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Chapter 28 - Arriving At The Headquarter

Chapter 28: Arriving At The Headquarter

The next day 08:00 AM...

A jet that was sent by the family to pick up Felix was parked in the airport. Felix stood near it with Jack and Leila who had tears on her eyes.

"Guys I am heading back to the family for the assessment, I will leave everything here for you to manage. I don't know when I will return, but when I do I will make sure to bring you gifts."

Felix said with a gentle smile, as he looked at his subordinates who pleased him with their loyalty and work efficiency.

"Young master, you can leave the island to remodel in our hands. We won't disappoint you. The only thing you should focus on is how to perform the best of your abilities during the assessment." Jack thumped his chest with his fist and promised firmly.

"Young master, I wish to say something I always wanted but never had the courage."

Leila wiped her tears and lifted her head. She then stared in his eyes with determination and said loudly.

"I like you, Felix, I always had a crush on you. I did my best to tempt and please you to show my interest but to no avail. Is there something you don't like about me? I can change it just tell me."

Felix was surprised a bit but not shocked, since he always knew that she had feelings for him. He just didn't want to confront them.

He believed in the notion that crushing on someone was a momentarily feeling that passes over a period of time. For some people, it might take just a couple weeks before they change their crush to another, but for some, it could last for years.

He never expected Leila to be from the latter kind.

"Leila there is nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful, smart, thoughtful, and tough when you need to be. You have the perfect package. So you should never change yourself either for me or for others."

He hugged her gently, not caring about having his suit dirtied by her hot streaming tears, and continued to comfort her.

"The reason I did not accept your feelings, even though I knew them beforehand, is simply because I see you as my friend, a loyal subordinate, and most importantly a close person to me. And I really don't want you to waste your life chasing after me, or waiting for me. I can't be that heartless to my friends."

He wiped her tears from her cheek with his fingers and said sincerely. "So please Leila, do me a favor, and yourself as well. And give up on this crush. Find a good man who will be by your side supporting you always. You deserve it."

After a while, he released her from his hug and smiled warmly, "I am going now. Give me calls to update me on the island situation, alright?"

"Yes young master, I will make sure of it, have a nice trip." Leila sniffed as she answered with her head bowed towards Felix. Her feelings might not have gone now, but they will slowly be erased by time until only feelings of friendship remain.

"Good, Take care guys, I will try to call as much as possible."

"Goodbye," Felix said his farewell and entered the jet.

The steward closed the door after him and gave the pilot the signal to lift off.

This was for the best for both parties. Felix was not open to the idea of getting into a relationship with anyone currently. Because he understood one simple fact, His road ahead was tough already and he didn't want to have another burden by his side to care of.

He already had the greatest burden of them all, which was Asna.

So he only planned to fulfill his desires if needed with one night stands, nothing more, nothing less.


In the skyscraper of the Maxwell Family, 20th story.

Felix was looking fearfully at all of his cousins who arrived earlier than him.

Every one of them had a deadpan expression with a hint of despise, as they stared at Felix who just exited from the elevator.

This standoff carried on for 5 minutes already. Felix did not dare to breathe or move an inch as 40 or so of his cousins were currently giving him murderous gazes. It was clear that they wanted to pummel him to death.

His earlier ideas of pranking them went up to smoke. The only thing he wanted to do now, was to stay as far as possible from those rabid dogs who were about to pounce on him.

Suddenly, the elevator behind Felix opened up. He turned his head slowly, worried that he will get sandwiched by his cousins. But after seeing who emerged from the door, he sighed in relief.

"You rascal, you were hiding here while I was looking for you all around the building." Felix's grandfather immediately began scolding him.

"Now come here and tell me with vivid details how you managed to revive the resort hotel, which no one dared to take as a revival project." He said with a hidden glint in his eyes.

'hehe, you dare hide such information from me, making me get blindsided by those fogies, who started congratulating me the moment I returned to the headquarter.'

'It was so fucking humiliating getting congratulated while having no idea what they were talking about. Let's see now how you deal with those angry mobs, who were tortured to death because of you.'

Felix knew his grandfather fucked him up after seeing his cousins' expressions turn extra frosty when they heard him mention the hotel.

He did not know why they were angry at him. But, he guessed that they were punished by the family when he performed spectacularly during the chaos, while they were doing nothing.

He just did not know what punishment turned them into this hateful form.

"Cough, grandfather you came just in time. Let's go, I will update you on the island remodel on our way."

The moment Felix finished speaking; he turned around and dashed towards the stairs, not daring to use the elevator. He knew that by the time it opens up he would already be a bloody mess.

Dumbfounded, his cousins and grandfather eyed him escape shamelessly, without any hint of remorse leaving his grandfather behind.

What a joke, his grandfather was the one who set this up to get his revenge. Felix might not know it, but he had a feeling that his grandfather had his hand on this.

After all, he never called him before to inform him about his reward neither the angry mobs who were waiting desperately to beat him up.


Suddenly they were awakened by the loud sound of Felix's suitcase dropping to the ground.

"FUCK, don't let him escape. If I don't beat him up to vent my pent-up emotions after being sealed with hundred of cockroaches, I will never be the same again." A golden-haired beautiful young girl pointed her finger at the stairs.

"SAME! I was sealed in a room filled with bees. The mere sound of them made me pee my pants multiple times in the presence of my parents. Such humiliation can only be erased by breaking some of his limbs."

"Honestly I don't see what you guys are mad about, I had fear of snakes, but due to my punishment, I managed to overcome it, and even made a friend. Say, Hi Charlie." A young man with spiky short dark hair said while having a white snake coiled around his arm, eyeing everyone coldly and making hissing sounds.

The moment everyone heard him say this, they all roared. "SHUT THE FUCK UP KENNY!"

"We all know your fear of snakes was a lie. The only reason no one bothered to punish you for it, is because no one actually knows what you really fear. So fuck off to the corner and let us handle our business or we will beat you up first as a warm-up."A delicate beauty threatened Kenny viciously.

God knows what she had gone through for her to be this thuggish.

Kenny's gentle smile froze on his face after seeing their murderous gazes. He backed away while saying, "You guys, don't mind me, I was just speaking out of my ass. Go chase after Felix he probably already escaped."

"Humph, that's better. Everyone split up and search the entire headquarter, he won't leave the building. And even if he did we won't allow him to reenter without getting beaten up."

"Move out!" The golden-haired girl waved her hand forward.

Everyone chose a floor and went to search for him. Some took the elevator, and some took the stairs. What's important was that Felix was going to get pummeled today no matter what.

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