, the president of our country said the same as well. Plus if some of us had high affinity we can get recruited by the government to join the games and bring glory to our planet.]

[Man, I really want to obtain an AP bracelet, so many MMORPG Games there with 100% realism, I wish I can join one and live there forever.] Commented Loli is Life.

The comments on the Internet were endless; everyone was talking about what they want and how to obtain it.

People analyzing the information in detail and giving those who were lazy to look through it, important information they missed.

Such as to awaken a bloodline one must first undergo the most painful experience in the world. Pain that assaults every fiber in the human body and the only way to pass through the pain was to awaken successfully. Otherwise, only death awaits them, or in the best case, emerges as a cripple.

This news alone turned off the majority of the commoners' excitement, now from their eager expression to awaken as fast as possible, turned into wait and see attitude. Since not everyone could handle extreme pain.

Hell, just one paper scratch in a finger or hitting the smallest toe into a table, and the majority fall into the ground wailing like their lives were over.


Months slowly passed by and the frenzy over the news cooled off just a bit. The citizens went back to their normal life.

The chaos had ended after the big reveal, and those who sold off their assets cheaply to buy food and necessities had no tears left to cry when they realized they fucked themselves big time due to their paranoia.

Now they could only sob in silence as they joined the rest in celebration over earthling's entering a New Era.

An era where schools changed all the useless secondary languages to only have one, which was the Common Universal language, that was used by everyone in the UVR or just to speak to other subhumans in real life.

This language became mandatory to learn and master. Otherwise one wouldn't be able to converse properly within the UVR.

An era where entertainment slowly decayed until it became none existent, After all, who would bother to watch two normal individuals fighting each other with their hands and fists, while the supremacy Games show you real people beating the shit out of each other using abilities and techniques?

Who would bother cheer for a football team or NBA team, when you could cheer for your own planet fighting other planets for Supremacy?

This would slowly kill the entertainment sector until the day, planet Earth officially starts it's climbing journey towards the peak of Supremacy Games.

An era where Casinos were completely uprooted by the gambling dens in the UVR, which were backed by the SGA and supervised by the Queen AI unbiased judgment.

One could bet whatever he wanted and on whomever, he wished for. And if he wins, his money transfers directly to his UVR bank account, with extreme security, as the only one who knew his bet details was the Queen.

This Platform which was supported by the UVR would slowly turn earthlings into loyal supporters and fans, just like it did to everyone else. Its existence turned every spectator into an addict.

This addiction was far worse than drugs because in the case of drugs one knows he was being harmed and tries his best to become clean.

But in the case of the Supremacy Game, there was no such thing. He could spend hours and hours each day watching people fight, play, and kill each other in deadly games, then given rewards over and over again without feeling boredom.

The Platform did not spend one million years of its existence not improving or evolving itself to fit more for the commoners' needs and wishes.

The Supremacy Games was a culture, a culture that couldn't be replaced anymore.


Felix was currently in the gym, running on the treadmill with sweat all over his fine-tuned body. A huge contrast to how his body shape looked like before. He did not gain a lot of weight but only tuned his muscles to be more refined and good looking.

After a while, he turned off the treadmill and went to take a shower. This was his last training on the island; as he would leave tomorrow to the family headquarter for the elemental assessment.

The only thing he was worried about, was the reason why the family didn't give him a call after the inspectors left to report to them his explanation.

It was like they left him to continue his construction just like before. And the weirder part was that even though he showed his cards to his cousins. They didn't bother making a move or call to ask for bribes.

Hell, he couldn't even use the blackmail materials he was preparing for Kenny when they try to rip him off. Everything went silent after the inspectors left.

Felix still had no idea about what happened in the headquarters, as his Grandfather who provides information to him, went absent as well.

"Whatever tomorrow I will find out about everything after I meet them, but for now I need to prepare my suitcase."

A new Felix was heading towards the assessment, a version that would give everyone the shock of their lives.

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